Novum Drone Reviews

Novum Drone Reviews: Is This An User-Friendly Device?

Hey readers, The Novum Drone reviews available online indicate that these are the best-rated drones that are engineered and designed to fly to a certain height and take pictures of the surroundings. Novum Drones can help you capture the widest angles while traveling or making videos from a skyline view. In the era of vlogs and photo blogs, the Novum Drone device can help make the best wide-angled videos and capture skyline views of a vast area. These are technologically designed to fly and move throughout the area while capturing photographs of the surroundings.

Novum Drone Reviews: Does This Device Enables Quality Shots?


Drones are popularly used to capture sceneries and panoramic views of nature. Novum Drone helps capture the top view and moving videos of wide-ranging landscapes and backdrops. Drones, being such advanced gadgets with complex and intricate engineering involved in designing them, are mostly expensive. With the rising demand for drones, companies are trying to introduce more affordable substitutes. Thus, alternatives such as the Novum Drone devices are brought into the market to help more customers enjoy the features and various uses.

Novum Drone Reviews


Product name Novum Drone
Mode of operation 1. Remote controller

2. Installed mobile application

Main feature Sensors to detect obstructions
Benefits Foldable and easy to carry
Pros Affordable with wide-ranging features
Cons Live streaming is not supported
Camera Quality HD 1080p
Shot speed 60 frames per second
Speed 30 miles per hour
Battery 500mAH battery
Pixels 12 MP
Price $107
Multi boxes Available in 3s & 5s combo offers
Availability Only through the official website
Official website Click Here


What is Novum Drone?

Novum Drone is a precision-engineered drone designed to go further and faster. It is highly advanced in design to offer the customers a splendorous experience of a drone. It is formulated to fly inside while capturing photographs or taking videos. Novum Drone is installed with a high-quality HD camera that takes videos and snaps in high resolutions. Along with high-definition photography, the Novum Drone is also designed to fly at a speed of 30 miles per hour. Thus it covers a vast area while seizing the view.

Often drones are mistaken to be tough to handle and operate due to their technical complex design, but that is not true for Novum Drone devices. It is user-friendly and easily usable by beginners too. Furthermore, Novum Drone allows exceptional photography and videography while flying through the scene with just a click.

Novum Drone reviews claim that it is not to be judged by its small compact size. Novum Drone can function at par with drones up to thrice its size. The Novum Drone is reported as ideal for filming trips and creating top-notch videos. reviewers also claimed this to be astounding in terms of the components it offers for its cost.

Features of Novum Drone

  • Fly further and swifter:

Novum Drone device is the fastest of drones of this size and can reach a speed of 30 miles per hour. This makes it a fast-moving drone covering a vast region.

  • Adaptable technology:

The complex and advanced technology of Novum Drone is backed with an easy-to-use operation. It allows even beginners to operate and use the drone to its utmost capacity without brainstorming.

  • Professional snaps:

Novum Drone comes with a pre-programmed camera that allows even a novice to take state-of-the-art shots.

  • Fold and carry:

Novum Drone comes with inward folding propellers that make it compact and convenient to carry

  • Obstruction and gravity sensors:

The drones are installed with sensors to detect and react to ground and obstructions. When encountered with any obstacle on its way, the drone changes its path and continues flying without delays.

  • High Definition shots:

The HD camera with Novum Drone device allows taking videos in full HD with 60 frames per second. It also takes photographs in high resolution while moving up in the air. Thus the camera ensures stable action shots.

  • Slow-motion replay:

The camera comes with a slow-mo feature which enables the replaying of videos in HD slow motion.

Novum Drone Features

How does Novum Drone work?

Novum Drone is used for flying and moving while taking videos and pictures of the scenery. It has different flying modes, an additional feature introduced in Novum drone device among all the drones of similar price range and size.

The drone comes with 4 propeller blades that help the drone fly through the sky faster and smoother. The propellers are to be screwed to the drone tightly using the provided screwdriver. Once the propellers are attached, the drone is ready to launch. 

The Novum Drone has two modes of operation:

  • First: Novum Drone can be propelled and controlled with a remote controller. The remote control has several buttons and actions to control the drone in the air and take pictures or videos. In addition, the remote control has instruction labels to help assist in using the Novum Drone device.
  • Second: It is an easier and more accessible mode of controlling the drone through an installable application. A software application needs to be installed in a hand-held device from which the controls to the drone will be accessible. Through the application, the following actions can be performed on the drone:
  1. The drone can be controlled and navigated
  2. Updates on the position of the drone help in monitoring the movement of the drone
  3. Detection of obstacles on the way or ground
  4. Tracking the location of the drone through the enabled GPS technology

Once the drone is in the air, the flight can be regulated with different setting modes. The altitude of the drone can be adjusted and changed as per requirement. The highest range of flying for Novum drones is 70 to 80 meters.

Novum drone comes with a 12 MP camera that supports a 360-degree panoramic view in a single shot. Novum Drone also supports HD video filming and slow-motion replay of the films. Both photographs and videos are shot in high resolution and professional quality. 

