ClickBank Break The Internet Review

ClickBank Breaks The Internet Review – Is It Scam Or Legit?

This is my ClickBank Breaks the Internet review (Actually, ClickBank Break The Internet Pre-Launch Review) where I aim to delve deeper into the features of the program, what it includes and if it is meant to be worth the investment. ClickBank Breaks the Internet program will launch between October 28 and November 7, 2019.

ClickBank Breaks The Internet Review – What To Expect From Justin Atlan?


Created by Justin Atlan, the program aims to provide affiliate marketers with a sure way of earning money through affiliate marketing. It includes a software programs as well as training programs which will provide aspiring affiliates to increase their earning potential through ClickBank.

Course Title ClickBank Break The Internet
Language English
Creators Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz
Category Internet Marketing Course
Price $47
Official Website Click Here


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What is ClickBank Breaks the Internet Program?

ClickBank Breaks the Internet review says that ClickBank has been a successful platform for product suppliers and affiliate marketers for over two decades now. It has a wide range of product offerings which includes digital as well as non-digital products. Suppliers use the platform to sell their products and affiliate marketers use it to find suitable products which they can market. The affiliate marketers would sign up for the products suitable for their marketing strategies for a proposed commission.

Justing Atlan ClickBank Break the Internet course is a training course which will be launched towards the end of October this year. This course targets both suppliers and affiliate marketers. Anyone who takes the course will have the opportunity to learn about creating digital suppliers and successfully profiting through these products. At the same time, the course will also help a person learn the secret sauce for increasing their earning potential through affiliate marketing.

What is included in Click Bank Break The Internet Course?

Justin Atlan’s ClickBank Breaks the Internet course is expected to include the following:

  1. A training course

The training course includes all the information required to achieve two main goals through ClickBank. The first goal is of becoming a successful supplier by creating digital products that will be able to garner the attention of a large audience. And the second goal is that of positioning yourself as a successful affiliate marketer on ClickBank helping you gain adequate traction for the products you promote.

  1. Software programs

You will also get access to software programs which will help you build websites and utilize other marketing methodologies like email newsletters. Adequate details about the software programs are expected to be released during the prelaunch period.

The official website mentions that the software programs will include done-for-you automated webinar funnels along with the best products and software for affiliate marketing. The idea is to provide users with a package deal that offers everything they would need to succeed as a ClickBank affiliate marketer.

Can you really earn big after taking this course?

The potential for earning big from the course is high because this is a program being launched by a person who has already proven his abilities in creating training programs that work. Justin Atlan, creator of the ClickBank Breaks the Internet program has been launched after his success in products like ClickBank University and ClickBank University 2.0 which have proven their salt in an already crowded market for affiliate marketing products.

The opportunity to earn big from the program comes from the fact that it provides you both training courses as well as software programs to earn money as a ClickBank affiliate.

Who is Behind ClickBank Break The Internet?

ClickBank Breaks the Internet review

Justin Atlan is the person behind the course. For my ClickBank Breaks the Internet review, I would like you to know that since this is a program which has not been launched yet, the popularity of the course even before its launch comes from Justin’s previous successes. He is the co-founder of ClickBank University, which is an educational training platform for digital entrepreneurs.

Pros and cons of ClickBank Breaks the Internet Program

Since the program is yet to launch, the ClickBank breaks the Internet course has not been tested for its abilities. These pros and cons are an informed insight about the program based on previous successes of the courses launched by Justin Atlan.


  1. It has the advantage of previous successfulness

Justin Atlan has helped a lot of affiliates succeed in the past. He made it possible for digital entrepreneurs to succeed by providing them with insightful information about digital marketing. Affiliates and digital product suppliers had access to software programs and tools which increased their earning potential.

The fact that his previous products have exceeded expectations, and he mentions that ClickBank breaks the Internet program will include the best software products, tools and information collected so far, I feel that success will be repeated.

  1. Includes a pre-launch and main contest

Those who purchase the program will have the opportunity to participate in contests where they can win as much as $50,000. The pre-launch contest also allows users to be eligible for the chance of earning up to an extra $1 per contest. 

  1. Provides advantageous training for ClickBank which is already known for excellent earning potential

ClickBank is already famous for its affiliate marketing. People have the opportunity to earn commissions as high as 70% on ClickBank because most of the products are digital in nature. With the help of the training, you will get the chance to leverage the benefits of being an affiliate marketer on one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms.

  1. Great for beginners

The training covers all details about creating a digital product and about creating pages and using done-for-you automated webinar funnels to increase profits. This is why it is ideal for existing as well as new affiliate marketers and digital entrepreneurs.

  1. Quick payments

ClickBank is known for providing weekly or fortnightly payments which makes it easy for users to enjoy their profits quickly. It also reduces the amount of time for which the money is locked in.


