ND10X Review

ND10X Review 2020 – Is Nicola Delic Forex Trading Tool Any Good?

Welcome to my ND10X review. If you are really serious about making money from forex world, you must have tried numerous Forex tools. And it’s a sad truth that most of these tools just disappointed us. They not only cost a bulky amount of money, but a waste of time as well.

If you are here not for the first time, you know that we review only the credible product and give you the best option available in the market.

ND10X Review – A Good Forex Trading Indicator & Course By Nicola Delic?


Here is your most awaited truth and unbiased ND10X review which will help you to make the right decision before you buy this so-called powerful tool.

We all know that Tradeology has finally launched the ND10X system on its 10th Anniversary year which has completely knocked it out of the park. Let us see whether the ND10X indicator can help us to make the predictions much easier and cleaner. Is ND10X Tradeology worth your money based on its popularity? And let us see why ND10X is better than any other available in the market.

ND10X Review

Product Name ND10X
Type Web based Forex Trading System + Premium Training
Creators Nicola Delic & Tradeology
Price $499
Money Back Yes, 30 Days
Official Website Click Here

What is ND10X all about?

ND10X Tradeology is an expert level Forex trading system that operates manually. It checks indicators like COG/ MACD / StochasticRSI and offers market summaries like average bar move and the movement of the currency. It is formulated using years of experiments, surveys, and technologies. Nicola Delic forex has used the statistical models and scientifically based principles that can satisfy traders with trading needs. It will work from beginners and full-time traders alike.

As I already mentioned in this ND10X review, we all know that a perfect guide behind a successful trade is the best indicator that we can rely on. ND10X has the best trading indicators that can help you to make the right decision in trading. Hence help you to trade quickly and secure money. ND10X is a ClickBank product, so there is nothing much needed to explain about its legitimacy here.

While testing, we found it incredibly mind-blowing as 89% of the prediction made with the help of indicators is right. We found no much effort needed here. That means it works for both beginners and professional traders at the same time.

Let us see how this works which will help you understand more about the ND10X indicator.

What is Included in ND10X?

Apart from forex tool to track the movement in the market, the ND10X system will prepare you through5 courses before you actually start playing with real money. You will be able to master the game with the help of these 4 master courses. Let’s now see what does these 5 master classes include and how it will be able to master us in the game of bull. Scroll down. My ND10X review have a lot to tell you!

MasterClass 1

You will be going through 6 sessions here. These sessions are for motivating your hopeless mind and build your confidence. The reason behind this class should be to fix your existing problems and set a direction in your life. ND10X Tradeology has made sure that you will succeed by preparing you with a strong mind unlike any other tools in the market.

  1. Your mindset will be revived.
  2. Eliminate most of your avoidable problems.
  3. A smarter way to train yourself for trading success.
  4. Quick 4 step process to achieve your target.
  5. How to manage your risk and guide yourself.
  6. Installation and chart set.

MasterClass 2

You will be going through 10 sessions. As I mentioned in this ND10X review before, Here you will get into more depth understanding about the basics of technical trading and you will be trained about different indicators and trading tools. We found a few videos, economic news, and tips to make a quick profit. There are some basic rules which you need to know and learn before you start trading as well. The master class 1 makes sure that you have a strong foundation while you begin to enter trading. Here are 10 sessions to build a strong foundation.

  1. Technical Trading 101
  2. Market Cycles and Phases
  3. Trend Is Your Friend.
  4. Support & Resistance.
  5. Fibonacci & Trading.
  6. Chart Formations Mastery.
  7. Candlestick Formations Mastery.
  8. Important Data You Must Know About Each Currency Pair.
  9. Multi time frame approach
  10. A short guide on economical releases & trading

MasterClass 3

Once you have learned everything about trade and indicators, Now it is time to use what we have learned in mater class2. You will learn all about how to install and use the program with the help of indicators. Here are the following which you will learn from ND10X master class 3

  1. How to install your tools the right way
  2. How to set up your meta trader workspace
  3. A quick overview of indicators and tools
  4. How to use our templates.
  5. The weekly trades review process
  6. Building your favorite watch list
  7. Setting your trade station
  8. How to use the trading checklist.

MasterClass 4

Once you have learned everything about trade and indicatrs, Now it is time to use what we have learned in mater class2. You will learn all about how to install and use the program with the help of indicators. Here are the following which you will learn from ND10X master class 3

  1. How to install your tools the right way
  2. How to set up your meta trader workspace
  3. A quick overview of indicators and tools
  4. How to use our templates.
  5. The weekly trades review process
  6. Building your favorite watch list
  7. Setting your trade station
  8. How to use the trading checklist.

