Commission Hero review

Commission Hero Review – Robby Blanchard’s Course Revealed!

Financial Independence, this is most people’s dream. And the young generation nowadays is passionately working to retire earlier, to roam around the world and flaunt with the pictures in the Social Media. Luckily, the possibilities are higher to earn more and attain the Financial Independence, All they need is some extra time, and effort every day with a perfect mentor to make money online.

Commission Hero Review – Is Robby Blanchard Affiliate Training Program Worth The Try?


If you are still reading the article, you are the one among, who wants to earn extra for your financial independence. There is nothing wrong with it, as everyone is attracted to the concept of making money faster, to enjoy more with our family and friends. To earn more money through the Internet, one of the best options is Affiliate Marketing. Is making $1000 per day is good enough for you!

If yes, there is an opportunity for you, through a mentor, Robby Blanchard-the number one affiliate marketer in ClickBank. Robby Blanchard has introduced a training program for Affiliate Marketing named Commission Hero. This Commission Hero Review is an authentic review for who are wishing to know about and invest in it carefully.

Making $1000 each day, is it possible? The title can make you feel skeptical about the program. On checking the methods and transparent hacks that Robby Blanchard explaining make our interest quadruple to know more. The online marketers who constantly seeks the way to earn more will throw the ring on a program like Commission hero to check the genuineness of Robby Blanchard. Among the several Commission Hero Reviews around the Internet, I call this as an authentic review because I tested it and wanted to leave a review to help others.

Commission Hero review

Title Commission Hero
Language English
Creators Robby Blanchard
Category Make money online
Price $997 (Check Latest Price)
Official Website Click Here

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What really is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an Affiliate Marketing program by Robby Blanchard. The people who are into Online marketing would know Robby. The guy looks calm and contained, and he has scaled more heights to reach the #1 position in ClickBank. People might not know what ClickBank is. ClickBank is an Affiliate marketing site, where it facilitates online marketers with the product listing to be promoted. The ClickBank is free to join. Commission Hero is an Affiliate training program.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but selling a product listed in a site through your site and get a commission from the seller. Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money online because you do not need any inventory, Amazon login, or any online store. You have to promote the products of others and get a commission. When you say the commission, you may get more than 75% based on the product you choose. You can start your Affiliate marketing by just having login in the Clickbank platform.

You might wonder, if it is such an easy process, why would one need training for that, and also, if it is such an easy method, people would have bid good-bye to their job and enjoy making $1000 easily every day. It is easy, only if you have a properly trained mentor beside you. You can’t make more money starting from scratch.

Digital marketing is a field where the trends and money-making process changes often based on the search engine updates. As we all know, Cracking the search engine code and making the traffic reach your site is a tough task. People who begin digital marketing as a newbie will have ideas only by collecting Organic traffic, which means, by publishing the article often, posting ads often in social media, and so on. But, most of the Successful digital marketers make use of several tools and techniques and building the landing page in such a way, the traffic reaches the site. That’s the difference between the newbie and the expert. Only the experts could crack the Search engine optimization codes and make things turn towards them. So, to make a large sum out of the biggest ocean like Digital Marketing, a genius like Robby’s guide is a net to catch.

What is Inside Commission Hero Free Webinar?

According to Commission Hero Review, In Commission Hero training, there is a free webinar, which shares three secrets to make $1000 per day through Affiliate Marketing.

  • There are several categories of products listed in the ClickBank site. Among those categories, only a few are good money yielding category. Robby teaches about how to choose the money-making product. Only a few categories of the products are hot-selling in the market. You have to find those products and promote them.
  • The big commission is possible for using Social Media promotion methods. Robby teaches the methods to use Facebook promotions to gain a big commission.
  • By just popping up the ads in the web page columns, we can’t make the people buy it. There is a psychological step involved in making the viewers buy the product they see on the screen. Robby teaches a 3-step system that psychologically intrigues the person to buy a product that you promote.

The above steps are just a trailer of the Commission Hero Training. By just applying these techniques, you will get a profit. It is to make you trust the program. Later comes the advanced training that makes you reach the target of $1000 per day.

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About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is nothing but commission making zone. In this, the digital market owns a site, when there are regular visitors exist for his site, he posts the ads of a product, which he doesn’t own. The people who are fascinated by the advertisement will click the add and visit the product site. The product’s owner, once the product is sold, provides commission based on the traffic generation to the product or sales, sometimes for both

The process seems as simple as a viewer sees a product and buys it. But the most important and complex part of this process is Traffic generation. Traffic generation is nothing but making the people view your site. When you get lots of visitors to your site, you can make them see the Ads posted on your site.

A series of steps are involved in making a successful website meant for Affiliate marketing.

