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DesignCap Review- Do You Want To Become A Unique Designer Using This Software?

Welcome to DesignCap Review. DesignCap is an online graphics design editor that can assist in creating and editing high-quality graphics. As per DesignCap Review, this is one of the easiest tools to use. Needing no expert graphics designing skills, the app allows users of all skill levels to use its features to effectively fulfill their graphic design needs. Customizable features of the app enable users to apply their own configuration and settings to use the app as per their product, service, or brand requirements.

DesignCap Review- If You Want To Gleam In Your Profession!


After creating graphic design artifacts, they can be saved to the cloud, on the user’s system, or be shared on multiple social media platforms. Localization support in 7 major languages implies that even non-English speaking users can use DesignCap. This aspect makes it a universal app as per DesignCap Reviews. Not just that, it creates a collaborative platform to work or coordinate with people from various geographical locations.

Some of the guiding principles of DesignCap is to create a simplistic user experience that allows anyone with an idea in mind to bring it to the fore using the capabilities of this software application. Thanks to the thousands of inbuilt templates, users need not reinvent the wheel.

They use the existing templates to quickly create design artifacts and save time and money. Also, if the design requirements are simplistic, there is no need to hire a graphics designer. Rather, it can be done by the users without reliance on others.

DesignCap Review

Product Title DesignCap
Language English
Creators Unknown
Category Software
Price Join For Free (Basic: $4.00)
Official Website Click Here

About DesignCap Application

According to DesignCap Review, graphics creation and editing applications have always posed problems concerning usage-friendliness, self-explanatory workflows, easily locate-able features, etc. Due to this complexity, users who don’t have much graphics designing experience, or who don’t have graphic design application usage experience, deter from using such graphical applications.

DesignCap is a novel graphics application that can not only be used by users from non-designing backgrounds, but also expert graphics design artists, visualizers, and creators. The simple user interface, intuitive workflows, self-explanatory functionality, inbuilt Graphic Design Templates, and a highly interactive experience puts users at ease.

So that those people who deterred from using complicated graphics design applications can start using DesignCap to fulfill their creativity, and seasoned graphics designers can use DesignCap to experience an easy, fluid, and highly-engaging user experience to create their graphics design outputs.

Creating designs has never been easier – it is a revolution in itself. Because there are millions of people with creative design ideas, but they are not able to explain them in words or create prototypes of them as per the DesignCap Review. Thanks to this tool, such people, with not much designing skills, can also become skillful designers.

DesignCap can, therefore, be classified as not just yet another graphics design software application. But as an idea generation, recording, publishing, and sharing tool.

Benefits of Using DesignCap Software

  • Easy to use

Novices and experienced designers can use DesignCap to create spellbinding designs. They needn’t spend hours together on creating a design. Instead, a few minutes is all it takes, thanks to the inbuilt templates.

  • Cloud-based

Being an online app, there is no need to install the software application. It can be used on the cloud; graphics artifacts can be stored on the cloud, shared from the cloud, etc. All collaboration can be achieved from the cloud.

  • Rich settings/configurations

No two users are as indicated by DesignCap Review. That is why good software applications provide numerous configurations that can be customized as per user requirements. DesignCap also provides a rich set of settings so that graphics designs can be applied to these settings to create myriad dimensions of them with respect to tone, color, schemes, backgrounds, and many more such design facets.

  • Thousands of templates

These Graphic Designer templates are professionally-designed, free for use, and works of art. There are templates for all types of requirements. It could be an entertainment poster, a diplomatic invite, a marketing event, an educational assignment, etc. And templates keep getting added with every upgrade. All of this presents limitless opportunities to create the right designs at a fraction of the effort, cost, and time that is otherwise required when not having any of these inbuilt facilities.

How Does DesignCap Work?

Accessing DesignCap does not require one to have a company account. One can login with a personal profile on any of the social media accounts such as Facebook or Gmail. Once on the DesignCap app’s home page, there is a button to start – ‘Get Started Now’ button. Upon clicking it, the user is presented thousands of inbuilt templates – all of them divided by categories. DesignCap Review is filled with amazing comments about these categories.

For example, on the Social Media category, one can find posts related to YouTube Art, templates for Facebook Covers, headers for Twitter, banners for Tumblr, and headers for Email, etc. Users can choose their project type and get started.

On the sidebar to the left is a list of options, namely Templates, Graphics, Upload, Text, Photo, and Background. Using these tools, one can create designs.

Once a template has been created, it is not necessary to compulsorily use the default photo. Instead, a new photo can be inserted into this template. It is done using a simple search that enables one to find the picture from a gallery, or the person’s system, and inserting that picture within the template.

The paragraphs mentioned above only illustrate an aspect or a simple workflow of using DesignCap. As also espoused by DesignCap Review, there are numerous other workflows. And all of them are simple to use and easy to remember.

