Adtrics Academy Review

Adtrics Academy Review – Fred Lam’s Media Buying Course Any Good?

Looking for Adtrics Academy reviews? Well, you are not the first one and you won’t be the last. Amateurs, as well as professionals, have been taken by storm about getting live and interactive sessions with an industry expert like Fred Lam.

You will find all the details about Adtrics Academy alongside an honest, well supported and reliable Adtrics Academy review. Read more to find answers to any questions you are seeking. Verified reviews from old customers, including me, will provide you with the testimony and proof that will help you make an informed decision.

Adtrics Academy Review – Is It Really A Worthy Media Buying Course in 2019?


Have you ever consider on being a media buyer? If you want to become a media buyer then trust me you can become a media buyer even if you are zero skilled or having zero knowledge. So if you want to find a media buyer certification program, this is the right place to need to be learned and what Adtrics will provide you. Do you want to become a Media Buyer? If yes, you are at the right place to discover more about this Adtrics Academy bonuses. Read on.

What Really is Adtrics Academy?

Adtrics Review

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As I mentioned earlier in this Adtrics Academy review, The course is a paid, online resource put together under the expertise of Mr. Fred Lam. As of now, the academy is offering its flagship program in the art of ‘Media Buying.’ Fred Lam, apart from the youngest marketing manager in history, is the CEO of multi-millionaire start-ups like iPro Academy and Starting from Zero.

Fred Lam started out as a dishwasher at a restaurant but his ambition and zeal to learn brought him far and along in the digital marketing business. He was quick to acknowledge and realize the potential of online reach. He decided to pursue this field in order to change his life and guess what?

Fred Lam did.

He was the youngest marketing manager and was employed at the Canada branch of BMW Motors. That is a success story all of us want to have. That is why he partnered with Adtrics Academy and in collaboration, they are bringing you to live, interaction supported sessions with Fred Lam. According to Adtrics Academy reviews, The session is scheduled to start on 12th June 2019.

Why Should You Enrol in Adtrics Academy Course?

If I were to answer that question, I would say “Why should you NOT Enrol in Adtrics Academy Course?” Yes, it is that great of an opportunity to let go by. Skills and ideas that take volumes of experience to imbibe have been condensed into an 8-week course that promises more than 2 hours of live sessions each week.

Adtrics Academy goes to all lengths to make sure that if you register for the course, the timings match your schedule and routine. Moreover, the course can be enrolled in by anybody, from any part of the world, with any kind of qualification or even no qualifications.

The best part my Adtrics Academy review needs to highlight is that you get out of this course as much as you are willing to put in. The more zeal, hunger for achievement and motivation you have, you will be able to multiply the benefits exponentially. The staff at Adtrics Academy goes on record to say that if you will not be able to do justice to the course, you should not pursue it. It is strictly meant for those who will not give up. Note the difference: They are not asking you to take the course for profit but to train individuals motivated to want to learn. It’s all about the attitude. Not qualifications or false promises.

Once you enroll in Adtrics Academy course or you become Adtrics certified you will also become a part of Adtric Alliance and also you will have the opportunity to work for Fred Lam and manage his multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. There are strict qualifications and rounds of interviews in place and successful candidates will be selected. So not every individual who becomes Adtrics Certified will not be guaranteed a position. It is an organization where we can connect with you with Fred’s network of entrepreneurs so that you can potentially work for them as a certified media buyer

What is Included in Adtrics Academy Course?

You can expect to learn in Adtrics Academy bonuses a lot. In just 8 weeks the mentor Fred Lam help you to become a High-performance media buyer and from the live coaching call with Fred, you will learn the following:

  • Leveraging Big data to turn traffic into a Revenue-generator and creatively leverage big data to scale up your business without feeling lost or overwhelmed.
  • According to Adtrics Academy reviews, You will get the opportunity to work for Fred Lam and get continuous direct coaching from him.
  • Shifting Paradigm to a High-performance media buyer. Fred mentor helps you to avoid common pitfalls that lead to the failure of most media buying campaigns.
  • Fred has discovered 6 different B.S frameworks as an entrepreneur. With the help of this framework almost anyone with no prior knowledge or experience, to easily replicate and apply your media buying skill into any business.
  • Ways to create killer traffic.
  • Turn traffic to profit in a few easy steps.
  • Master the art of video advertising on Youtube advertisements.