The Digital marketer has to choose the right Affiliate Network. The Affiliate Network is nothing but a middleman between the company and the digital marketers. The product owner, to popularize the product reaches the Affiliate network. The affiliate network lists all the products in the site affiliate networking site. The product owner posts the product name, details, attractive images as advertisements with the offers displayed. The digital marketer who wants to make money online will reach out to the affiliate marketer and choose the best niche products to promote. ClickBank is an excellent Affiliate Network, followed by Amazon.

It is recommended in the Commission Hero Review that Choosing the right Affiliate product is also important, especially for new digital marketers. Selecting a perfect niche that sells more products online, choosing the product that is having lots of vendors, vendors they provide lots of variety of products to promote are the important factors to choose the right affiliate product. The site of the Digital marketer should have contents based on the selected niche of the product. Choose a specialized product like software training courses or a broad spectrum niche like weightloss to promote.

Not just choosing the products and Affiliate network helps, the digital marketer has to be aware of the sales metrics of the product. The product has to have a good sale history. Most of the time, the Sales metric is seen in the affiliate network, and sometimes the company also shows the sale metric of the product. The digital marketer has to choose the fast-moving product to be successful in the market.

The site of the Digital marketer has to be based on the product niche. The site must have high traffic. The Digital marketer can try to pull the audience by having contents that make the SEO to pick the site and place it on the top. Promoting the site by posting the blogs regularly, and by placing the ads on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram helps. If the Digital marketer is not able to succeed through any of these processes, he can go for the paid traffic generating tools and paid advertisement for the ads.

So, choosing a successfully selling niche of product and the site reflecting the product is very important to sustain in affiliate marketing. ClickFunnel is an excellent example of a tool generating traffic to the site.

About ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Think about a Digital marketer tries to talk to the company with the products, they decide between them that the company would offer some commission based on the traffic generated by the affiliate marketing that the digital marketer handles. When the product gets sold, how does the company know that the sale was made by the traffic generated through the digital marketer’s site? It is tough, right? On the other end, the digital marketer generates traffic to the site by paying, is there any assurance for him, that the company will pay for the sales lead he generated? That shows the necessity of a network to identify that the sale is generated through the digital marketer’s site. Commission Hero Review suggests ClickBank acts as a mediator between the digital marketer and the product owner. ClickBank verifies the product owner for trust and also reports the product owner through which site the sales lead was done.

How does ClickBank work?

  • The product vendor lists the product in the ClickBank site, where several affiliates can generate traffic to your site.
  • The products are successfully enlisted in their specific category.
  • The Affiliate marketer who wants to earn a commission creates an id in the ClickBank site, which is free to use.
  •  The affiliate marketer chooses the product based on the niche.
  •  The ClickBank generates a unique affiliate link and points the link to the vendor’s sale page.

In this way, the vendor comes to know that the sale is generated through the affiliate link.

ClickBank is leading in the affiliate marketing, the average of the people who earn through the ClickBank is three-digit numbers.

  • It is a newbie-friendly, while other networks do several shortlisting when a newbie affiliate marketer enters into the site, ClickBank lets the newbie entry easy.
  • Commission Hero Review says It is the safest network especially for the affiliate marketers who are invested in traffic generation.
  • The ClickBank holds attractive commissions, most of them are 75% and more only.
  • They have more than 100s of categories and thousands of products to promote.
  • ClickBank is a legit affiliate network.

What is included in the Commission Hero Course?

The course is divided into 9 divisions starting from the basic to advanced level marketing techniques.

  • The first section is Getting Started. In which, the basics of the Affiliate marketing and the tools required for successful traffic creation is explained. The importance of tools like ClickFunnel, ClickBank, MaxWeb, and creating Ad accounts are explained.
  • Using the Affiliate Network like ClickBank, MaxWeb, and A4D, how to choose the offer that impresses the audience on the first look. Choosing the product based on the sale metrics and commission percentage.
  • The Affiliate Network has the images collected from the product vendors, yet the affiliate marketer has to be careful while choosing the image. Robby explains what the image should contain and how to use Fiverr.
  • The next session was on the Landing page. A landing page is nothing but the page where the ads are displayed. To set the landing page to be most reachable to the viewers, comes the necessity of tools. Registering for ClickFunnels, Getting an Affiliate link from the Affiliate Network, buying a suitable Domain name matching the niche, Setting up the PHP Landing page.
  • Teaches on how to set up the Facebook Business messenger. The FB Business manager helps to manage the businesses to manage their company pages, catalogs, and ads.
  • The fan page is an area where the companies, businesses, represent themselves to build an image. Teaches on how to set up the Facebook Fan page.
  • Procedures to set up a Facebook Campaign. The Facebook campaign has ads and Ad sets to target the audience based on gender, age, locality, schedule, budget, bidding, and so on.
  • Then, setting up the ads on Facebook.
  • Custom audience creation.
  • As a bonus, Robby let the signed-up people watch inside the successful Facebook Campaign page.
  • How to Install FB Pixel. Facebook Pixel helps to measure the success of the Ad campaigns. It makes notes on the people who have gone through the ad, helps to target and remarket them, optimize the ad, and build the list of a targeted audience.
  • To place the FB Pixel in Your ClickBank Acct.
  • Explains details about Pixel Analytics.
  • How to Install Tracking Links?
  • Tracking spreadsheets to map the reach of the campaign for future reference.
  • Scaling Your Campaigns. Explains how to expand your Campaigns to reach a more targeted audience.
  • Reaching Out to Other Affiliates and trying to copy their successful techniques
  • Spying on Facebook Ads of the competitor and try to outsmart them to reach more audiences.
  • Teaches on how to deal with Account Shutdowns