Features of DesignCap Application    

  • User-friendly – This is probably the highlight of this graphics editing application. The learning curve for several other graphics creation applications is steep. But not for this one. Beginners, novices, intermediate learners, and experienced graphics artists alike can use this software tool easily and flexibly. Be it brochures, or flyers, pamphlets, or book covers – anything can be created within a matter of minutes as per DesignCap Review. There is very less reason to create anything new courtesy the innumerable reusable templates.
  • Online platform – Being online saves a lot of trouble installing the software application. Also, if the host computer has a low hardware configuration, then the graphics application might not be as performant. A cloud-based application avoids such problems. It uses the hardware capabilities of the cloud service provider. All that the user requires is a stable, fast, and reliant Internet connection to access the cloud-based DesignCap service.
  • Plenty of editing and customization tools –Customizations and editing facilities are plenty on the tool – as espoused by DesignCap Reviews as well. Even after selecting an inbuilt template, the template can still be customized. This presents a range of possibilities. Some designers could require an idea to get started. Thanks to the templates, ideas for inspiration are readily available. It is like a spark to get the mind ignited. Using these templates, various modifications can be applied. The end result is a satisfactory graphics design artifact that is not only high on design and aesthetics but satiates the user’s need for creative output.

DesignCap Categories

  • Visualizing data
    • Infographic
    • Presentation
    • Reports
    • Timelines
  • Marketing
    • Flyers
    • Posters
    • Menus
    • Brochures
  • Special Occasions
    • Cards
    • Invitations
  • Social Media Graphics
    • YouTube Banners, YouTube Thumbnails, Facebook Cover Pages, Instagram posts

How to use this software?

There are multiple workflows to create various design artifacts as per DesignCap Review. Let us discuss a workflow to create posters and flyers.

  • Signup – If not already signed up, signup first. An email is sent to one’s account to confirm the account. Click the link and confirm the account.
  • Editor –One reaching the landing page, one could get confused on what to do next. Just go to My Designs page, which navigates to the Editor. The Editor is the space where to start making designs. The Editor is a very simple interface that helps to get started in simple, easy steps. Either choose to start designing on the empty canvas, or choose any of the inbuilt templates.
  • Choose a template – To make things easy, choose a template. In this example, the workflow is about designing a flyer/poster. Choose such a template from the template categories. When it comes to template categories, there are tons of them – Promotion, Food, Shop, Real Estate, Architecture, Sport, Party, Landscape, Club, to name a few.
  • Add elements – Now that the flyer/poster template is loaded, it is time to make some customizations to it. Choose an image either from the thousands of stock photos available online that can be accessed via the application. Or choose one from one’s personal system. Not just photos, there is also a huge library of shapes, fonts, and more such design elements to choose from. Just clicking the required shape or icon places the shape or icon on the canvas.
  • Customizations – On the application user interface, there are plenty of customization options to customize the flyer further.
  • Save – Once the flyer is ready, save it, store it on the cloud and download it.

Pros and cons of DesignCap


  • Suitable for all types of users

Marketing professionals, students, business owners, self-employed professionals, content creators, etc. can use this software application. Unrestrictive in usage, it allows anyone to start using its functionality – as espoused by DesignCap Review.

In no time, the person picks up the ropes of graphics designing. And for those who don’t want to reinvent the wheel, and want to save time, they can use the thousands of inbuilt templates.

  • Online platform

Gone are the days of downloading software applications and using them of one’s personal computer. DesignCap is ahead of the times by being cloud-based. Personal computer users don’t have to worry about their personal computer’s hardware capabilities to render graphics.

Instead, they can simply login to the cloud service, access DesignCap, create a design, and then save & download. The process is neat and tidy.

  • Customizations galore

Customizations are not restricted to adjusting font sizes, applying finishing touches to images, shuffling elements of a template. DesignCap provides much more as per DesignCap Review. One can apply animations, color schemes, context-based design finishes, and more such innovative customizations.

Professional graphics designers who have already used DesignCap were able to create brilliant posters, brochures, flyers, logos, and more.


There are currently no cons for this product. The only con is that not many know of DesignCap. And those who know about it are heaping praise and admiration on this revolutionary graphics creation and editing software application.

DesignCap Customer Reviews

How to make an awesome poster with DesignCap?

Visit the DesignCap website, and from the Category dropdown, select Poster under Marketing & Event to navigate to the Online Poster Maker landing page. Click Get Started Now to navigate to the Editor screen.

The Editor presents a simple view where the left-hand pane allows us to select elements, photos, charts, upload files, including text, and use background images. This aspect is loved by DesignCap Review makers.

For the poster, search for a poster template, in the search box. Click on the template and drag it to the Editor screen. Some controls appear immediately atop the Editor screen. These controls pertain to setting the opacity, aligning the poster, picking a color, adding layers, and so on.

There is a multitude of things that can be done on the Editor screen, as espoused by DesignCap Reviews as well. It’s all about spending some time using the feature. The fluidity of the user interface actions makes using the Editor addictive. Users sense infinite possibilities. Many expert graphics design professionals already transitioned to this tool from popular and proprietary graphics creation solutions.

Now coming back to the Poster creation part, once the poster is ready, it has to be saved. The cloud-based service provides multiple ways to save. Save it on the cloud or save it on one’s personal system.

How to Customize Using DesignCap?