The Adtrics 8 Week Course Plan

The Adtrics Academy offers an 8-week course that takes you through a thoroughly designed and planned program in the following listed areas:

  • Week 1 – The High-Performance Media Buyer’s Launchpad
  • Week 2 – The 3-Step Formula to Turn Social Media Traffic into Profit
  • Week 3 – Tapping into The Massive Pool of Hyperactive Buyers for Any Businesses
  • Week 4 – The Traffic Rolodex to Advertising On 95% Of the Worldwide Web
  • Week 5 – Master the Art of Video Advertising on YouTube
  • Week 6 – How to Create an Infinite Loophole of Sizzling Hot Traffic
  • Week 7 – Media Buyer’s Guide to Scaling to The Moon
  • Week 8 – How to Never Go Broke & Become A 6+ Figure Income Media Buyer

As we already discussed in this Adtrics Academy review, the main goal of these lessons is to enable you to be an expert in the field of buying media. It essentially means buying an advertisement space. If you are someone interested in the matter, you would know what every company, business establishment, and organization would love free advertising.

However, that is not economically possible. With Adtrics Academy by Fred Lam’s coaching classes, you will be able to transform yourself into a marketing asset that brings in the most cost-efficient advertising and more-that-proportional revenues.  In other words, you will be able to help you generate as much as $1,20,000 in the span of a year.

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Who is Behind Adtrics Academy? (Fred Lam)

Fred Lam was the founder and the one who is behind the successful Adtrics Academy. Over 13 years ago Fred Lam started his working life as a dishwasher. His first paid gig was washing dishes in a restaurant. Knowing that he wanted more, he started venturing the online business world. Knowledge and accomplishment on media buying business bought him this recognition and this position. He is also awarded for best selling author of the book ‘Zero Up’, multiple award winner for an established entrepreneur, and he is also a sort of mentor and teacher. Today Fred is the CEO of several million-dollar businesses, including the I-pro academy. I have dug deep into the history of Fred for the purpose of making this Adtrics Academy review more informative. He is a proponent of giving back, which is why he teaches everything he’s learned to new pupils as part of his Fred Lam Adtrics Academy. Fred has coached thousands of students around the world and continues sharing his knowledge.

What are the Pros and Cons of Adtrics Academy Course?

Finally, the big questions. The pros of Fred Lam Adtrics Academy are, in one word, transformative:

  • One-on-one Mentorship: Consider you are doing a semester at a college. You will be interacting with Lam at such proximity. A one-on-one program where your questions will be answered in real time and as you ask them.
  • Brilliantly Strategic Frameworks: Fred Lam has designed 6 B.S. frameworks that are called Brilliantly Strategic frameworks. These are called brilliant because Lam assures, they are bound to produce results with any business buying venture you might find yourself into. They are applicable equally, if not more so, to people with no prior knowledge in the business.
  • High-Performance Media Buyer: Lam aims to equip you with his 6 B.S. frameworks as well as get you acquainted with the practical pitfalls associated with the real world of advertising. While you may complete the certification and zealously explore these mantras, my Adtrics Academy review wishes to remind you that, it is important to know beforehand how principles can backfire due to improper application. It is just like science, the theory is foundational, but practical knowledge is immeasurable!
  • Leveraging Big Data to Turn Traffic into A Revenue-Generator: It is no news to the advertiser of today that data is the newest currency. It does not matter who is asking, data is the answer. Advertisers have to have knowledge about extracting the best of data analysis and investing where there are more promise and less risk. Revenue starts flowing in once an advertiser discovers the niche of the market they are trying to tap into.
  • Your Opportunity to Work with Fred Lam Directly: It is hard to stress the enrichment a person can get after learning to focus their passions from this expert. Networking in the same business circles as a multi-millionaire businessman is worth the opportunities, connections, and contacts you manage in a hard, fast, cruel industry.

What’s more is that after you complete your certification as a Certified Media Buyer with Adtrics Academy, you will also need to pass an exam with the passing scores required. Post this exam, you will be able to reap the bonuses and accompany Fred Lam on his upcoming ventures. It is as good as it is real.

Given these benefits, the short duration of the course for a vocational course like this, it really saves your resources in case you could not go to college or attain more specialization after your graduation. You can be industry ready just within an 8-week program.

So, What are the Cons of Adtrics Academy?

As for cons, the only loss you can suffer is the one that comes with not using these principles. Given their potential, it is up to you to make the most of it. Minimize the gains and see your profits multiply. As simple as that. It is because of the above philosophies that Adtrics Academy has come this far and that’s why you are spending time to know more about them.

