Piano For All Review – Can You Really Learn Piano Using This Guide?

Are you an ardent lover of music and always get fascinated by the grand piano? Is it not common that sometimes you really wish that you could play the keys on the piano without just staring at it? You may wonder about the product “Piano For All” and your first question is about how can anyone learn to play a keyboard instrument from an online program? Continue reading this article Piano For All review to know more about it.

Piano For All Review – Does The Piano For All Really Work For You?


Well, about the time that your wish is going to be fulfilled because you have to the right place. In this article, I will provide you with the most unbiased Piano For All review which will make you understand all the features of the product so that you can yourself decide if this is meant to be a scam or a legit opportunity.

Piano For All Review

Book Title Piano For All
Language English
Author Robin Hall
Category Music
Price $39
Official Website www.pianoforall.com

What is the Piano For All Courses?

Piano For All by Robin Hall is an online course that will help you learn to play the piano in a very organized and efficient manner. The Piano For All course begins the teaching program from the very basic level and then gradually advances to intermediate and expert levels so that users can learn the art of playing the piano at an easy-going pace. Users will get to learn various things about playing the piano if they follow this online guide.

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Can You really learn Piano using this Piano For All guides?

Piano For All guides will teach you all the major techniques of playing the piano and you can keep learning depending on your skills and your pace of progress. The Piano For All by Robin Hall is the best alternative to learn piano at home and in a professional manner when you can not afford to spend your money or waste your time for extra piano classes. This guide will surely teach you to play the piano and the keyboard.

Piano For All review

Main Advantages of Piano For All

In this Piano For All review article, I will describe in detail the features of this course and the advantages that this course has to offer.

The Piano For All course offers nine e-books in PDF format which can be downloaded and used offline by users. Besides the Piano For All ebook pdf files, users may also learn to play the piano by watching a collection of almost 200 video files or by listening to over 500 audio teaching lessons that have been created by Robin Hall. These course materials are really helpful to users willing to learn piano efficiently.

Let us now talk about the nine Piano For All e-books that are available in pdf format. The nine books are as follows:

  1. Party Time/ Rhythm Piano
  2. Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll
  3. Chord Magic
  4. Advanced Chords Made Easy
  5. Ballad Style
  6. Jazz Piano Made Easy
  7. Advanced Blues
  8. Taming the Classic
  9. Speed Learning

These e-books have been written in so comprehensive, organized, and the easy-to-read way that even a beginner would be able to understand the various techniques and nuances involved while playing the piano. These e-books focus on adopting a strategic way to teach users the art of playing the piano so that users can ultimately muster it.

The video and audio lessons complement the learning course material of the books so that users can get to practice by watching the videos and listening to the audios after gaining sufficient knowledge regarding the techniques by reading the books, Piano For All free download,.

A Brief about the Creator – Robin Hall

Robin Hall, the founder of Piano For All is a well known professional pianist. He has been playing the piano and various types of keyboards for many years. Although Robin Hall had started initially as a cartoonist, he soon left that job after discovering that the fascination for cartoons is significantly decreasing among the modern generation. He had also started teaching piano lessons by then and after writing a few stuff regarding cartoons. Robin Hall decided to shift his attention entirely to the art of playing the piano. This decision also urged him and motivated him to devise a piano teaching and learning course that users all over the world can access online with the help of an internet connection. This has thus led to the creation of Piano For All by Robin Hall.

Robin Hall Piano For All

Pros and Cons of using Piano For All


  • Users can access this course material even when they are offline and are disconnected from the internet or maybe, experiencing a bad internet connection. Therefore, having a good internet connection is not necessary.
  • The Piano For All course material is highly compatible with every kind of device, be it a laptop, desktop computers, android phones, or iPhones.
  • You are only required to pay once to get access to the vast collection of lessons and course materials in this program.
  • You can rely on quality services provided by the after-sales service provider team of Robin Hall.


  • This course sometimes does not focus on teaching the fundamentals of playing the piano as thoroughly as we can expect from the piano classes. You may complain that the course or the guide materials sometimes teach the concepts and the techniques superficially. It lacks the feature of personal supervision by the instructor. I have realized from personal experience that there is definitely more to the piano than just jazz, rock ‘N’ roll, ballad styles, etc that the nine e-books teach us in the Piano For All online
  • There is a technical problem with this Piano For All system. If you are flipping the pages of your ebook pdf file while an audio lesion is in session, the audio often stops. This creates a disturbance when you are practicing on your piano.
  • Another limitation of the Piano For All system is that it lacks the aesthetic appeal which can make this course look even more interesting to users. More and better visuals should be added to the system to improve its performance and utility.

Piano For All Online vs Offline

The Piano For All system is basically an online piano learning course that you may download on your computer or your smartphone when you have a good internet connection. In case your internet connection slowdowns or is interruptive for your work, you can easily access the downloaded material of the Piano For All free pdf course. These include nine e-books in pdf format, 200 Piano For All video lesson files, and 500 audio lesson files all of which can be easily downloaded and accessed when you are offline.

Piano For All User Reviews

How long does it take to learn piano using this course?

The Piano For All by Robin Hall has been devised with the basic intention of helping users learn piano within a very short span of time yet efficiently without going for any extra piano classes physically. This course is user-friendly and beginners can easily read about the various techniques and methods and genres involved in the art of playing the piano from the e-books and can practice the same at their ease by following the tutorial-based video and audio files.

This process is thus designed to be time-saving for users. However, the time required to learn the piano and Piano For All results, using this course will definitely vary from user to user depending on their pace of progress.

Piano For All Bonuses

There are various bonuses offered for this course which may reduce the price of purchasing the Piano For All system by as much as 50%.

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If you have come this far reading this Piano For All review article, you must have realized the effectiveness and significance of using this course. If you want to become an expert pianist without going for piano classes, choose this Piano For All book. You have already read about the various features of this course in minute details.

Now the question arises regarding Piano For All does it work actually? The answer to that question is yes. This course is apt for you if you are just beginning with your career of being a pianist. This course facilitates you with all the easy-to-use features like ebooks, audio, and video lessons which can be accessed offline.

These resources not only provide you with enough knowledge that is required in order to learn to play the piano but also guide you with the utmost and meticulous attention to every detail. So that you may easily improve and enhance your skills by actually practicing on the piano in the comfort of your home. Besides, you will only have to pay a one-time price when you are purchasing the Piano For All course. Therefore, this course is also very budget-friendly.

In case you are still having any doubt regarding this course and you are not sure if you should buy it, I would like to recommend this product Piano For All by Robin Hall in my Piano For All review to everyone who is interested to learn to play the piano like a skilled pianist but is not interested to spend more money or time for extra formal classes. This course is therefore not a scam but it provides a legit opportunity to everyone willing to become an expert pianist.


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