Pixelmate review

Pixelmate Review – Mo Miah’s Animation & Graphic Suite Any Good?

Looking for a genuine PixelMate review. The old and sophisticated way of editing is no more necessary to be followed. Maybe you are too used to it but this is the time for you to change and bring a change to your life. Here, with the help of PixelMate things can completely change for you and your colleagues too. So, better not miss the change than to regret it letter.

PixelMate Review – This Animation & Graphic Suite Any Good?


A brief note has been brought forward for you in this article. All the necessary details required to cover up the information related to PixelMate are provided below, in this detailed PixelMate review.

Pixelmate review

Product Name PixelMate
Creators Mo Miah, Missan Morrison and Ugochukwu
Price $27 to $97
Official Website Click Here
Launch Date 06-Sep-2018
Recommended? Yes. Highly Recommended

What is PixelMate?

You might be quite troubled with creating attractive ad campaign for your next client. Well, here is where PixelMate comes and make your work easier than never before. With a user-friendly environment and 4 step easy path to what you are looking for PixelMate can be the best mate you can ever have. The best part of choosing PixelMate is that it can help you with any of your work whether it be ad campaign or promotion of coaching services, ecom stores or any other ad clicks.

Does it excites you to know about PixelMate? Well, to be true hold on to your seats because the fun and enthusiasm is going to rise to a whole different level once you will get to know much more about it through this PixelMate review.

Who Created PixelMate Tool?

Well, PixelMate is owned by none other than Mo Miah, Missan Morrison and Ugochukwu Onwuchekwa. To be true, their names are enough to build up the trust for the campaign, however for the one who have heard their name for the first time; they are some great personalities who have led such campaigns with out of the box ideas before too. With great ambition, all of the three took initiative to create something that is much more necessary than anything else required right now. Apart from it, the discount and price margin that you are saving is way high in the date of launch. So, why to miss the chance when you can grab it at an easy go?

Why You Need PixelMate?

As I mentioned in this PixelMate review earlier, going for something newly launched is quite risky and at this critical situations, you only got to see the benefits you get and nothing else. Thus, here we are with some of the intellectual benefits that you gain if you go with PixelMate.

  • Affordability – Affordability here not only means in the sense of money but also the resource and time which you individuals lack in your busy life schedule. You may lack the resources, skills, budget or the time to create the best of the mesmerizing high quality graphics and that’s where we take part. All your work is done by the application, all you need to do is select the template that suits the most for your campaign and complete the easy 4 necessary step.
  • Creativity – It must have become boring for you to find the same thing going in and around the market. Whenever you are shifting from one application to another, you just find the change in colours and nothing else. Well, when you pay and find something like that, it is actually very disappointing. Coming to PixelMate, you won’t be disappointed because you get 1000+ new templates here. Apart from it, you have the liberty to create your own template and unleash the creativity you got inside you.
  • Variation – Variation in the things is all that we need. Having the same old templates for years is boring and not acceptable for the audience but what if you generally receives more than a thousand templates at once? Can you use them all in a year? Well, the answer is a big No! High quality animated images, HTML 5, video ads, banner ads and other which are not easily available at cheap rates can be found here. We shouldn’t even neglect the fact that we want our potential customers to be converted into paying clients, well this won’t be possible with poorly made graphics.
  • All at one place – My PixelMate review is quite sure right now, you must be possessing a bunch of different application in order to get your work done. Well, meeting client demands are that difficult nowadays and I won’t neglect that fact. But what if you can find all at a single destination? It not only saves your time but also your money. That very destination of yours is PixelMate. Trust me, you would need a bunch of different applications that PixelMate can do alone.


PixelMate Features

  • Anything and Everything that you need

Here at PixelMate, you get anything and everything that is well needed by you. You can create any type of banner that is needed by you whether it be animated images, ad banners, gif, HTML 5, video ads or any other. You can inset your brand name, image and logo just in seconds. This animated banners will surely help you the best of the attention of your customer that you ever imagine to get. On the same hand, it will converts your audience to paying audience. What else do you want from a single application?

  • Better Engagement

If you haven’t read the point 1, then do it right now because without that it won’t be possible to understand how PixelMate helps you generate better engagement. However, we all know the fact that better engagement leads to driving more and more of sales which will gradually blow off your competitors from the feasible zone.

