What Are The Impacts Of COVID On Amazon? Effected Factors!

Covid-19 brought a series of entirely new and draconic measures to be adopted by governments worldwide with the sole motive to curb the spread of this deadly pandemic among their population. Unfortunately, while the motive behind such measures was purely good, its impact on the general population was very much devastative.

The community that was hurt one of the most all around the world was the Business Community. They had to forcefully close their establishment for a considerable period, and even when some restriction was removed, the sales and supply continued to be negatively affected.

How COVID Impacted Amazon As An MNC?


However, while physical businesses and establishments suffered a lot, online businesses and online marketplaces grew by leaps and bound. One such Online Marketplace is the MNC, i.e., Amazon, which was already famous worldwide, even in pre-Covid times. 

COVID On Amazon

While in terms of Sales, Amazon was benefitted due to more and more people shopping online, it also faced, like other businesses, many disruptions in supply chains due. The following are how Amazon as an MNC was impacted and affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Positive Impacts of Covid-19 for Amazon

As per the data, the E-Commerce Giant Amazon itself saw an increase of 200% profits in Covid-19 due to the restriction on movement placed by the governments and inherent fear of contracting Covid by going physically in the market and purchasing the required items in such a crowded area posed a fear of spread and contraction of the virus. 

As such, a large part of the consumer base started shifting from physical to the online marketplace to purchase the required items, to free themselves from the hassle of going into the markets under such restrictions.

The Amazon marketing strategies were also successful in drawing such customer base towards using the platform to meet their demands of various items and ensure the safe delivery of the products. As such, when it comes to generation of sales and enlargement of customer base, Covid-19 brought with it an excellent opportunity for the retail giant to spread its legs all across the world.

Negative Impacts of Covid-19 for Amazon

While the sales saw a massive increase due to customers fastly shifting online and customer base expanding in such trying times, Amazon and other such retail giants faced a lot of difficulty in ensuring a constant level of supply of products in the market, as after all, the sellers on Amazon, are themselves retail owners in the physical market and the drastic reduction in offline market sale drove a lot of such retailers out of business with Amazon.

Along with this, Lockdown, along with other such restrictions, led to prolonged problems of sale as well during the time such restrictions were there. While the above profits indeed increased when restrictions were loosened, there were lockdowns in various countries, except essential items, allowance for continuing such delivery activities was a significant hurdle in itself.

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