There are multiple customization facilities available in DesignCap – as per DesignCap Review makers. Let’s assume photos were added to DesignCap. The added photo can be moved, resized, and rotated by just simple mouse dragging actions.

These actions automatically trigger the toolbar options that appear instantly. Hovering over the toolbar options presents tooltips that describe the toolbar options.

  • There are toolbar options to adjust the photo effect by applying popular photo effects to the loaded image. If the effect is not satisfactory, one may revert to the original.
  • The filter option (black and white hemispheres) allows for adjusting the opacity, brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, and hue levels. At any time, clicking Reset will reset the photo to its original version.
  • Click the circular arrow icons to rotate the photo clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • There is an icon to duplicate the photo.
  • On the left-hand pane, click the Elements tab to open the Shape and Icon library to apply shapes and icons to the added image. The icon library is pretty extensive, with millions of icons to choose from.
  • Any element on the Editor screen can be moved independently and customized.
  • There is an option to add text to the image.
  • There is also the Modules option that lets the user add steps, diagrams, timelines, icons, text, statistics, comparisons, and SWOT to the canvas. DesignCap Reviews suggest how much this feature helped users.
  • There is Charts feature to add charts.
  • The Background feature allows the user to set background colors and images.

What can you do with DesignCap?

Going by DesignCap Reviews, the question should be – What can you not do with DesignCap?’ In fact, there is nothing that cannot be achieved with this tool. It has comprehensive features, rich template and icon libraries, easy user experience, and self-explanatory workflows.

  • Creating high-quality illustrations and graphics designs

DesignCap allows for creating high-quality graphics art, illustrations, diagrams, images, and more. The quality of images will be superior, thanks to the generous addition of inbuilt templates, icons, shapes, background colors, modules – already provided by DesignCap.

  • Collaborate online 

Instead of working in a silo, DesignCap allows for online collaboration. Designed artifacts can be shared on a common share online that can be retrieved by other users. This way, collaboration is immediate and less cumbersome. Otherwise, in the case of desktop-based graphics creation tools, the process to edit, transform, create, and share design artifacts is long-winded and sometimes impossible.

  • Create a wide range of designs

No matter if it is a business company profile page, or a presentation to tutors, or a general abstract art for a roadshow – whatever the purpose – DesignCap perfectly supports all these use cases. In fact, there is no reason not to use this tool for any graphics creation needs as DesignCap Review of the tool. Being a new-generation tool with modern, intuitive workflows, going forward, this tool is already experiencing mass adoption.

Services Offered by DesignCap application

  • Creating amazingly clear, precise, and picture-perfect designs
  • Selection of innumerable templates that fulfill all purposes. No matter what the reason is – there is a template available. Although the company does not officially have a template request process, it does accept feedback about templates and looks into proposals for new templates
  • Wide collection of icons and images. There is absolutely no need to create an image from scratch unless it is a personalized branding image relating to a product or service
  • Fluid, dynamic, intuitive, and self-explanatory design process. Right from the workflows to create designs, edit designs, to saving and downloading them, every aspect of the design process is easy to use as per DesignCap Review. There is no instance where a user is found wanting for directions or instructions after being stuck in a mess using a feature, unable to come out of it

What Problems Will DesignCap Solve?

DesignCap solves a whole range of problems:

  • No need to scour the Internet for templates and resources

DesignCap already has a rich set of templates, icons, and images. It is still evolving to add more templates; the application is continuously augmenting its resource sets. Users need not spend hours on the Internet, searching for resources such as templates, icons, images. All of this is already available in DesignCap for immediate use.

  • Saves time, money, cost

The quality of templates, icons, images provided by DesignCap is such that they stand out from the crowd. They have rich textures, attractive color schemes, excellent contrasts, and perfect contours. Simply using all of these resources, mixing and matching them, is enough to produce a design artifact. A designed artifact that not only fulfills one’s requirements but captures everyone’s attention.

  • No designing skill needed

Often, the bone of contention for many people who don’t use designing tools is that they are dependent on those who do use them as professionals or amateur artists. But DesignCap is designed to be so user-friendly that no matter the experience of a user in using design tools, they can use DesignCap as effectively and productively as pros as per DesignCap Review.

DesignCap Pricing

Three types of plans are available:

  • Free – Limited templates, stock media, 5 image uploads, 5 image saves, exports to JPG format allowed.
  • Basic – $4.00. Unlimited templates, icons, modules, images. 100 image uploads and 100 designs can be saved.
  • Plus – $5.99. Same as basic but 1000 image uploads and 1000 image saves allowed.

Is DesignCap software worth trying?

DesignCap is worth not just trying, but using on full-scale for all types of projects as indicated byDesignCap Review of the tool. It supports all use-cases for designing graphical outputs. Using the tool, any type of artifact can be created either as a standalone or part of a larger document. A DesignCap Demo is available plentifully on the Internet. Watch it and get started.


DesignCap solves what modern-day graphics creation and editing tools don’t – which is the ease of use. Another aspect of this tool is the rich library filled with templates, icons, and images.

Last, but not the final one – is the range of customization options that allow users to create amazing graphical illustrations, charts, images, posters, flyers, brochures, and many more graphical outputs.

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