12 Minute Affiliate Review – Is It A Legit Affiliate Marketing System?

Welcome to my 12 Minute Affiliate review. I wanna be a billionaire ASAP! Isn’t this always murmuring inside our minds? And the internet uses people like us to make money while others describe this as a scam. You must know that there are mountains of scams on the internet, Right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here for reading this user review on the 12 Minute Affiliate program.

First of all, I’m really happy that you are actually trying to take action to protect yourself from all these scams and taking some minutes to actually realize whether this program is a scam or whether it can actually turn into a 6 figure income method. Well, leave this to me. I’m going to answer all your questions here and I will share my personal experience with the 12 Minute Affiliate website. By the end, you finish reading this, all your questions will be answered fairly without fail.

12 Minute Affiliate Review – Is It A Legit Affiliate Marketing System?


Like every other person, I was going through an email and finally decided to click on the link where I thought I could turn out to be a billionaire. And this is what made me write this 12 Minute Affiliate review. I’m really fortunate that this 12 Minute Affiliate program can be very beneficial for you.

It’s true that we can make money on the internet. Do we actually need this 12 Minute Affiliate system to make money? Would it take only hard work and research to make income from the internet rather than investing in something like the 12 Minute Affiliate program? Let us find out.

12 Minute Affiliate review
Software Title12 Minute Affiliate
AuthorDevon Brown
CategoryAffiliate Marketing
Official Websitewww.easy.12minuteaffiliate.com

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About 12 Minute Affiliate System

12 Minute Affiliate is a program that claims that a person can make $460 by using the 12 Minute Affiliate system. Moreover, it gives you confidence and the myth that you don’t need any kind of hard work to make this income method. But seeing all this 12 Minute Affiliate hype made me more like taking something with a pinch of salt. And it even claims that you don’t require any more time or effort to invest once you invest in this system.

We all know that the internet is the best place to start a new venture which would pitch you 6 figures. But all these take tremendous effort and hard work. This is proved by the people from their very own experiences which tell us anything is achievable from tremendous effort and hard work

Now let’s take a deep look into this program. This might end up proving to you that 12 Minute Affiliate review wouldn’t be an ideal start.

12 Minute Affiliate Creator

Devon Brown, I found him to be the honest person here. Though all this hyped information was part of the business, he had admitted that it took a very long time to hack the six-figure method.

He even said that online marketing isn’t easy as it seems to be and it takes ages to actually fatten. He has informed us about every hurdle it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer. But after all, he had motivated me in a lot of ways from the tales of his struggles and hardships to what he has achieved now.

How does 12 Minute Affiliate work?

Being an affiliate means, being an intermediate person and selling products developed by others hence gaining commission depending on the price of the product. Like I said before, this claims that it has a predefined system that will act as a platform that connects a host to a host in 12 minutes. This is very much unrealistic.

This program, it’s all about linking and promoting the link. You will be setting up your own single website. In that, you promote the link which has an email opt-in option and the details are sent out via mail with the link. The person who clicks on the link and purchases the product, a percent of the product price is credited back to us.

This program claims that it helps to add traffic to the website depending on the purchase plan. But here is the muddle, the traffic will not be added as easy it says which turns out to be excrement.

When I tried, the result was not good as I thought would be the case, in fact, it was none. The traffic wasn’t added at all. This made me realize it was a shameful waste of my money.


12 Minute Affiliate A Scam

Yeah! All this seems to be unbelievable. A quick Google search would show you the needed proof. Still, I will explain to you more about this. I never want anyone to go through what I had been through from 12 Minute Affiliate scams and hype.

Better late than never. I came to realize all these people, who claim to find this program as the 6 figure method are paid actors by the company. Yes. This is the ugly truth that left me flabbergasted.

I finally realized it is all fake income claims, sales page hyped by-products like 12 Minute Affiliate review. Products like this just pull out someone’s head claiming things that are never realistic.

It is a fact that all this affiliate marketing depends on the time and effort given to grow a particular sales page by itself. There is no shortcut to that.

Legit Opportunity Or Scam?

Basically, an affiliate can be promoted using time and effort. Instead of purchasing a program-done system which is a complete non-sense, it is always better not to.

This 12 Minute Affiliate program- done is just hype and this investment can be used for many other affiliate marketing methods which give you better traffic to your website.

It isn’t a scam unless you have a disposable amount of money to waste. This is not a good option as it does nothing as it says.


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12 Minute Affiliate Review – Conclusion

Though I’m flabbergasted by the way how the creator invested and marketed the program which came out with breathtaking hype, the product is just a shameful waste of money. This can never drive traffic to your website. For the amount of money that you are spending on this with high risk, I would rather say not to from my very own experience.

I suggest diverting this money into multiple options available at a cheaper price which will drive 50 times more traffic than what you would expect.

I am listing some of the free Online Affiliate marketing training used by me:

  1. Skillshare
  2. Udemy click bank success
  3. Start successful home business 2019
  4. Amazon affiliate marketing 

These are a couple of free online affiliate marketing training and courses like 12 Minute Affiliate review where I learned more about affiliate marketing.


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