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Commission Hero bonuses

Commission Hero Bonuses

People are always eager to know about the other benefits they could acquire when they buy something. Every Digital Marketer knows it. Commission Hero course of Robby Blanchard has the Bonuses equally worth the Course he offers. Commission Hero Review knows that the readers are waiting to know the bonuses on signing up this $997 course. It is as follows.

  • Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes (ClickFunnels)

ClickFunnels make the visitors into a Customer. Funneling is referred to as tactics to convert the page viewer into a customer. ClickFunnels provides Software as a Service model, where it replaces the need of a technical team. It is a good Landing page Builder with drag and drops options for the web page sections as per many Commission Hero Reviews.

  • Mindset

Teaches on How to make an attractive ad campaigning that grabs the attention of the targeted audience.

  • Images

Images can attract the viewers more than thousands of the word do. Lessons on how to create the images relevant to the products and niches. Teaches on how to Align the images on the page layout. The image must grab the attention of the viewers on the first of the page. Choosing contrasting background, highlighting the image, using the picture suitable to view on any device, and using a nice and clear image. Robby completely explains the details.

  •  CPA

Which is known as Cost per Action, it is a pricing model based on a specific action. The online marketer will target the audience to leave their email id, or contact details, or login into the system. It encourages the Affiliates to generate the leads and authentic audience generation.

  • Contacts

Every business has to build the contacts. When several people come to know about the product or the company, the campaigning becomes easy. So the Affiliate marketers have to improve their audience list to make more money in the Affiliate Marketing.

Commission Hero Creator

The creator of the Commission Hero program is Robby Blanchard. Robby Blanchard has gained the title #1 Affiliate marketer in the ClickBank. He is an excellent and renowned Facebook marketer. The tag line of the Commission Hero program saying that the program helps to make $1000 a day seems to be skeptic, right? But when we come to know how much Robby Blanchard makes a day through the ClickBank, we start trusting him.

He makes $30,000 per day, and sometimes even more. He was the most struggling digital marketer in the beginning. Through the sincere and constant efforts, he figured out the ways to achieve on how to make the most out of ClickBank and Affiliate marketing. While looking at his ClickBank account section, we can understand one thing. For a person who makes $30,000 per day, giving suggestions to others to make $1000 per day is just like icing on the cake.

Robby Blanchard

Pros and Cons of Commission Hero Course

To help the readers to decide to select or reject the Commission Hero course, the Commission Hero review team carefully has enlisted the pros and cons as follows.


  • As per Robby’s statement that you no need to be a person who knows about affiliate marketing, the course is newbie-friendly. It covers the basics, and any new digital marketer can follow it easily.
  • Through the Facebook group, you can directly reach Robby. He is super friendly and available most of the time online. He is ready to answer your questions.
  • You need not focus on creating banners, images, and ads, with the help of the ClickBank account, you can find the original ads created by the vendor. You can use the banner on your site.
  • The people who know every term in marketing and basic English knowledge is just enough to understand the Commission Hero lessons. The lessons are easy to follow when you know the marketing terms. Commission Hero Review says that If you are too new to Digital marketing, you have to learn some basics first.
  • By joining the Commission Hero program, you can see a steady income for 12 months. It is a guarantee from the Robby.
  • By joining the closed membership group on Facebook, you get to learn lots of tricks from the other marketers also. You can get your doubts cleared from them also.


  • Most of the newbie will hesitate to join the Commission hero program because of its price. There is no other way to earn $1000 every day without making essential investments.
  • Robby says the course costs $997, but there are so many charges followed by the basic $997. You may have to pay more to get Facebook advertising hacks. ClickFunnels will charge you monthly $97. You have to pay more than what the program says. Many other programs do the same. Authentic Affiliate programs are quite pricy.
  • To make a large amount as $1000 per day, you have to create several ad accounts to pitch in more niches and to promote more products.

Commission Hero reviews

Who should Try Commission Hero Method?