Who should Try Adtrics Academy?

When I was reading up on the Academy, I noticed Adtrics Academy reviews say that the academy is transparent in terms of age as well as qualifications. It is not a concern if you are male or female, old, young or middle-aged or even an amateur in the field of media buying. For all that matters, you could even be an expert looking to brush up their skills or trying to update themselves about the latest media buying techniques.

The answer to who can join Adtrics Academy is basically everyone. You just need to have a computer/laptop and a working internet connection to be qualified.

Adtrics Academy Price & Plans

When it comes to the cost structure of the program, you will not find it hard to be convinced. Only roadblocks you may face if you are starting your career is that of affordability. However, the program proves its worth and you can read more verified Adtrics Academy reviews such as mine to understand how this program pays for 100 times itself in cash value.

There are basically 2 plans when it comes to registering for Adtrics Academy by Fred Lam:

  • $ 2,495
  • $ 997

The specialty of Adtrics Academy prices is that you can choose to pay as a lump sum amount or as EMIs. Paying a lump sum amount gives you an off of 17% while the 3-month EMI helps you pay the $997 payment each month over a period of 3 months.

If you are a working professional like many of the previous students, it would make sense to opt for the second option. Their website has easy options to enroll in both of these financial arrangements.

While writing this Adtrics Academy review, I have interacted with their support team a few times. When you will first interact with their staff, you will immediately get the feeling that you will not need a refund. There is a refund policy in place that ensures a full refund given you cancel within 3 days of your registration.

Choose a payment Mode to buy Adtrics Academy Course

How to enroll in Adtrics Academy course?

It is very simple to enroll in Adtrics Academy programs. Visit their website now at this address to get more details about their cost structures and complete your guided registration.

Upon registration, you will receive your confirmation and a schedule that will let you choose between coaching platforms. The first one is live, interactive sessions and the other option is the recording of the sessions in case you are facing issues because of a time difference.

To catch a live session, you will need to be available at 9 pm IST. In case that is not possible for you, don’t worry! It is actually hard to miss out on the benefits of this flexible program. Your recording of the live session will be immediately available to you and what’s more is that you can email Fred Lam at Adtrics Academy customer support email that will note your question, convey it to Mr. Lam and he will make sure to answer your query (or queries) in the next live session.

Adtrics Academy Bonuses

The certification comes with added bonuses. You may be thinking that while you are trying to make it in the online industry, it will be hard for you since you won’t have contacts or prior experience. However, Adtrics Academy bonuses ensure you are not left out to fend off on your own. The bonuses are designed to help you give you a boost in the media buying industry.

Accompanied by Fred Lam, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Private Media Buyer Alliance (MBA) Facebook Group: This bonus is all being in the same environment as industry expertise buzzing with the latest trends and updates. You will join a high-performance MBA team on the Facebook community. It is also not like you would be left to thrive on your own or just fade out as a passive member. I can assure you out of the experience that you would be held accountable. In addition to being recognized for your contributions, your participation will increase your reach in the industry.
  • Copy Writing Training: Writing content that appeals to the consumer’s mind is the flip side of knowing what the consumers are thinking. A complementary skill as such is needed to add value to the principles you learn at Fred Lam Adtrics Academy.
  • Exclusive Invitation to M.I.B. (Marketers in Black): To top it all, you will also get a chance to meet the Moghuls of Media Buying. A three-day live event in Vancouver where you will be accompanying Fred Lam.

The Adtrics Academy by Fred Lam clearly does not end your interaction with Fred Lam just after the certification course. Adtrics Academy website has elaborated on how they have put the entire plan in picture. You can tell that Adtrics Academy aims to follow through your success. They want you to succeed in a more tangible sense.

Adtrics Academy Review Conclusion

Well, the bottom line is fairly simple. The Adtrics Academy website says it too. You know the benefits; you are informed and fully capable of making the decision. Investing in the Adtrics Academy’s by Fred Lam is like building an asset and asset building always has some risk involved. In case of the offer you are getting now, the only risk that has the potential to overturn your investment is not trying these skills in the playground.

Advertising is tricky business and experience is a must. So, if you get the boost as you set out to get experience, it’s the fourth added benefit. Decide if you will be able to give your best to the program and only apply if you are sure. Read more Adtrics Academy reviews and check it yourself. Visit their website. Talk to customer support and then, get inside the mind of the program.

Ascertain the high worth of the program and prepare for the next 8-weeks of your life to be truly transforming!


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