Novum drone device is packed with features and yet is user-friendly. It comes with a manual that explains the step-by-step approach of operating the drone and a detailed guide to follow the steps.

Novum Drone Benefits

What are the benefits of Novum Drone?

The world has an extensive online presence where people come together to showcase their experiences in many ways. Now the world sees several vloggers and bloggers who travel throughout the globe and bring forward their experiences through social media platforms. Not just traveling but other sources of entertainment such as concerts, sports, etc., are all captured and presented to the world.

Previously shooting the skyline or top view of any scene was quite troublesome and hassled. With the Novum Drone device, a wide area can be filmed and captured from the top view with just a remote control or mobile application. 

Fast and agile:

Novum drone is much swifter compared to other drones of its size. It covers an impressive 30 miles an hour, making the Novum Drone device one of the fastest drones of this range.

Handy technology:

Even though the Novum Drone is precision-engineered and is packed with complex technological features, it still is designed to be very adaptable and handy. Therefore, one does not need to be a technical genius to operate the Novum Drone.

Professional shutterbug:

The Novum Drone enables professional-quality shots and filming by even the most novice photographers. It does its job of filming the best quality 4K Ultra-HD videos with 60 frames per second, making the captures astoundingly impressive.

Latest technology and compact:

Novum Drone comes with the latest technological installation to enhance the experience of drones. It is also foldable to make it easier to carry and hassle-free. The Novum Drone device comes with a 3D flip function and a long-lasting 500mAH battery. It is enabled with Wi-Fi.

Novum Drone device

Pros and Cons of Novum Drone


  • User-friendly
  • Comes with an easy-to-understand manual
  • HD 1080p camera for filming and shooting in high resolution
  • Foldable and compact
  • Fast and agile
  • Affordable with wide-ranging features
  • Technologically advanced


  • Live streaming is not supported
  • Limited stocks

Is Novum Drone legit or not?

The Novum Drone is entirely set up with the required components for a proper drone. In addition, the engineered mechanism of the drone gives it the feel of a standard drone but better.

Also, several reviews have raved how the technologically advanced drone has so many easy-to-use features and can take breathtaking photos very quickly. Along with this, the Novum Drone device provides many additional features compared to the other drones in this range. All these points towards the product’s legit presence.

Novum Drone customer reviews and complaints

Novum Drone has received appreciation and acceptance from a large number of users. Customers have often reviewed it to be easy to use and conform to its purpose. It is also said to be full of features worth the price. 

Several professionals have appreciated the quality of the picture it captures and its effectiveness in doing its job. 

Drone Training Pros, a business consulting organization, has reviewed Novum Drone to be way more efficient than it looks to be. According to this organization, people should not be fooled by the drone’s size as it can work wonders that match competitions about thrice its size.

Drone Pilot Ground School, an institution for training Drone pilots, has also reviewed the Novum Drone devices to be efficient in professional filming and fast flying. They mentioned trying several other drones and coming across some overcomplicated yet underpowered. But Novum Drone has changed the perspective of recording and shooting trips.

Novum Drone customer reviews

Novum Drone pricing and availability

The manufacturers are selling the Novum Drone only through its official website to eradicate any falsification and duplicates. It is not available on any popular e-commerce websites.

The pricing and discounts offered:

  • Save 56% on the purchase of 3 Novum Drones by buying the Aviator pack at $197
  • Save 34% on the purchase of 1 Novum Drone by buying the Beginner pack at $107
  • Save 60% on the purchase of 5 Novum Drone by buying a Pro Pilot pack at $297

Final Verdict on Novum Drone Reviews

As stated in the novum Drone reviews, It is technologically advanced and packed with features that make it worth the price. Novum Drone is agile and equipped with a powerful camera. The 1080p HD 4K camera allows expert filming and photography even by beginners.

Novum Drone is user-friendly and has options in its flying modes. It can be controlled through a mobile application, making it handy and adaptable. Novum Drone device comes with an easy-to-read manual that helps everyone access and uses the drone to its full potential. Overall it is compact and usable in the price range. 

Novum Drone FAQ’s

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Is the drone easy to control? Does it require technical knowledge?” answer-0=”Yes! The drone is easy to use and understand without prior experience or technical expertise. The drone also comes with a manual with detailed information about its functioning.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”How to control the drone in case of an encounter with obstacles?” answer-1=”The drone has gravity and obstruction sensors that allow it to react to any obstruction in its way. It will change the course of its flight when encountered with the ground or other obstacles. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”How to carry the drone while traveling?” answer-2=”The drone is foldable. The four propellers can be folded inwards to make the drone easy to carry.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”What is the highest speed of the drone?” answer-3=”The drone can move and fly at a speed of 30 miles per hour.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h2″ question-4=”What are the camera specifications of the drone?” answer-4=”The camera comes with the following specifications: 1080p 4K ultra HD 60 frames per second of filming degree panoramic capture” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]


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