  • Commission hero covers the entire requirement in gaining $1000 per day. The people who want to make money online, and having some money ready for investment can give a try.
  • The Budding Affiliate marketers can learn lots of useful information from the course. It helps them to be a successful affiliate marketer.
  •  The landing page secrets, and ad campaign techniques that Blanchard sharing with his students help them to apply the knowledge to bring up the site in the top position of the SEO pages.
  • The program helps in understanding the buyer’s psychology, marketing tools, and how to effectively use it.
  • Driving traffic to the site is what every product vendor’s dream to achieve, this program helps to increase the traffic to the site.
  • Useful for the people, who wants to guess the secret behind Robby’s #1 position in affiliate marketing.
  • Useful for the people, who wish to work from home and want to make a lucrative income to support their household expenses.
  • People who are looking to achieve financial independence.

Commission Hero Price & Plans

Robby’s video coaching has various levels of training in Affiliate marketing. To know everything in a complete stroke, it is recommended in the Commission Hero Review you have to spend more than the Commission Hero Price.

  • To know full details about the Landing pages, product selection, and traffic generation, the Commission here price is $997 as a single payment or you can split and pay $597 twice.
  • Pay $1997 to get access to the Million Dollar Images. The famous affiliates share the images that helped them to get returns in millions.
  • Pay $2997 to get help from the Commission hero group. You get to share your profits, tips that you learned and get help when you are frustrated.
  • Pay $497 along $997 to know the Facebook Super profit system. Robby teaches Scaling techniques to improve sales through Facebook ads. You can opt for Robby’s live training.
  • Pay $3997, you can access all the details, hacks, and techniques through Robby’s videos.

All these plans are effective in learning a lot and earning more through the Commission Hero program. Go to the Commission Hero website for registering (FREE).

What will be the Commission hero’s additional costs? (Cost of ad campaigns)

Apart from the prices that you pay for the Commission hero program, there are additional costs involved in ruling the Affiliate marketing industry.

  • You have to pay $97 every month to make use of ClickFunnel tools to increase the number of people buying the product you are promoting.
  • You may have to pay extra for running Facebook ads, there is no specific fee mentioned. the cost varies as per the product and business sector that you chose to promote.

Commission Hero Real Reviews

Here are some real testimonials from Commission Hero users.


The Commission Hero is not a program by a budding marketer; it is from Robby Blanchard who is a number #1 affiliate in the ClickBank Network. Every piece of information he shares worth the penny spent. People do hesitate on checking the price tag of the course, at the same time, the return of the money that you spent on the course can be expected in as short as a week.

There is no hype from Robby Blanchard, which creates another curiosity about the program. On checking the depth of the course that was handled by Robby, every budding Affiliate marketer saves a lot from making mistakes and losing money by following the wrong methods.

People feel skeptical about the program because there is no detail about, how much Robby spent’s on the tools to make $30000 per month. Yet, Robby completely gained my trust because am making progress in gaining more money than before. The Facebook hacks that I learned from the Robby is worth the money. In the Facebook group, I see several people’s post on achieving 3 to 4 digit numbers every day.

On checking the budding affiliate marketer’s progress in the group, as a person who went through the complete training, and benefited from the Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard, this Commission Hero review confirms that the program is legit and not a scam. Several Commission Hero reviews oppose mine to promote some other Affiliate marketing mentors. I recommend Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero to the people whoever wants to achieve in making a large sum through affiliate marketing.

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Commission Hero FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is there any refund policy available?” answer-0=”Yes. The refund option is available, but you cannot apply it for 12 months, as the course has such a refund policy.  ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Can I use the same methods suggested by Robby and use free traffic?” answer-1=”Yes, You can opt for free traffic if you don’t trust any paid traffic. But, I used Facebook ads with the knowledge I gained from Robby and it worked for me. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”I feel the course is too pricy, are there any offers available?” answer-2=”Yes, the course is a pricy one. Compared to other Affiliate marketing methods, that charge less and teaches less, Commission hero is a good revenue yielding program. I also came across the post, that Robby returned 40% of the course fee after 6 months. So, there are good chances for you to get a 40% discount, only after paying the full amount. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Is the ClickBank is the only Affiliate Network that Robby suggests?” answer-3=”No. Robby suggests ClickBank because it is an easy and free network for the startup affiliates, you can choose another Affiliate network also.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”I am not an Affiliate marketer; Can I use the techniques to improve the visitors for my product site?” answer-4=”Yes. You can use the same techniques to increase the traffic to your site. ” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”Is there any hard copy or book available?” answer-5=”No. This is video-based training, where you get to access Robby’s videos online. Downloading the video or sharing the information is not possible.  ” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”I find difficulties in registering to the program, how do I register for the Commission Hero program?” answer-6=”Online webinar video classes are limited to 100 persons per day. As the program is being accessible around the world, you have to keep trying to register. Go to the official website to register. ” image-6=”” count=”7″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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