Best Automotive Paint Gun For Beginners - All You Need To Know!

Best Automotive Paint Gun For Beginners – All You Need To Know!

An automotive paint gun is also known as a spray gun. It is a painting tool that works with a mechanism of compressing air from a nozzle to spray a liquid into a controlled pattern. It became an unavoidable element in industrial finishing works. 

Where To Use Automotive Paint Gun?


Spray guns originated from the airbrush which is used in applying paints, lacquers, and varnishes. They can be used to paint on any surface such as metal, stone, plastic,  wood, glass, clay, and textile also.

Spray guns are portable and easily handleable equipment that can be used ourselves with proper guidance. It is largely available as stationary equipment and we use it for painting furniture, appliances, automobiles, and other manufactured articles. Spray guns are fundamental to doing any manufacturing work or any type of maintenance work. 

Where To Use Automotive Paint gun

Spray guns were invented by Dr. Allen DeVilbiss in 1888 in the United States. And the further inventions done by his son led to the innovation of the first spray gun which worked with compressed air. Inventions on spray guns are continuing. Sophisticated technology and innovations have contributed to new inventions.

Automotive air guns allow the paint to be applied consistently on the surface. It can be arranged for automated use and it can be used in different ways according to the need. Airhead, Nozzle or peak, Tank, and flow regulator are the major all-inclusive parts of spray guns.   

Automotive paint guns are available in various sizes and shapes with small differences in how they are fed and powered. But the basic functioning of spray guns is all the same. 

Painting guns can be used ourselves or with the help of experts. If you are trying to reduce the cost and time it takes when you consult an expert automotive painter guns are the best choice. You need the right automotive spray guns for giving amazing results. If we are not familiar with these kinds of products and experts in choosing the right spray gun it will be a task for us.    

Benefits Of Using An Automotive Paint Gun

Benefits Of Using An Automotive Paint Gun
  • Less time-consuming  Using paint guns is less time-consuming.  We can apply a high volume of paint over a short time period.
  • Low cost –  It costs less than professional painting work. We can do it ourselves at our convenience.
  • Maximum coverage – A paint gun provides maximum coverage efficiency than any other painting device.
  • More cohesive look – Get your vehicle and surfaces more polished and give a cohesive look.
  • Professional quality of work – Painting guns gives your work a professional quality even if you are a beginner.

Types Of Paint Guns

Mainly there are three types of paint guns. Which are Airless paint guns, Low Volume Low-Pressure guns, and High Volume Low-Pressure guns. 

1. Airless Paint Guns

Airless paint guns work with high-pressure pumps to comminute the paint and force it through the nozzle. It helps to paint large surfaces quickly.

Which is easy to carry and use and airless paint guns are comparatively less expensive. But it is difficult to control so if we use the device for the first time, carefully read all the facts related to the mechanism of the paint gun. 

2. LVLP paint guns

Low-volume low-pressure paint guns use less pressure to comminute the paint and it offers a softer spray pattern for perfect finishing at the areas of the precise level of control.

They are very affordable compared to other types of painting guns. This is an ideal product for people who are not familiar with this kind of device and beginners. But these types of spraying guns are harder to control. 

3. HVLP paint guns 

High-volume low-pressure paint guns gained popularity in the automotive industry with their benefits. It works by compressing air to comminute the paint using low pressure.

HVLP paint guns are the best choice for most painting projects. It is with a softer spray pattern but does not cover many areas.

HVLP guns use less paint than traditional spraying guns and clean-up after use is not highly required. But they are more expensive and need specific training to use them. 

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying An Automotive Paint Gun