MasterClass 5

This is the last session where you are about to use your knowledge of real live forex trading. We found that you will be watching live trade here. This is helpful if you the kind of person who learns from the mistake. You will be able to understand your own mistakes and learn from them. You will be trained with real-time forex. Master class4 will help you to learn more and implement what you have learned previously as well. This is what makes ND10X unique from the rest of the programs available in the market.

MasterClass 5

According to ND10X reviews, this session is very important to master your skills in the world of bull. Master 5 has all the key. You will learn how to prepare your favorite currency pairs and checklist. Moreover, you will have access to the query session where you can clear all your queries. You will be getting the following:

  • How to plan your targets for the next 90 days.
  • Review your daily trades.
  • Setting up your trade station.
  • How to use the trading.
  • FAq session.

How does ND10X work?

The working of Tradeology ND10X is entirely exceptional, which bound to become the next hot product in the market for sure. We all know that Forex can eat you alive and make you rich at the same time. Therefore it is vital to choose the right technique and accurate, reliable tool. We can say that ND10X is one of the most reliable tools in the market which is going to be available. The simple and easy to use indicators can tell you when to make a call and when to make a sell which we all lack making the right choice.

ND10X Review

What our ND10X review found?

ND10X indicator will show you when to make the sell and call from money. As we told you, we have been finding the best indicators among the rest. ND10X should be the best one available in the market right now. There are thousands of products in the market with the same use, but they seem to be outdated from the technology and wrong prediction which will kill your forex game. Forex is not based on luck. It’s based on a particular pattern that can be predicted with years of hard work. This is how traders like a luxury life but if you blindly play Forex, which will eat you up entirely.

Unbelievable Prediction

ND10X Winning Rate

The movement of the graph will be traced to each millisecond to track the pattern. ND10X indicator will be able to predict the next change of the graph. That is when we are asked to make the call and sell. And we were surprised by the accuracy of the prediction made by the indicators but have been wrong thrice as well — almost 89% of accuracy, which none of the other products showed. So, my ND10X review could faithfully state that, The ND10X system should be the next hot and unique product in the market for sure.

How this gift, Big Profit Trade Catcher will help you?

Big Profit Trade Catcher is the more valuable than most systems you will pay for. The gift will help you to make money with the least risk. Let us see how does Big Profit Trade Catcher going to help you.

Big Profit Trade Catcher catches two powerful indicators to predict the trade and market. The two indicators are for the following.

  • COG: Centre of gravity indicator.
  • MACD: The moving average convergence or divergence.

COG: This is the leading indicators to find the highs and lows in the market. It is a graphical tool that helps to identify support and resistance levels. Let us see how COG looks like.

ND10X Indicator

Here, red shows resistance, green shows support and blue shows the movement. We will discuss later on how these three lines helps while trading.

MACD: the MACD is the best indicator ever build This indicator helps to find the trend and movement of the market. These are also called confirming indicators. Here, the indicators are used for finding crossover and divergence.  Let us see how MACD looks like.

ND10X Forex Trading

The Below PDF will further tell you how does COG and MACD helps in trade!

How Triad escalator system will help you?

Triad escalator system uses three indicators to determine the trade. These three indicators work together. They are

  • ND Dot indicator
  • Escalator filter indicator
  • Escalator arrow indicator

Escalator arrows are shown in blue, ND dot indicator is shown in blue dot and the Escalator filter indicator is shown in blue or changes to blue in color.

For more information on how this is used, click the link below.

Is ND10X Good for beginners? 

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about the ND10X indicator. We want to let you all know every bit of this through our ND10X review.

Let’s ask two questions here. Is it beginner-friendly? And how is it reliable from the rest of the products available in the market right now?

ND10X system has the most advanced indicators which are updated with six years of research to make ND10X indicator the reliable and straightforward. We can say that the research has never gone wasted. Nicola Delic designed these keeping beginners in mind. Nicola Delic had gone through the tremendous downside of a trader when he was a beginner. Keeping that in mind, he made it extremely beginner-friendly.

This is an astounding truth that there is no other similar product in the market, which gives you efficiency and beginner-friendly strategy at the same time. After all, ND10X Download focuses on training its users on how to make an accurate winning trade and earn a big income.

It also focuses on how to get away from all the suffering and expertise traders to win more additional income while stopping the blindly made predictions. ND10X by Tradeology has proved that you don’t have to be familiar with trading or techniques. As my ND10X review stated, All you need to have is an active mind that is ready to become magnified and lucrative trader.

Features of ND10X By Nicola Delic

  • ND10X system does not consume a significant fraction of the system to start earning the profit.
  • The predictions are accurate and reliable than any other product available in the market.
  • It allows the participants to bring out their true potential and to take their income to the highest levels.
  • The actual value of the product astonishing. ND10X has a total worth of more than $3,000.00.

