Automated Tips review

Automated Tips Review – Is This Tipster System Really Worth Buying?

Welcome to my Automated Tips review. Is there any guaranteed method to win bets? I wish there was. I’ve been placing bets for a few months now and unfortunately haven’t seen much success. Most of my bets were just random guesses and suggestions from inexperienced people like me. Often times, I’ve even placed bets on guaranteed returns and have ended up losing it. This is what prompted me to check online betting tips initially. There are many websites that promise guaranteed results when you want to place a wager.

But do they really work? Unfortunately, just at first glance, you can find that a majority of such sites are bogus firms that have the intention of just scamming you. These sites promise you unreal results such as 100% success, money-back guarantee, and much more. If you have a little understanding and common sense, it is clear that there is no sure shot way of winning a bet. If there was, everyone could have been a millionaire by now.

Automated Tips Review – Is This eBook A Waste Of Time? 


However, there are a lot of things that you can do that can improve your chances of winning a bet. This is what drew me to the Automated Tips guide. They didn’t promise unreal results. They did not guarantee any wins. Quite simply, they promised better predictions and odds that could help me increase my winnings. Are you looking for something similar? Then this Automated Tips review can help you get all the information that you need with regards to online bets.

Automated Tips review

Book Title Automated Tips Tipster Service
Creators Tom Bacon, and Mark Howden
Category Betting System: Horse Racing
Price $15 (Actual Price $97)
Official Website

About Automated Tips eBook

Created by two friends, Tom Bacon, and Mark Howden, the Automated Tips guide is a system that takes a lot of factors into account, which can increase your chances when placing a bet. After initially seeing a lot of success with their system, their popularity soon increased among friends and family. Eventually, it leads to many people showing up and asking if they could use the system to place bets. This is why they introduced the Automated Tips eBook.

What is the Automated Tips system?

Under normal circumstances, people would generally see just a couple of factors before placing a bet. Who is the favorite? And what are the previous track results? However, there are many more factors that actually affect the result of a race. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • Race Course– This includes the distance of the course and sees which horse has had the most wins over the last year.
  • Weather and Ground– As per Automated Tips review, this accounts for the horses and jockeys that perform well under difficult weather and ground conditions.
  • Jockey– Experience of the jockey, past track record, and skills.
  • Horse– Past record of the horse and performance.
  • Age– The age of the horse is a huge determining factor for its performance and winning chances.
  • Wins/Losses
  • Number of runners

With all these factors considered, the Automated Tips download can help you make an educated guess with a much higher chance of winning than what you normally would have.

Automated Tips eBook

Automated Tips Creators

The system is created by two friends, Tom Bacon, and Mark Howden. Being students of a University at Manchester, England, they created the system after losing various bets even when the odds were guaranteed. This is when they realized that most online betting tips and systems were fake. This inspired them to create a system that works and can actually help people in winning more bets.

How does Automated Tips Book help you?

Quite simply, it helps you make an educated guess before you place a bet. Is it a sure shot formula to win? Of course, not! There is no 100% win guarantee for any bets. There are many incidents where even the least favored underdogs have taken away the title. So what exactly does the Automated Tips eBook do? By taking into account multiple factors and aspects of a race, the guide helps you take a calculated risk when placing a bet. Most other online booking tips and systems just take the past results and a few other factors when predicting a bet. However, with the Automated Tips guide, you consider all factors that are necessary that can help you determine the outcome of a bet.

I was initially quite hesitant to try out the Automated Tips guide as I did not believe in predicting bets. I mean, that’s why they are called bets in the first place. But after going through multiple Automated Tips reviews and seeing the system work for hundreds of people, I decided to give the product a try. What were the results? Quite satisfactory, to be honest. I placed an initial ten bets with low stakes just to try the system. To my surprise, I won 7 bets. With a boosted confidence, I increased my stakes and placed another ten bets. I won eight of them! Did it work every time? No, there are times where I lost a few bets. But, I’m thankful that through the Automated Tips download, I was able to tip the odds to my favor.

Automated Tips download

Pros and Cons of Automated Tips Guide

Okay, I didn’t really care much for the details. My only concern was, do Automated Tips work? I’ve listed my experience in as much detail as I can:


  • Make educated guesses– When it comes to placing bets, I used to back my money on the clear favorites. Most times, this was a rather stupid thing to do and I ended up losing a lot of money. However, with the Automated Tips download, I was able to make educated guesses after taking multiple factors into consideration. The best part was that I did not have to do the guesswork. The Automated Tips review kept flowing into my email just before any race would start.
  • No upsells or recurring payments– Once I subscribed to the system, there were no other hidden charges or costs that I had to bear. I got the tips continuously for a lifetime. Most other betting tips services charge you more for additional options.
  • Increased my winnings– I was able to get a 60-80% winning percentage after using the Automated Tips guide. Every bet I placed did not win. However, I got better results than I normally


  1. If you are looking for a 100% win guarantee, then you are probably not in the right place– Most people think that software or websites like this can give 100% results. That is near impossible. Though you get a higher chance of winning, be prepared to lose a few too.
  2. Only available online– If you want to see the predictions, you need to either login to their website or check your emails. There is no physical product that you get.

Automated Tips book

Is it really worth trying?

After going through multiple reviews and using the system for myself to place bets, it’s evident to me that it actually works. It is not a scam that promises fake results and then delivers nothing. The system actually makes use of many calculations and takes multiple factors into account before making a prediction.

How much do Automated Tips cost?

The entire system was available at a onetime fee of 27 pounds. Once you subscribe to the system, you get tips for life both through the periodic emails and through the member’s section of the official website. There are no upsells or hidden charges that you have to worry about when making use of the system. You can purchase the Automated Tips system for yourself by logging in to their official website, enter your details, and confirming your payment details. And just like that, you get periodic tips, Automated Tips reviews, and helpful strategies that can increase your winning odds.

I was initially skeptical about trusting my money with an online betting tips site. However, after seeing that the website was assured by Clickbank, I was able to make my decision. To date, I have got periodic emails regularly before races and I have been able to win most of my bets. By paying 27 pounds for a betting tip that gives you about a 70% chance of winning, I think it is an absolutely worthwhile investment. I was able to make back the money in no time and much more.


So it just a scam? Or does it actually work? Well, that depends on you. Are you looking for a get rich quick option by placing all your money on one bet? Then this system is not the right choice for you. If you want to increase your winning chances and win more bets than what you normally do, then the Automated Tips review will definitely work for you. By not keeping unrealistic expectations, and placing careful bets, you can definitely see the results of the system right from day 1. Of course, there is no guaranteed way to predict a bet. But this system will help you make an educated guess that gives you better results. Gamble responsibly to avoid going into huge losses and problems.


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