SEnuke Review

SEnuke Review- Another Scam SEO Software Exposed with Proof!

Welcome to my SEnuke Review, in this SEnuke TNG Review, I am going to explain everything about this easy SEO Software. Search engine optimization is a must do factor for every website. Some websites even have a team working for this purpose. You can run a business and earn a handsome amount of money if you rank your website on the first page of google. SEO is not a quick process, it will take its time to show results and then, how can a software rank a website within days? It’s also possible, but it is called black hat SEO which is not good for any website focusing on long-term business.

SEnuke Review- Is This SEO Software Really Work or Just a Scam?


SEnuke TNG is not new software. They are in business for more than two years now. At first, the software gained huge popularity since it worked well at that time. So, does SEnuke work in 2018? Let me explain. Just continue reading my SEnuke Review.

SEnuke Review

SEnuke review website promising a good ranking in Google for every keyword we are giving using the so-called PRO software. But if you know what SEO is and how the search engine works, you will think twice before buying this product. We know Google is updating its algorithm regularly. Even the smartest hand in SEO field is struggling to keep their ranking. Then, how can$77 SEnuke software do these complicated tasks for you?

So-called Features of SEnuke Software that are useless!

  • Keyword Researching

This is one of the main features that the SEnuke TNG website proudly presenting in front of its visitors. But even a newbie in this field knows that there are many keyword researching tools are available for free. There are nothing better features available in SEnuke keyword research than Google Keyword Planner. It’s a waste of money.

  • Nonstop Link building

It’s a fact, link building has a serious effect on SEO, but aggressive link building can affect badly and Google will remove your website from search results. If this happened to you, all your struggles till that day will go in vain.

SEnuke Scam Software

SEnuke Scam Software Exposed with facts!

  • Even though there are many fake SEnuke reviews ruling the internet, There are many complaints about this software. You can just search for SEnuke Complaints on Google.
  • The social links, press releases, spun articles and everything else being posted on the same websites again and again
  • The websites from which you are getting backlinks does not have a good standing with Google.
  • Yare being posted to the same locations as ALL the other SEnuke customers. In other words, your website is just another spammed URL on a long list of websites that Google has listed under Spam tagged websites.
  • A high authority site would NOT allow software like SEnuke app to spam its member area, blog posts and article databases with this kind of irrelevant links

The whole concept SEnuke scam using was spamming and we know it is an outdated technique. If you still believe in their software, you are living in 2007 when the spam links can rank your websites.

Why there are many positive SEnuke Reviews all over the internet?

Nice question to ask. The only answer I have to give you is “Money”. There are many bloggers, who are getting paid when a sale was done through their website. So, they have to promote SEnuke TNG Software and ask their readers to buy that scam product. People will get cheated and the website owner will earn good money. Do not trust those SEnuke TNG reviews. It is written to create a hype that can boost the sales of SEnuke scam software.

SEnuke TNG Updated Version- why they are relaunching an Updated version?

The SEnuke TNG first hit the market in 2016. At that time, I was just setting up my second blog and during that time I came to know about this software. I bought it for $30 by getting a discount from the SEnuke review website. But before I get started with that software, my friend warned me to stop using it. He is also a blogger and he already used that software before me even know about SEnuke software.

His blog’s main keyword de-ranked from 2nd page to the 13th page after using this software for one week. But, he thought it is usual ranking fluctuation. Within the next week, Google penalized his website for using spam links. You can see the graph above. The website is still recovering even after we identified and removed those spam links.

The new version is nothing different from the old version of SEnuke TNG Software. They are relaunching it to scam more people by praising its features and capabilities. If you are still interested to try it, I will suggest you try it on an irrelevant website. You will see the site vanishing from Google search soon.

Conclusion- Do not use SEnuke Method for Ranking your Website. It’s a Scam!

SEnuke TNG software doesn’t have a capacity to fool google algorithm and you can’t rank any keywords with this software. Even if you ranked for a low competition keyword, you will soon see an Email from Google team that saying “Your site is penalized”

SEO is a long-term process and you cannot use software like SEnuke scam to get quick success. If you really want to succeed, do everything manually and build links from authority websites.


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