  • Flexibility

What I had the most is not getting the full access to stuffs even after paying for it. Like we should be the owner of the application after paying for it but we don’t get the rights. This is the PixelMate review part where I get hurt the most. Howsoever, PixelMate has taken care of it very well and has worked incredibly better than any other application in the market. The users get the full access to stuffs which they deserve to get for what they have part. You don’t like the template? Come to us. You hate the colour? Get it changed in seconds. You are done with the same old template? Make a new one in minutes. That’s what you are getting with PixelMate.

  • Convenient

Convenience is all that we look forward to. You don’t need to be any master of using tools or any graphic designer to work with the application. All you need is some creativity in your mind to set off your competitors aside. The rest of the work is handled by the application with care. Professional eye-catching and attention-grabbing designs can be created with the help of PixelMate at low cost.

  • Save Time and Space

How bad it will be to carry your laptop at every other place you go. Apart from it, the huge amount of space that this kind of application takes can’t be imagined about. Thus, the creators came up with a new idea to keep it cool and classy and made the application 100% cloud based. Thus, you don’t need to install any software in any of your desktop/laptops. All you need to do is log in and you are good to go.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility becomes easier when the whole software is cloud based. It helps you to access the contents of your ID from any of the desktop or laptop. All you need is a running good to do internet connection.

Well, finding something in the market even closer to what PixelMate is providing is different in today’s era.

PixelMate Pros & Cons

My PixelMate review won’t be completed without mentioning its pros and cons!


  • Cloud-based – Being a 100% cloud based application, it becomes easier for you to access the content from wherever you want.
  • Designs – For the best of your convenience, 1000+ templates are being kept at your door when you join PixelMate.
  • Cheap – The rate at which the creators have planned to launch the application is way too less as compared to the market rates of other application. Getting quality content at cheap rates is what the creator is looking out for you.


  • We tried to find out some of the cons that should be there with the application. However, we failed to do so. At part if the application was launched, it would have become easier for us to do so. But the way PixelMate has been built up, we don’t expect any such great cons to appear in future. Even if any come up in the future, it can be dealt with ease by the company, all you need to do is provide your feedbacks when and where necessary.

PixelMate Price & Plans

The plan and pricing set by the company is quite attractive and appealing at the same time. Well, not to mention again about the features and pros that you get along with the application; the pricing set by the creators is what they deserve to get after the service they are providing.

Thus we do expect you to know how essential it is. There are 4 different plan brought forward by the company. All the four plans give to access to a different bunch of stuffs. The PixelMate review covered the most parts, but, to know much more about the facilities better you visit the official page of the app.

  • PixelMate Commercial – The cheapest is this plan which is priced between $27 and $37. The price keeps on fluctuating according to the demand.
  • PixelMate Deluxe – Under this plan, you need to pay for the application at once and the amount is set at $47. No other amount is necessary to be paid by you once the payment is cleared.
  • PixelMate Agency – The same goes for PixelMate Agency, here too you have to pay the amount at once and the amount is $67. However, the bunch of templates that you get here is way higher than PixelMate Deluxe.
  • PixelMate Templates Club – Many do look for templates and that all that they want. Thus, this plan is perfect for them. Here you have to pay $27/month or $97/yearly.

How To Use PixelMate Software?

If you think that it would be a tough call, then my friend let me make it clear to you. All you need to do is follow 4 simple steps mentioned below.

  • Beginning with the first task that you need to deal with is getting the best of the template for you among the 1000+ templates.
  • Secondly, you need to use the drag and edit in-built tool provided by us to move forward.
  • Add mp4, jpeg, HTML 5 or anything other that is very much needed by you in your campaign.
  • Track your campaign and clicks you grab!

That is all you do when you choose PixelMate above all. The rest are done and dealt with by us.

PixelMate Customer Support

The company launches with the motto to meet with the expectation of their customers. Therefore, fulfilling all your demand and requirements is what they will looking forward to. However, in case they fail, do make sure to provide a feedback for them to cover all the next time.

The PixelMate Discount

Only for the customers who are newly opting for the software, the company has come up with a 10% discount offer. Well, you heard me right! So much at such a cheap rate.


Well, I don’t think that I need to conclude anything for you guys. The call totally depends on you. Being a new company in the market, the creator has kept the price to as low as possible which is what we want. This can be an exciting opportunity for us to grab what we need to boost up our sale and our client’s sale. As I mentioned in this PixelMate review before, Make sure you make the best of the choice for you.


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