The Factors To Be Considered Before Buying An Automotive Paint Gun
  • Its weight and size – Weight is an important factor. Painting is time-consuming work that takes hours to finish. It needs to hold up until it finishes. Ensuring the suitability before buying it is very significant. The shape of the device is also considered. The shape of the spray gun is to be portable.
  • Electronic or Pneumatic – Electronic Automotive paint guns sufficiently work with the help of energy. Pneumatic being from compressed air. It is important that we must be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each type of spray gun before we go to buy it. Efficiency and performance to be checked. Electric automotive paint guns are easier to use than Pneumatic spraying guns.
  • Air pressure rating – Care about the range of pressure that you can consume. There is also a comfort zone of pressure that we can apply to the machine. It can be different for each user according to their convenience. It is very important to find a good paint gun that is unsolicited and high-pressure. 
  •  Ease of cleaning – Cleaning after use is the final factor. According to the usage of a paint gun, it will typically be covered by the paint with a high risk of staying permanently. The easily disassembled device is a good choice to clean.
  • Its price – Rate is also a component. All are searching for affordable products in the market with efficient performance and qualities. Finding a spraying machine at a cheap price and with good qualities is not easy. So fact checks the qualities before investing in an automotive paint gun. Advanced spray guns are available at a high price.  Always remember to compare the qualities of the device with its price.  
  • Type of feed– Automotive paint guns are available at siphon and gravity feed. Gravity-feed guns provide a good-quality surface finish.  And siphon feeds are designed for heavy work with adjustable nozzle tips.

Availability Of Secondhand Automotive Spray Gun 

We are always searching for good products that guarantee high-level performance. Search in this manner leads us to purchase new first-quality material. It is because we are not satisfied with its quality of performance.

It is a big mistake, there are so many used spraying guns without any distractions while working and without any damage available on the markets and eCommerce websites that are also providing a doorstep service.

Additionally, you can buy used goods with excellent productivity and performance that will serve you faithfully and be worth the cost.

Tips To Use A Paint Gun Effectively

It’s quite natural that we get confused with the mechanism of a product that is entirely strange to our knowledge. Given below are the basic tips to operate a paint gun according to your needs. 

Tips To Use A Paint Gun Effectively
  • Know The Basic Facts About The Paint Gun 

Reading all facts related to the device is the most effective tip.

You can read the factors from the instruction manual and It will contribute to your knowledge also. It will give you a clear picture of how it works. 

  • Do Your Preparations Before Painting

Before you start painting make sure that the preparations are done in a good manner. 

Make the surface that you are going to paint clean, apply the primer coat as the second step, and start painting on the surface with the paint gun. 

  • Practice Well With The Device First

Practicing with the new device is important. It is normal that you are unfamiliar with a new device and its mechanism.

You can try it on old cardboard or scrap wood with some old clothes. Don’t be worried about the imperfections in your work. Try to make the practice a good lesson. 

Top 5 Best Budget Automotive Paint Guns For Beginners

  • Devilbiss Finishline Solvent-Based Gravity Feed HVLP Gun
  • TCP Global Professional Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun with a 1.4mm Fluid Tip
  • PNT Green Professional Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun
  • SPRAYIT Gravity Feed Spray Gun
  • Master Pro Series 44 High-Performance HVLP Spray Gun
  • Neiko HVLP Gravity Feed Sprayer
  • REXBETI High Power Electric spray gun
  • Campbell Spray Gun Kit
  • Astro Pneumatic Spray gun
  • PNTGREEN HVLP Spray Gun for Base coats

Here are the top five automotive paint guns that are selected according to features such as efficiency, manufacturer efficiency, price, type, and usage. 

1. Devilbiss Finishline Solvent-Based Gravity Feed HVLP paint Gun

The Devilbiss finish line Solvent Based Gravity Feed HVLP Gun is the highest-priced product with its definable features and quality of work. It has the best paint gun which showed on any list. As its price, it works well and it is a good quality product with less chance to be damaged. 

The Devilbiss Finishline Solvent-Based Gravity Feed HVLP paint Gun

The quality of this product is unparalleled and it is the easiest to use. And it can be easily disassembled to clean its inner portions. 
Devilbiss Finishline solvent-based gravity feed HVLP paint gun offers a professional finish and has a dynamic air control it ensures an even coat for all of your painting works.

The product has the components like an aluminum cup and stainless steel making it a heavy product that works well for finishing you


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all types of paints
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers professional quality work


  • Slightly more advanced than other types of paint guns
  • Most expensive

2. TCP GLOBAL Professional Gravity Feed HVLP SPRAY Gun With A 1.4mm Fluid Tip

TCP Global Brand Spray Gun is a great beginner option according to many websites. It is in the second top position because of its low price and its features. It has a wide fluid tip and a 2.5mm stainless steel nozzle that helps to tackle work with thicker paints such as urethanes, and latex paints. It is designed to be easily used and highly portable. And it allows users to adjust the spray patterns according to their needs. 