At this time, we can hardly imagine a problem or disadvantage with the ClickBank breaks the Internet course. Keeping in mind that it hasn’t been launched and tested yet and we do not have any ClickBank Breaks the Internet reviews from actual customers, I can say that there are no known cons for the program so far.

Justin Atlan’s ClickBank Breaks the Internet reliable?

ClickBank Breaks the Internet course has been launched by Justin Atlan, who has the reputation of a successful ClickBank university co-founder. His programs have already helped a number of suppliers and affiliate markets earn high returns from the platform. ClickBank breaks the internet program is yet another course which provides users with software programs as well as knowledgeable training programs related to ClickBank.

Based on the fact that all of the previous products have performed exceptionally well and have helped lots of users earn significant sums of money, I can say that it is a reliable product.

My personal experience with Justin’s past programs

I have been a ClickBank affiliate marketer for over 5 years. During this course of time, I have used ClickBank University to understand the ins and outs of ClickBank and maximize my earning potential. My experience with Justin’s past programs, including ClickBank University and ClickBank University 2.0 have been a positive one that helped me Increase my audience reach and utilize my resources more effectively.

From learning about online marketing basics like SEO skills to using forums and webinars for support, I found the whole learning process to be well-paced and helpful. I was eventually able to significantly increase my profit earnings through the course programs.

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How you could make use of the program?

Justin Atlan ClickBank Breaks the Internet program will help you learn and understand about ClickBank and it will provide you with the tools required to create digital products as well as to be a successful affiliate marketer. You will have lifetime access to these products once you purchase the program. Details about using the software programs will be included in the theoretical part of the program.

Is there any better alternative to ClickBank Breaks the Internet program?

The internet offers a number of affiliate marketing training programs, but there are very few that can match the efficacy of programs launched by Justin Atlan. Since this latest program is aimed to be an improvement of the previous programs offering users more in terms of knowledge and successfulness through the software programs, I see this to be the best program available for affiliate marketing and suppliers on ClickBank. There is no better alternative to ClickBank Breaks the Internet program so far.

Some previous programs by Justin and reviews from real people

Two popular products released by Justin before ClickBank Breaks the Internet are:

  1. ClickBank University – Launched by Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz, ClickBank University is an educational program for people who want to create digital products that can actually It also targets affiliate marketers covering how to create sales pages and funnel strategies.

A number of real customers reviewed the product as one of the best programs available to succeed as a supplier or an affiliate marketer on ClickBank.

  1. ClickBank University 2.0 – Taking the ClickBank University Program up a notch, ClickBank University 2.0 was launched with a lot more knowledge and even more tools for users. It included the CBU Toolkit and Traffic Center along with bi-weekly expert classes.

Real customer ClickBank University 2.0 review was positive about the product and spoke about the benefits of the added tools and bonuses in the program.

What if you don’t like it after joining?

When I first thought of using ClickBank University, I had my doubts too about the product. I wasn’t sure if I should jump in or if it would be a scam. After doing own research, checked a lot of customer reviews and eventually decided to give it a try. But the one thing that helped me solidify my decision of joining the program was that I had the opportunity to get my money back if things did not pan out like it should.

This is exactly what customers get in the ClickBank Breaks the Internet 2019 program as well. You have 30 days to try the program. If you feel for any reason that it does not match your expectations, then you can request a refund in 30 days.

There is no overnight success. Just try it

Successfulness in any field comes from a thorough knowledge of the product along with leveraging the right tools. This program aims to provide you with information about ClickBank and tips and tricks which can make your journey on ClickBank a successful one. But theoretical information is not always enough. As a result, the program is a combination of training courses as well as software programs which provide you with a holistic approach to affiliate marketing on ClickBank.

Are you an affiliate marketer or if you intend to earn money as an affiliate marketer? Consider ClickBank Breaks the Internet program to significantly improve your earning potential.

ClickBank Break The Internet Launch Date

The pre-launch for ClickBank Breaks the Internet course is dated October 23, 2019. Through the pre-launch, you will get to know more about the product and would have the opportunity to purchase the course.

The main launch will begin on October 28th and will run till November 7th. During this period of time you can purchase the program from the official website and you will be eligible to register for the main contest held by the program creator. ClickBank Breaks the Internet price if $2,497.

Final verdict

My pre-launch ClickBank Breaks the Internet review is based on information available about the upcoming program and past experiences with the products launched by Justin Atlan. Due to be released on October 28, 2019, ClickBank Breaks the Internet is a program which is being eagerly looked forward to by many digital entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers.

The reason why it has been able to gain so much traction is because Justin Atlan has already created a considerable amount of popularity for his last two products both which have been very successful.

For a product attached to ClickBank which is already known for its ability to help people earn huge amounts of money, ClickBank Breaks the Internet is a product which has a lot of potential and will be able to provide a lot of benefits to its users.

With a combination of theoretical knowledge along with tools and software programs for users, I can conclude for my pre-launch ClickBank Breaks the Internet review that it is a product worth buying.


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