DotCom Secrets Reviews

DotCom Secrets Review – Does This Book Help To Make A Business Successful Online?

Welcome to DotCom Secrets Review. It is not easy to sell a product online. You need to plan well and strategize well for selling products successfully online. For a booming business, it is imperative to have a concise plan, and this looks tougher. Online marketing is an art. This is a competitive world, and here just by having a sales strategy and online marketing may not suffice for a successful business. Hence you need something more than just a basic strategy. Usage of sales funnel in your online marketing is one of the best choices.

DotCom Secrets Review – Learn The Art Of Selling Products Online Through An Expert!


If you are in search of a book that can help out in learning online marketing, then you have landed at the right place. First, you need to understand that selling products online is completely different from face-to-face selling. It is not like selling something in the brick mortar sales. If you have started now, then you will experience a learning curve. The DotCom Secrets is a book published in the year 2015. But, the strategies mentioned in this book are suitable even for today’s market. The DotCom Secrets is a bundle of actionable advice for online marketing. You can keep the DotCom Secrets as a reference for your online business. DotCom Secrets is a 254 pages book written by Russell in an engaging and charming style. You should check online and official site for DotCom Secrets Review.

DotCom Secrets Reviews

Book Title DotCom Secrets
Language English
Author Russell Brunson
Category Online Marketing
Price  $24.95
Official Website Click Here

About DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets can be understood as a crash course which makes you understand all the aspects of internet marketing. It is the result of Russell Brunson’s years of experience mainly in building multimillion-dollar businesses online. Through this book, he is helping out others in building an online business. The book was released in 2015, but, once you read this book, you will understand that all the strategies mentioned in the book are applicable even today. He has written this book in a charismatic and highly engaging manner. There are plenty of DotCom Secrets Reviews available online.

More than that, this book is filled with actionable advice. These devices are beneficial for new entrepreneurs, and they can easily sell products online by understanding the strategies in this book. There are thousands of businessmen who achieved success through this book. Compared to many other books released on business strategy, DotCom Secrets is very easy to follow.

Who can benefit from reading DotCom Secrets?

DotCom Secrets can be followed by anyone willing to learn and make his business successful online. According to DotCom Secrets Review, the strategies explained in this book are easy to follow, and all of them even hold today. If you are thinking about succeeding in an online business, then you should refer to DotCom Secrets. The book can also be treated as a complete blueprint when it comes to running an online business.

The book just includes 250 pages, and anyone can easily follow this book. Russell’s way of explaining and writing is enjoyable. He even gave very useful and excellent examples when explaining the strategies. He has even given many real-world stories from his own experience. The best part is, there is plenty of actionable advice that you can follow and implement in your online business.

DotCom Secrets Reviews

DotCom Secrets Author

If you are not familiar which Russell Brunson, here is an introduction. Russell is one of the highly successful and popular entrepreneurs in the online industry. He started his first business way back in his college time. He started a few things like selling supplements and t-shirts and even shakes in his college days. Later Russell co-founded the company named Etison LLC. From this, they successfully launched very popular ClickFunnels software.

Along with this, Russell is very popular for creating an ecosystem for software. This ecosystem includes live events, information products, and even books. Because of this, he made more than 206 millionaires. More than anything, the business is completely self-funded. You can even check the official site for DotCom Secrets Reviews.

Russell Brunson

Pros and Cons of DotCom Secrets:


  • DotCom Secrets makes use of value ladders along with online sales funnel strategies. It even makes use of scripts for running your business.

  • You can easily find relatable content, DotCom Secrets. This book is written in step-by-step and engaging language.

  • DotCom Secrets Review proves that the strategies mentioned in DotCom Secrets are highly versatile, and hence they can fit any online business.

  • The actionable advice and strategy in the DotCom Secrets can help you out in identifying customers. Meantime you can easily identify their demands and needs as well.


  • DotCom Secrets is very useful for your business when you have an existing business model.

  • The secrets in the DotCom Secrets can help out the businesses which are on the online platform.

DotCom Secrets Customer Review

DotCom Secrets Customer Reviews

What’s inside the DotCom Secrets book?

As per DotCom Secrets Review, There are five clearly defined sections in the DotCom Secrets book.

  • Ladders and Funnels

Value ladders are very useful in all kinds of business. Through value ladders, you can describe the pricing catalog in your business. You can understand the value ladder as a visual map for all types of products and services. The steps in the ladder can be considered as price points for additional services and products.

