100K Blueprint Master Edition review

100k Blueprint Masters Edition Review aka 100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

Welcome to my 100K Blueprint Masters Edition review aka 100K Blueprint 4.0 review. There are a lot of people who have been searching for Dan Dasilva’s 100k Blueprint Masters Edition review to know if it is genuine or not. It is an online program that helps you to create your own eCommerce store and do drop shipping for all of the products in your store.

By attending the free webinar by Dan Dasilva you will be inspired by his career life and will get the confidence to build a dropshipping empire from scratch. So I have done this genuine 100k Blueprint 4.0 review so that you can know the truth about the program and decide whether to go for this or not. 

100k Blueprint Masters Edition Review- Dan Dasilva’s 100K Blueprint 4.0 Any Good?


Dan Dasilva is a serial course launcher and we have witnessed the massive success of his previous courses. 100k Blueprint Masters Edition is his new live training program that helps you to build your dropshipping empire and will be provided at the end of his webinar.

The free online webinar shows how Dan builds his dropshipping business and reveals the formula that allowed him to earn over $419K in just 44 days. The 100k Blueprint 4.0 training program that you will get access to at the end of the webinar is the third version of his dropshipping training program. That is, he has successfully launched and given training to dropshipping business enthusiasts a couple of times before this. 

100K Blueprint Master Edition review

Product Title 100k Blueprint Masters Edition (100k Blueprint 4.0)
Language English
Creator Dan Dasilva
Category Make Money Online
Price $597
Official Website Click Here

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About 100K Blueprint Masters Edition Course

100k Blueprint Masters edition course is a revolutionary learning platform that can be used by anyone who wants to make a profit. In the 100k Blueprint Masters Edition platform, you will learn everything from scratch about starting your own drop shipping business where you will be nurtured for 12 weeks and by then you will have a hands-on experience on how this business works.

You will have knowhow about 100k Blueprint Masters Edition software and you will also start making a handsome amount of profit like everyone else that you have been seeing. So before earning a profit,  you need to learn the course and understand how it works for you.

100k Blueprint Masters Edition review proves the 100k Blueprint 4.0 concept is completely based on earnings through drop-shipping. Dropshipping is nothing but providing services by delivering goods from the manufacturer to the retailer or a customer. So understanding the basic drop shipping concept is very simple.

What is included in the webinar? Let’s see:

  • He will talk to you about everything that he currently knows to generate 7 figures with this lucrative business
  • At the end of the webinar, he will provide you the hand access of 100k Blueprint 3.0
  • Reveals about how he took a brand new website, built a store in under 2 hours and generated over $419k in 44days
  • The exact four-step formula that leads to success
  • He will reveal how anyone with an internet connection can create one of these simple automated businesses in under 2 hours.
  • Reveal the exact formula to generate sales without needing a massive budget 

At the end of the webinar, he will be providing $500 for 5 lucky people and will also be giving you an entire mind map that anyone can follow from the top to the bottom that outlines the entire 4 step success formula in a step by step format.  

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What makes Dan Dasilva’s 100k Blueprint 4.0 different?

  • Dan Dasilva talks about his core business and what he is doing every day
  • Focus on a 4-step formula
  • No need to have a single piece of inventory
  • Doesn’t need to have any programmers or designers as your staff
  • No need to do customer support on your own
  • No need to place a large inventory order to get started
  • Doesn’t need to build a brand or re-invent a product
  • No need to even pay for traffic if you don’t want to
  • No need to have a fancy website that costs thousands to create

How Does 100K Blueprint Masters Edition Work?

Firstly, you will have to know the program and how it works. It is a complete course to teach you about dropshipping. Deliver the product from a manufacturer for delivering it to retailers or end-users.1 4 weeks will transform your profile making skillset.

100k Blueprint Masters Edition review recommends that this is an easy learning approach and the content is split into videos, tutorials, and guidelines. Once you complete the software, you will learn to master the whole thing. You will also be a part of the  Facebook  group

100K Blueprint Master Edition

About the 100K Blueprint Masters Edition creator

Dan Dasilva is the creator of 100k Blueprint 4.0 and is a familiar face to those in the eCommerce industry for years. He is a high school dropout and worked as a cashier at Burger King. But he felt that he could not achieve anything in life with that job and that he would not be able to raise the standard of living according to his aspirations.

In just the first month trying drop shipping, Dan built an incredibly profitable dropshipping Shopify store, allowing him to buy his dream car, move into his home, and has since helped thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs create online businesses and passive income. Now he has over 300,000 students and is earning millions from his stores.

Dan Dasilva started his career as an internet marketer in 2015, and now he is a popular mentor with 129k subscribers on his youtube channel. Many people who have learned through previous courses of Dan have already made enough money to survive their whole life. 


Pros and Cons of 100K Blueprint 4.0 Training

Every program has its own pros and cons. This 100k Blueprint review is definitely written for the wellbeing of my readers. Therefore it is necessary to say both the pros and cons of 100k Blueprint 4.0 here.