You will be able to know more about the features below.

Product Name ND10X
Type Web based Forex Trading System + Premium Training
Accuracy 70% to 89% Win Rate
Platform MT5
Indicators SMA 5, RSA 5, EMA 5, SMA 1 (Expecting)
Monthly Fee No, One time charge

Pros & Cons Of ND10X Forex Trading System

The pros and cons which are given below are based on our test. Let my ND10X review show what I like and dislike about the ND10X Download.

Pros of ND10X

  • ND10X Tradeology is extremely easy to use and dependable on its pursuable signals than any other product available in the market.
  • This is one of the best features that none of the other product offers. The motto of the ND10X system is to make you an expert in the world of bulls. For doing this, you will gain access to live members area where the team of traders work and capture the hold of frequent webinars. All this lets you stay updated and grab your true potential.
  • You will receive a simple step by step manual and videos which will help you to learn quickly.
  • Is it offered with a repayment guarantee? Yes! When we used the word unique, it tells this. You will get guaranteed repayment the next moment you think is ND10X scam.
  • It is a click bank product, and we all know that it is uncommon to see people doing 3-4 figures daily on ClickBank which says it all.

Cons of ND10X

  • It is not a get-rich-quick system: ND10X is not automated software. Even though it’s easy to use, you need to learn about it. To grab the true potential of the ND10X indicator, you need to need at least two weeks with the webinars and other instructions.
  • You need to give at least 3-4 hours every day. There is no shortcut to success. You need to be consistent to get the best.

This information will help you to decide before you shop for ND10X Tradeology.

About ND10X Creator!

Nicola Delic

Nicola Delic ND10X Reviews

Nicola Delic is a remarkable man with a story of a path filled with ups and down to a millionaire. His life is quite inspiring and motivational for many of the people who struggle in the world of bull. Talking about Nicola Delic and Nicola Delic forex experience can leave you astonished. The path of a person from suffering the worse to the celebratory name in the world of Forex right now.

How Nicola Delic became famous?

Other Products By Nicola Delic

The ND10X is not his first product which is awaited by the round the globe traders. He has given birth to many other digital products that have helped many, and this is why Tradeology more popular today. Nicola Delic products consist of Forex Master Level, Forex Durability, Forex master level, and scientific trading machine. He has earned a massive reputation in the world of Forex.

Nicola Delic wants to crack down the forex secrets. He wants to help many people out there who are struggling. It has taken him miles forward to bring out the ND10X system and ND10X indicator. His previous creations have helped thousands of brokers to make their job easy and efficient across the globe.

According ND10X reviews, it is the most awaited forex product by millions to grab the world of Forex. His products have earned popularity based on its efficiency, user-friendly, and reliable indicators that have helped an enormous number of brokers around the globe to make the work simple.


Tradeology ND10X Review

The leader in Forex daytrading education, providing daily market analysis for forex traders and for people looking to make make extra income from home. Tradeology was founded in 2007 and launched many forex related products till date.

How and where to download ND10X?

We want to let you now that the ND10X indicator download is only available on Tradeology original website link given below. You will not be able to ND10X free download for any other website. Please stay out of spam, and other scams as the popularity of ND10X Download has led to the counterfeit of the program. So make sure that you download from the original website link which I given below.

Our tests reveal that you can expect a conversion rate of between 75% and 94.4%. The best choice is to have the leads from the U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa.

ND10X Bonuses

ND10X included 10 massive bonuses which makes it worth the buy. I will be explaining everything about these 9 bonuses. I really have to say that these extra bonuses worth more than $9000, in fact, more than 6 times the price of ND10X. Here are all the 10 fascinating bonuses and each bonus has its own uniqueness. Let me tell you more about this.

Bonus #1 

MEGA BONUS: Nature’s Law – The Secret of the Universe in 1946 (Elliott Wave DNA)(worth: $977)

After our research about Nicola, we found that he has extreme knowledge about Elliot wave theory. He has used this knowledge to make money, unlike any other person. With this remarkable piece of bonus, you will be able to master Elliot theory to make money easily. But you need to add pinch of hard work because Elliot’s theory isn’t that easy.

Nicola proved this using his live money account in just three money. I found this really interesting. He left everyone flabbergasted in just 3 months. First month, he made a profit of 88%, the second month of 91% and third month, profit of 80%. Total of $166,546.00. I can say that, this was one for the reason behind my fascination to try ND10X.

Bonus #2 

Scientific trading machine ( worth $997)

This can be called an absolute cash machine. To measure the power of this machine, I made a small trading account. This would help me riskless as I would be trying to trade very little amount of money. The result has left me flabbergasted.