But, funnels are little different. You can start from the wide end of the funnel and then move down. The main goal should be moving through the funnel. For working with funnels, you need to have a strong understanding of the customer base. Along with ladders and funnels, Russell also explains about the traffic. He makes understand the differences between traffic in control and traffic, which you do not control.

  • Communication Funnel

Here Russell talks about attractive character and its importance in your business. Here the attractive character is nothing but someone who comes with the same issues as your target consumer. Through explaining the strategies, consumers will easily relate to the issues they are facing. Russell even explains the way to draft emails and send it customers in the list.

  • Funnelology

Once you learn enough about funnels, there is much more to learn. Here you will learn to create funnels and manage them. Along with that, he will also explain about using the funnels in the best way. By using the funnels in the best way, you can receive the best results. You will know more about funnels like its building blocks and the best way to use them. By following this information, you can make the maximum impact through funnels in your business.

  • Funnels and Scripts

This is the fourth section in the book, and by now, you will have an understanding of sales funnels, communication funnels, and email funnels. Here you will learn the usage of funnels through the utilization of scripts. You can learn about email scripts, and by this, how you can make the webinars successful. In this section, you will learn about backend funnels, value ladder funnels, and frontend funnels.

  • ClickFunnels

In this last section, you will understand the power of ClickFunnels. Being the software for creating all types of sales funnels, ClickFunnel is highly effective in all kinds of online marketing.

Who Should Read DotCom Secrets?

If you are selling products or services online or willing to sell, then you will get benefited from this book. The DotCom Secrets makes you understand all the strategies to find and gain customers and clients online. This book is suitable for all kinds of services, products, and businesses. If you want to gain complete knowledge of sales funnels and creating them, then you should read this book.

This book also comes with much other information about online marketing. You will get to know about other useful links along with the information in the DotCom Secrets book. This book is filled with funnel blueprints, highly consumable sales scripts, and graphics. More than anything, you will get complete exposure to evergreen strategies which are needed by every entrepreneur online. You can even get a free copy just by clicking a link online. Once you check the DotCom Secrets Reviews, you will get to know about the advantage of the book. Russell Brunson Dot Com Secrets is highly effective.

Where to Get Dotcom Secrets?

You will get surprised if you come to know about the cost of this Russell Brunson Book. This book by Russell, DotCom Secrets, is available for free. You just have to pay for its handling and shipping charges. The DotCom Secrets is very useful and informative. Then, where to buy this DotCom secret? You can directly purchase this book from Russell’s website. There is 100 % money back that means shipping fee can be refunded. For DotCom Secrets Review 2020, you should check online.

Dotcom Secrets Bonus

  •  The 3 Core Funnels eBook

Through this, you will get to know about funnel stacking. Funnel Stacking, The 3 Core Funnels And How They Work Together! The value of this is $47.00. Either you are planning to start out or already started an online business; you can scale and grow your business.

  • 108 Split Test Winners Ebook

The total value is, $47.00 and here you will get “Simple Tweaks You Can Add To Your Websites and Funnels To Increase Conversions Up To 1,219% Or More!”This will tell you all about the power of a single split test. This offer is on the way to a big difference in your sales.

  • Network Marketing Secrets eBook

As per DotCom Secrets Review, the value is $47.00, and you will get “How To Use Sales Funnels To Grow Your Network Marketing Team…” In case you are not into network marketing and not interested in it, then skip the bonus.

  •  Funnel Audibles

Here you are offered “What Happens If One Of My Funnels Flops, And How Can I Turn It Into A Winner!?!” for $97.00.


Now I conclude my DotCom Secrets Review. You can reap several benefits from the DotCom Secrets book. You should try out this book if you are willing to grow your online business and sales. You can easily gain expected customers or clients and make your products and services successfully online. You will get to know about funnels and their use in online marketing through Russell’s DotCom Secrets.

Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Why should you read the DotCom Secrets book?” answer-0=”Russell’s DotCom Secrets book is very effective for people looking to grow their online business. You will come to know about funnels and much more through this book and the information helps you in enhancing your online business. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the price for DotCom Secrets?” answer-1=”The DotCom Secrets is freely available. All you need to pay is for its shipping and some handling charges. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Who can buy DotCom Secrets?” answer-2=”Anyone interested in knowing about online business can buy this book. But, this book is specially designed for people interested in online business.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Are Bonuses available for DotCom Secrets?” answer-3=”Yes, there are 4 bonuses. You can refer to the official site for getting to know about bonuses. ” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”How to order DotCom Secrets?” answer-4=”You can order DotCom Secrets by visiting Russell’s official site. ” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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