Is E-Commerce A Top Choice For Starting A Business

Is E-Commerce A Top Choice For Starting A Business?

The e-commerce sector has grown rapidly over the last few years. Especially the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions all over the world have proven the growing importance and acceptance of e-commerce all over the world.

Even long-established and reputed retail businesses have opened up e-commerce sectors to survive the months of the pandemic.

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Is E-Commerce A Top Choice For Starting A Business

Experts believe that this trend towards e-commerce is here to stay and now is the perfect time for new start-ups to delve into the e-commerce space. Let’s look into some of the reasons why:

The advantages of starting an e-commerce business:

  • Low investment – the most important element of an e-commerce business is the fact that it is a low investment. Starting an e-commerce business requires the development of the business’s online platform and the rest of the infrastructure necessary for creating and delivering its products. On the other hand, a physical retail establishment has many other extra expenses like a physical store location, employees to man the store, fixed expenses like electricity and water supply in the store, and much more. E-commerce is still seen by most business experts as a low investment and high reward business model.


  • Scalability – no one wants to create a business or invest in a business that cannot expand. In the case of physical retail establishments, expansion into new locations involves a lot of expenditure and hassle. But e-commerce retailers can expand their area of service much easier. Websites and applications can be developed so that they can expand to accept customers from a wider geographical area depending on the preferences of the business management. The retailer can only focus on expanding their production and delivery service instead of spending time, money, and effort on building new store locations. 


  • Easier to set up – e-commerce businesses are much easier to set up than physical retail stores. This does not only apply to business owners with personal skills in website development. Any business owners without technical skills can also hire website developers to create websites that will give easy admin access for modifying the list of products as and when necessary. There are even white-label website developers as well who create customizable templates for e-commerce startups at very low and affordable rates. Setting up a website/ mobile application is also much faster and requires less manpower than setting up a complete retail store location. 


  • Business intelligence- the twenty-first century is the domain of data and almost all big enterprises now use big data analytics to drive their business decisions. In the case of retail stores, it is difficult to collect accurate data from the customer. But in e-commerce platforms, customers generally provide more personal data and contact information. This makes it easier to market the business through personalized emails and messages about product launches/discounts. E-commerce business owners can also analyze their customer data to find out the exact target audience and demographic of their customers so that advertising campaigns can be made more effective. 


  • It’s a growing market – every single day the number of internet users in the world is increasing. Along with it, the number of online shoppers is also increasing. Online shopping and delivery services have now moved beyond big cities into smaller towns and suburban areas as well. Even basic daily requirements like groceries are being increasingly purchased online. Social media shopping has become a new way to leverage e-commerce growth. In this scenario, it does not seem likely that growth in the e-commerce sector is set to slow down any time soon. 

The e-commerce sector is expected to keep growing and raking in huge profits in the coming years, but competition will also heat up more and more. So it is best for business owners to break into the sector right now so that they can establish their brand identity and build a loyal customer base. 

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