Funnelify review

Funnelify Review: Does This App Help To Directly Build Funnels & Web Pages So Uniquely?

Our Funnelify review is on an interesting software launched by Mr. Andrew Darius. He named it the software Funnelify and has been working towards the improvement and development of the app for some 16 months with a determination to make it a powerful tool available to the world.

Funnelify Review -Drive Traffic, Leads, Commissions, And Sales Hands-Free!


A breathtaking product, that has unique attributes with a speed capacity that has been never ever seen or heard before. The Funnelify review will help you know more about how you can generate web pages automatically. It also speeds up the desktop page in a lightning faster way.

Funnelify app review has information that will help you generate Affiliate funnels, web pages and funnels for your sales and all these can be created by simply swiping done for your templates and breaking them into place. The generating of free traffic to the website is done by using a variety of methods.

Funnelify review

Program Title Funnelify
Language English
Creator Unknown
Category Funnel Builder
Price $27
Official Website Click here

About Funnelify App

Funnelify shows you that without the usage of small web page making tools, we can directly build funnels and webpages so easily and uniquely through the app. Web page developers are usually WordPress based specialists and these web pages are going to be slow when compared with a Funnelify software and you will get further clarifications by going through this Funnelify review we are going through.

Funnelify app review shows you how easily can you host websites anywhere and you could export everything. Phone viewers can be happy because when you look for any Funnelify reviews you will know that it is a true thing explained about making low sized mobile pages for viewing your website and due to which you can attain a tremendously super speed while accessing these pages. This Funnelify review states that there is no need for any technical knowledge or, no design needed or no use of word press needed for creating stunning webpages here. It explains that pages are going to open even faster as there is no word press or other website making tool needed for pages to work. If you could compare with other Funnelify reviews then you will know that this is genuine and safe.

Key Features of Funnelify Software

  • Funnelify creates separate mobile pages that are smaller in size when compared with webpages made through word press or other apps.
  • This Funnelify review shows you that the pages created are going to have a lightning-fast speed to open it without delay as there is no use of word press or other software.
  • Beginners can create Sales funnels, web pages and professional affiliate pages in a simpler manner and that too with a short span of time.
  • It can create more leads, drive better traffic than earlier, commission and sales hands-free and that too on a complete autopilot mode.
  • You can use multiple traffic sources at the same time to drive sales.
  • Through this Funnelify review, we reveal that you get 220 DFY made mini template blocks and 50 full-page templates that would help you make all kinds of web pages by simply swiping and snapping it.

Knowing to Use Funnelify Software

It is a very simple method to know how to use this software and in this Funnelify app review, we will explain to you the basics like a Funnelify demo that shows you things.

  1. When you open the main dashboard, you need to click on ‘create’ on the top right corner of the screen and this is how you get started with making a funnel. On the main dashboard, you can also view the status of funnel limits, page limits, views limit, storage limits and transfer limits depending on the engagement of activities.
  2. Once you click on the create button, it will take you to the next page and you can see a checkbox showing a Separated mobile version and that is ticked by default. If you don’t need a separate mobile version of the website, you can just untick and then process making the funnel by giving it a funnel name and click create again.
  3. The next thing in this process is the starting up of the Builder page where you will find a white canvas background. This is the initial spot which can be considered as our website base where we start from.

Knowing the builder icons on the main menu according to Funnelify review

  • Back button: to get back to the funnel panel page click back
  • Settings Button: This is the main page of your website that you have started to create and you will find the website name, template name, and publishing option. Here you can choose a customized name, save as any template and publish it online through the online publishing options available.
  • Showing Borders: Show border option is a default selection where all the borders of each component are highlighted. This feature helps you view the page inside the builder without borders that would look exactly like in a published website.
  • Preview button: Every time you save a file, you can have a preview of the file before publishing it and the best thing is that will be seen as a live website to you.
  • Full-screen Button: See in a larger size with the full-screen mode when you want to see the whole page that you have been working
  • Clear canvas Button: To start over again after adding some stuff to the canvas, you can use a clear canvas option to again get a blank page to work on. Make changes and save it with a specified file name.
  • Code Button: You can add your own code or changes can be made to the existing code by opening the code window and typing in new codes.
  • View modes: There are 3 responsive modes- Desktop view, mobile view, and tablet view. Default is the Desktop view. Choose any view type and the canvas you have been working on will be responsively working the type of view you have opted to work with.
  • Style Manager: Select any component and you can change the style of that component according to your preference.
  • Layers tab: It will show all the layers we have added to the canvas you have been working on.
  • Blocks section: There are multiple building blocks under each category. You will also see a previously made building blocks inside the builder. You can add these blocks by clicking and dragging it to the canvas.
  • Templates: These are full-page website templates. Each category will have more ready-made templates that would help you create a complete website.

Funnelify Price range and the discount provided

There is an early bird discount given just to avoid the risk kept in mind by users thinking If the product is a scam or not. Take full use of the 30 days to try the software. If the Funnelify membership is not what you are looking for, then you should try a demo to check if it suits you. If you dislike it within 30 days then you get all the money back and this is a guarantee from the companies side. This will tell you that there is no risk or scam involved as it is a 100 percent risk-free product.