The TCP GLOBAL Professional Gravity Feed HVLP SPRAY Gun With A 1.4mm Fluid Tip


  • Low price
  • Highly portable
  • Works well with thick paints


  • It is hard to clean properly
  • Adjusting spray patterns can be time-consuming and difficult.

3. PNTGreen Professional Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

PNTGreen presents a Gravity feed HVLP sprayer at a starter price range for its people to get started with a gravity spray gun painting experience. It is a good beginner option for amateurs featuring ease to use. It has a very high transfer efficiency meaning you won’t lose a large amount of paint during your work. And it offers a smooth finish. 

The PNT Green Professional Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun


  • It is Cheap in rate
  • High transfer rate


  • Not suitable for all types of paints
  • Parts wear out quickly 

4. SPRAYIT Gravity Feed Spray Gun

PRAYIT Gravity Feed Spray Gun is the best option for people who are searching for something much more basic at a low cost. It advanced with many additional features that they wanted in their painting guns.

The SPRAYIT Gravity Feed Spray Gun

This is made up of aluminum and is also designed for smaller works as a good option for beginners who are going to do the painting themselves. Comparatively, it’s a low-price paint gun but sturdy and can handle being tossed about a bit. And it is more useful in the case of touch-up works and base coats. 


  • Low cost 
  • Lightweight
  • Made up of sturdy aluminum material


  • Limited functionality
  • Works well with smaller projects
  • It does not include any additional items

5. Master Pro Series 44 High-Performance HVLP Spray Gun

Master Pro Series 44 High-Performance HVLP Spray Gun leading in its high-quality performance. But it is less expensive when compared to other high-performing paint guns. Master pro is a good option when comparing its performance and price together.

The Master Pro Series 44 High-Performance HVLP Spray Gun

It is easy to clean after use and it is adjustable according to our needs. The choice of adjusting and disassembling makes the product long-lasting and dynamic in nature. It can deliver a high CFM without too much overspray and is a great option for the price. 


  • Low price according to its quality
  • Professional grade finishing
  • Adjustable settings and components
  • Easily cleaned after use


  • Some of the complaints reported about the seals wearing out quickly
  • Some leakage issues following seals wearing out
  • Loss of pressure following leakage

Final Facts About Automotive Guns For Beginners

Not everyone is going to use an automotive paint gun, and users may not use it frequently unless they are not experts. Painting or polishing your things often makes them shine and polish.

The mentality of people is to accept things that are beautiful and avoid the kinds of goods that are worst to see. This leads them to search for things that polish such things.

Automotive Painting guns are an important thing that people searched for recently. 

Although if you are also searching for a good Automotive paint gun that has the features such as efficiency in work, long-lasting, suitable to your budget, and other specific qualities you can consider all the above factors before choosing one. Fact checks all the pieces of information to find a good one. 

Also remember to consider the little things such as weight, size, portability, longevity, price, and mechanism.

Innovations are done by experts with the help of sophisticated technology day by day. It contributes to more quality products with specifications.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best automotive paint gun?

The above provided are the best automotive paint guns according to some features. You can choose the best quality product that suits you. 

Q. Which is the easily cleanable paint gun?

Devilbiss Finishline Solvent-Based Gravity Feed HVLP paint Gun and  Master Pro Series 44 High-Performance HVLP Spray Gun are can be easily disassembled to clean their inner portions. 

Q. Which one is designed to use hard consistency paints?

TCP GLOBAL Professional Gravity Feed HVLP SPRAY Gun with a 1.4mm Fluid Tip has a wide fluid tip and a 2.5mm stainless steel nozzle that helps to tackle work with thicker paints such as urethanes, and latex paints. It can be used to work with thicker paints. 

Q. How to practice with an automotive paint gun?

It is very important that you practice with a new device that is completely unfamiliar to your knowledge. You must practice painting on cardboard or row materials that are unnecessary. You can also read the instruction manual provided with the product. And you can get complete guidance through videos like tutorials that introduce such a product.

Q. Which is the adjustable paint gun according to our requirements?

TCP GLOBAL Professional Gravity Feed HVLP SPRAY Gun with a 1.4mm Fluid Tip and Master Pro Series 44 High-Performance HVLP Spray Gun are adjustable paint guns according to our requirements. You can choose one from this considering other facts too.  

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