I started with $1000 and made a profit of $ 2,063 in one month. Check out my trade below. But it will take little effort and hard work to become on to the top. You will learn how to do this with the help of this bonus, scientific trading machine.

Bonus #3 

Forex master levels (worth $997)

This bonus has been tried yet. But we found that is useful if you want to work in your spare time. Forex master level will teach you everything about the forex market and how to make money from it.

Bonus #4 

The zenith point system (worth $500)

Tracking the trend of forex is not on luck anymore. You will learn everything about how to track the trend. The indicators including MT4 and contains a special proprietary divergence indicator which helps you to predict accurate flow of graph unlike any other forex tool available in the market.

Bonus #5 

Dynamic cash tracker (worth $500)

You will master all the powerful tools here on the prediction of trade. This helps you to make the right choice in the right amount of time. These powerful tools include:

  • 7 key insights Marco Moving Averages to determine more profit trend.
  • 8 different types of Moving Averages to make the best choice in every kind of trade.
  • 2 cash-generating custom indicators which help to know the risk percentage and how much to buy and sell.

Bonus #6 

The 80/20 System (worth $500)

Personally I’m a huge fan of this little tool. This tracker will help you not to lose ever. The system is made out of indicators and moving averages which ensure that you will be able to predict the movement of the forex.

Bonus #7 

Dynamo trading system (worth $250)

The MT4 indicator which helps you to make 81% of accurate choice. You will be learning more about this in the members’ area. This tool will help all the ND10X users to make the right decision and mostly decision is made from the members’ area video.

Bonus #8 

Ultimate pattern system (worth $250)

A video tutorial which helps you to understand and learn for the mistakes. The ultimate pattern system talk about the graph and how the graph is used to predict the forex trend. To be frank, I couldn’t find any other system which tells you about the graph.

Bonus #9 

Forex power pro (Worth $250)

The best trading tool used by thousands of people. Instead of 2 indications, only one is used here to predictions. This helps you to understand ideal forex opportunities.

Bonus #10 

Elliott wave black book ( worth $250)

identifying extreme time for trend, highs and lows in price is easy with the understand of Elliot wave. It helps you to find waves that set up a pattern and corrective waves that oppose the larger trend.

While these bonuses would cost you $9000 which means this is absolutely worth the money when you buy ND10X.

ND10X price & Money Back Guarantee

The pricing should be around $499 because the price of the product hasn’t been released yet, but we will surely notify you before anyone else. You will be given the pre-sales bonuses and special rate from us. Make sure that you buy the product from the original website link which is given below.

In case you find the ND10X indicator not appealing, there is a 60-day money-back refund guarantee provided to help you lose nothing from our end.


ND10X by Tradeology can be your great broker than any others you find. It has everything you need to make a perfect trade decision. The ND10X system helps you to learn quickly about the forex trade and how to use it. The software manual, videos, and webinars, etc. can help you like no one else. The program is useful for both beginners and professional traders.

The brokers use the ND10X indicator to make fast decisions. This can get rid of brokers for you who charge more than half of what you receive and more chances of losing. ND10X by Tradeology is a one-time investment that can help you to get rid of the brokers and boost your profit. You will have the best assistance from the top traders, which allows you for a safe and secure trading. ND10X is the simplest way to learn forex trade effectively.

ND10X Winning Rate –  What we got?

We all know that indicators are the only way to determine the first step in a trade. A reliable indicator is not easy to find, but when found, Forex becomes easy. In that case, we found that the ND10X indicator is the best from the rest. Yes, we have determined 89% right prediction in the product test while others couldn’t cross 45%. It answers why there is no wonder ND10X by Tradeology being the most searched forex tool across the globe.

Indeed, indicators cannot be the only reason for everyday wealth generation. With the webinar and video tutorial, nothing else can make you a bull in the world of Forex. The 24 hours live-chat support system with the expert traders; you always have a safe hand to hold you. If you are ready to give 3 hours every day, Nicola Delic forex can make you the bull in the market.

If you have been looking for a useful, reliable forex tool, then ND10X is the only tool available in the market right now. Our test based ND10X review shows you every bit of the software and its working. To keep in mind, ND10X Tradeology is most awaited by the brokers and professional traders to boost their profits with the help of the ND10X indicator.

A Word for beginners

Here it doesn’t matter if you are a experienced trader or beginner. This system can save you from cutting into blind calls. If you want to be your broker with a practical and 100% reliable forex tool, ND10X by Tradeology is one of the best option available.


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      Since the ND10X using a new strategy to find more successfull trades, they are providing hands on training along with the software. You will be assisted by experienced traders and technical team and they will make sure you’re doing the right things.

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