There are actually 2 versions of Funnelify.

Funnelify Ten-$17/month previously and now it’s just 22$ for a commercial license

  • 10 Funnels to create
  • Up to 100 pages of web page
  • 3 years full access
  • 220 DFY mini template Blocks
  • 50 DFY full-page templates
  • MPO technology
  • Hosting included
  • Commercial license included

Funnelify Unlimited-$27/month previously for a month and now its just 27$ per commercial license

  • Unlimited funnels to create
  • Unlimited pages to create
  • 3 years full access
  • 220 DFY mini template Blocks
  • 50 DFY full-page templates
  • MPO technology
  • Hosting included
  • Commercial license included

Funnelify bonuses

Is Funnelify a scammers trap?

No scammers use Clickbank which is the most secure medium through which you can make transactions easily without any hassle or risk. Funnelify review shows that the company provides a money-back guarantee in 30 days if we are not satisfied using the product. Thus there is clarity for all your doubts about whether this product is a scam or not. Definitely this is a scam free product and hopes the Funnelify app review was a helping bag filled with information about the product. You get a limited version Funnelify membership for 22$/month and the unlimited version for 27$/month and you could sell the web sites you create to any client of your choice. You would be getting a 3-year valid commercial license available with the product. So worry not further about the fake Funnelify scam around the internet as this Funnelify discount on the app has made it clear that this is not a scam that will put you at risk. You can be relieved, and get rid of any negative thoughts from the mind.

Pros and Cons of Funnelify Software


  • Make pages that can be cached entirely with  extreme fast page load with an easy one-click user interface
  • Funnelify app uses MPO technology to help an easy optimization and automatic cloning of mobile-only pages and makes the mobile image sizes smaller, making the mobile pages size 9 times smaller. This will only pave the way for increased speed while accessing the pages.
  • Tied up with cloud fare makes software, even more, faster, reliable and more accessible and delivers the pages close to the viewers in almost every country around the world.
  • Entire webpages and funnels can be created by swiping DFY mini templates blocks and snapping them into place.
  • Commercial license validity is 3 years.
  • Sell the websites that you make easy to any client online or nearby and earn a profit.
  • Simples methods to make webpages and funnels without the need for word press or other compelling software to view your website.
  • The availability of web hosting made easy.
  • Cloud-based software that works on Apple, Windows, and Linux.


  • Not a lifetime product as the commercial license is valid for 3 years only
  • Bonus packages are not available in the mother web page.
  • No free email customer service option for any doubts or clarification for at least 2 weeks after purchasing the product.
  • 10 basic package has only 100 MB internal storage capacity which is very less.

Funnelify User Reviews

This Funnelify review explains everything that you need to know about the product. Outside reviews come with extra bonuses and I am not pretty sure if some of them are legit because they don’t use the click bank as their transaction platform. They also provide around 10 bonuses with the product and that sounds like more of a risky thing because I don’t think nobody will give us free access to 10 other unique products for buying one. Many reviews come without any such offers too.

Funnelify app review

Is Funnelify a download worth?

This Funnelify review tells you that this is a product worth buying as it has laid down the simplest methods of making a website, with various options of templates and other available tools usability within the software that is easy to use. No use of word press or other complicated software needed to work on this software. Moreover, you can sell or make websites for your clients and there won’t be any hectic confusing riddles that you would experience at all. The price is also reasonable for a limited time and there is a 30 days money-back guarantee that you get when you think of stopping their services when you are not happy at all.

Funnelify Bonuses

There are no specific bonuses you get with this pack. But there is a special discounted rate that can be considered as a bonus because instead of charging monthly, they have changed that monthly plan to a one-time commercial license plan for 3 years which is fantastic. Earlier it was 17$ monthly for  Funnelify 10 and 27$ monthly for Funnelify Unlimited. But now it has a discount which is a huge saving.


I would conclude by thanking everyone who read this Funnelify review and I hope this helped you make the right decision to use the software. The special rate is soon to end and I hope whoever reads this will make no mistake in wasting any more time because the Funnelify cost price will go high for sure. And there won’t be any other similar products that would help you create websites and sell them to your clients even without knowing any basic coding to make websites.

This would be the simplest method you would have ever come across. Your investment is  100% risk-free thing that has a 30 days money-back guarantee. So trying it out would either help you earn a profit or get your guaranteed money back. So stop thinking and confusing yourself because you lose nothing in life when you start trying. So keep trying and be successful in life through Funnelify software.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is Funnelify?” answer-0=”Funnelify is a new groundbreaking app that helps to directly build funnels and webpages so easily and uniquely through the funnelify app.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is web hosting included in funnelify?” answer-1=”Yes, web hosting is included so you do not have to pay a lot of money separately to 3rd party web hosting company.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Does Funnelify work on a Mac?” answer-2=”It does not just work on Mac, but also on Windows, Linux, and Chromebook.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Do I have to install it on my computer?” answer-3=”It’s a cloud software, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Is any software need to display the web pages created by Funnelify ?” answer-4=”No, you don’t need any software to display pages.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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