CoolEdge AC Reviews

CoolEdge AC Reviews – Is It A Worthy Portable Mini AC?

Hey folks, This CoolEdge AC review might help you escape from the issues of temperature rise around you. The increase in temperature has been an issue nowadays. It can affect someone in various ways. In the summertime, everyone tends to go outside. The warmth and the sun are favorites for people. CoolEdge is a portable air conditioning unit that helps you with temperature issues. 

CoolEdge AC Reviews – A Portable Air Conditioner That Saves Your Electricity!


Sunny days and summer are supposed to be more relaxing and exciting. But, the temperature rise has spoiled a lot of fun. Also, overheating can cause dehydration, heart weariness, and even heat stroke. CoolEdge AC might be the ultimate solution for all these problems. So, read this CoolEdge AC review further to know the features and other aspects of this cooling system.

CoolEdge AC Device
Product NameCoolEdge AC
Product TypeAir Conditioner/Air Cooler
BenefitsHelps to stay hydrated on hot days
Designed TechnologyHydrochill technology
Product FeaturesPortable, easy to operate, and lightweight design
Charging methodThrough USB cable
Item ColorGreen
ProcedureUsing cold water and ice cubes
Warranty3 years warranty
Official WebsiteClick Here

An Overview Of CoolEdge AC

CoolEdge AC is the ultimate solution for temperature issues people face these days. It’s a high-tech, compact, portable air cooling system. It works on the most latest cooling technology. Even if it uses the most advanced technology, it’s very easy to use and operate. It uses evaporation technology to cool down the surrounding temperature. It also purifies the air and works without any noise. 

The CoolEdge AC can take care of your surrounding temperature no matter where you are. It can be used anywhere you go. It consumes very little energy and is very cost-effective. CoolEdge AC can be a lifesaver for those who don’t have any other means to control their surrounding temperature.

It eliminates dust particles, which most air cooling systems are unable to do, and works as a humidifier. It keeps the humidity around you so you can stay away from overheating issues.

CoolEdge AC System

How Does CoolEdge AC Work?

What CoolEdge AC needs to keep you cool is only water and a small amount of power. That’s all it takes to keep anyone out of temperature rise dangers. It consists of a rechargeable battery that can keep it working for 10 hours. The framework inside CoolEdge AC makes warm air cooler with the help of water or ice.

The filter inside the system draws in the pollutants and germs and at the same time, the water inside the tank helps with making the outcoming air to be cool and cleaner. It also makes the air fresh and breathable. The filter also humidifies the surroundings and keeps the skin and other parts of the body hydrated. It makes your surrounding best suited for you.

It also consists of mood-light settings that can be used to create the right vibe and atmosphere you need. Another thing is, it protects you from the heat without producing any noise that might disturb or irritate you. 

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How To Use CoolEdge Air Cooler?

Using CoolEdge AC is simple and straightforward. By following a few steps, one can easily set up the system. Place the CoolEdge AC system wherever you want and fill the tank by opening it from the top. Fill it with water or ice as instructed. Then, pick the setting you want and the mood light if you need it. That’s it. After that, you can relax and enjoy the cool air coming out of the system.

CoolEdge AC

Benefits of CoolEdge Portable AC 

  • It can regulate temperature and keep the surroundings cool.
  • No pollution – it doesn’t use any cooling agents or liquids so it’s completely safe.
  • It doesn’t produce any loud or irritating noise like any other cooling system.
  • It can cool the surroundings very fast. 
  • Consumes less energy and saves money.
  • Maintenance expense is very less.
  • Easy to set up.
  • No harmful chemicals or fumes are emitted when working.
  • Eliminates pollutants and dust from the surroundings and makes it cleaner and breathable.
  • Keeps the customer cool and protected from temperature rise issues.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • High durability
  • Compact and portable
  • Operates as a humidifier.

Pros & Cons Of CoolEdge AC 


  • CoolEdge AC can reduce power usage, unlike other cooling systems. It only requires a small amount of power to charge the battery. Also, the batteries last longer. So, the power consumption gets reduced.
  • Zero installation charge is another thing that CoolEdge AC brings. The installation or setup of the system is very simple and anyone can do that with ease. 
  • An adjustable fan is another specialty of this device. It can act as a fan on the days when you just need a steady blow of normal air.
  • It can also act as a humidifier. It keeps the humidity in the surroundings and it helps to stay hydrated on hot days.


  • The CoolEdge AC is only available on the official website only. So, anyone who wants to buy the product needs to find it on the official website.
  • The System is only suitable for small spaces since the CoolEdge AC is small in size and portable. It can’t be compared with a big air conditioner when it comes to cooling bigger spaces.
  • Only limited stock is available.

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Is CoolEdge AC An Effective Device? 

CoolEdge AC claims to be a 100% effective cooling system. The features make it special and unique. The compact design and operating mode let the customer take it anywhere. The portability of the system is appreciable. It efficiently cools down the surroundings and it makes the temperature optimum on hot days.

Also, it is highly power-saving and energy-efficient. It works as a humidifier so the humidity in the surroundings stays optimal. This feature helps the customer to stay hydrated and protected from high temperatures. 

CoolEdge AC Customer reviews & complaints

The feedback from the customers looks great for CoolEdge AC. They seem satisfied with the product’s performance. There are no negative CoolEdge AC reviews reported yet.

The unique features and benefits make it different from other cooling systems. Customers report that they are feeling more relaxed and comfortable during hot days with the help of CoolEdge. 

CoolEdge Price & Availability

If it’s time to consider buying one CoolEdge, then the only place you can find the product is on the official website. It’s not available on any other e-commerce websites or stores. The official website is the place where you can buy the CoolEdge AC with discounts.

The pricing is as follows,

  • 1 CoolEdge AC – $79.00
  • 2 CoolEdge AC – $137.00
  • 3 CoolEdge AC – $197.00

Final Verdict On CoolEdge AC Reviews – Is It A Worthy Investment?

So, now you know all about the CoolEdge AC system. The temperature can rise again. And you will be looking for something to just cool down the atmosphere. Then this might be the right choice for you. In your personal space, you don’t have to spend a lot of energy and money using a huge air conditioning system.

CoolEdge AC system can make your personal space comfortable, cool, and relaxing. This is a money saver. There is no installation cost and there is very less amount of maintenance cost for this CoolEdge AC system. As per the CoolEdge AC Reviews, It’s completely user-friendly and efficient. This Cooledge AC is one of a kind and it seems worth the money and time.

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FAQs: Customer Inquiries Regarding CoolEdge AC

1. How to install CoolEdge AC?

The thing is there is no big thing in setting up this system. It’s a user-friendly unit. Only you have to place it anywhere you want. Open the tank above and fill it with water or ice to your preference. Then go to the settings and choose from them. That’s it. There is no complex procedure for operating this cooling system.

2. What makes it unique?

All the features of CoolEdge contribute to its uniqueness. The unit is 100% safe and easy to operate. It’s portable and lightweight. It reduces energy consumption and unlike other cooling systems it needs very little power to operate and the batteries are long-lasting.

3. Which is the best package?

If you are looking to buy it for personal use, then one unit should be enough. For one person that’s enough. But if you have a large space and people then you should consider buying more units.

4. Does it need to be refilled frequently?

You only have to refill it when the tank runs out of water or ice. Also, if the temperature of the water drops it must be refilled and for cooler air and temperature clean cold water is suggested.

5. Where to buy it?

The only place you can find and buy the product is on the official website. It’s not available on any other e-commerce websites or stores. The official website is the only place where the discount is available.

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