Let us first discuss the pros of the 100k Blueprint Masters Edition

  • Provides complete knowledge: 100k Blueprint 4.0 is designed in such a way that even those who do not know what dropshipping is can start a dropshipping store. It is created by the founder of a thriving eCommerce business.
  • Experienced mentor: the mentor of the webinar is an internet marketing professional and has experience of several years in this field. His previous eCommerce courses were also successful. 
  • Proven techniques: the strategies, techniques, and tactics that Dan Dasilva talks you through the free webinar are proven techniques by himself. He claims to have made over 15 million dollars drop shipping products he never had to see, touch or associate with.
  • Effective: this is an effective and scalable way to build a successful business from scratch and it is possible to start generating income almost immediately. 


Any readers who read my 100k Blueprint 4.0 review should know the cons of the program. So I give it here in this 100k Blueprint Masters Edition review.

  • Not get rich quickly: The creator doesn’t believe in becoming a millionaire overnight. You need to put some effort and wait for the result. 
  • Everyone doesn’t get the same results: Not everyone will get the same result. Some may make 10x more than the creator made and some may only make half of what he made.

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What is included in the 100K Blueprint 4.0 course?

Here is what is included in the 100k Blueprint program which you will get access to at the end of the webinar.

12-week training program- valued at $1997

Do you know what is being taught each week of the training? Let’s see.

  • First week

Being the first week, this class will give you an introduction to dropshipping. You will get access to the videos of creating an eCommerce store, free shipping, and all other basics of dropshipping.

  • The second week

In the second week, training will be more authentic and theoretical. They will provide instructions and knowledge to set your own store, to choose a niche that is suitable for you, about shipping, etc.

  • The third week

This week’s class will teach you how to get your store into customer’s minds and what marketing strategies you can use to do it. So it delivers knowledge about basics of ad design theory, website conversion ads, commenting, ad techniques, flex targeting, Ad reporting, retargeting pixels, etc.

  • The Fourth week

The classes in the fourth week will teach you about the goal of your store and how to earn through it. This section includes case studies and workshops. So it will be more practical than theories.

  • The Fifth week

This includes training regarding funnels with Clickfunnels. So it will let you build effective sales funnels that will help you to convert more customers. Just create an account in Clickfunnels and you will be able to dropship your products to customers and experience the full benefits of dropshipping.

  • The Sixth week

Teach tactics and strategies to achieve your target and fully automate the process.

  • The Seventh week

This week will discuss hiring employees like the project manager in your store and what to do if your store has grown in a way that you cannot handle alone.

  • The Eighth week

Teach about new business opportunities and possibilities

  • The Ninth week

Teaches about post-sales emails that you should deliver after a customer makes a purchase from your store. This will provide customers with long-term value that translates into repeat purchases and, thus, increases the customer’s lifetime value to the store.

  • The Tenth week

Teach about discovering trending new products and attracting consumers to your business.

  • The Eleventh week

Provide guidelines about pricing the products and sales strategies

  • The Twelfth week

workshops and case studies

Other than this, you will get;

  • The community of high-performance coaches- value at $1997
  • The world-class support system in your members’ area- value at $1997

The 100k Blueprint 4.0 Bonuses

Update: You Can Now Download The Free Bonuses Here

If you join 100k Blueprint Masters Edition, then they will hand over 6 bonuses for you. They are:

  • Bonus 1: Untouchable ads vault- value at $1997

This offers 20 done for you ads with precise Facebook targeting and 100K Blueprint members only ad creatives with unlimited rights to them – upload and profit from these proven ads.

  • Bonus 2: Profit machine- value at $2995

Through this bonus, you will get instant access to the world’s best product research tool that finds extremely profitable & high converting products in seconds.

  • Bonus 3: Dropshipping power hour- value at $979

This is an exclusive invite to the 100K Blueprint 10 week live coaching calls that are recorded and put inside the member’s area for you to access at any given time

  • Bonus 4: Mentorship private access- value at $1997/year

You will get direct email access to Dan Dasilva and the other 100K Blueprint Coaches to have any of your questions answered.

  • Bonus 5: Ads mastery- value at $497

The before, during, and after live case studies of highly profitable ads.

  • Bonus 6: Email Jedi- value at $297

This bonus allows you to generate 200% MORE profit from your efforts with 3 simple emails – never before seen.

The actual rate for the total package of 100k Blueprint 4.0 is $1997 and now the 100k Blueprint official website provides a $1000 instant discount. So the price will be just $997 only. The discount will be available for a limited period only. So hurry up and join Dan Dasilav’s free webinar now itself.  

Who is the 100K Blueprint 4.0 Program for?

100k Blueprint Masters Edition is for anyone who wants to learn dropshipping and have to build a dropshipping empire. There is no age limit to join this webinar and the only thing you need is some interest and will power to do the best of you. Realize that there is no magical program to become a millionaire overnight.

If anyone claims for it, then don’t go beyond them. It’s just a scam only. If your effort is in the proper direction, then you will surely get its result. The life of Dan Dasilva and his achievements itself prove it.

Anyone who is a complete beginner, or one who got some online business experience, or one who has already built an online business that earns thousands per month and is looking to scale and expand can also attend the webinar.  

100k Blueprint Master Edition Price & Plans

Getting a lot of benefits and bonus packs worth $13,253 is never a joke.

100k Blueprint Master Edition can be purchased in either way.

  1. You could access the program by paying $597 for 4 months only.


  1. Start using the program for $1997 by a single payment method

==> Get To Know More About The Program By Joining the Free Webinar


100k Blueprint 4.0 attracts more and more internet marketing enthusiasts because it has a lot of things to offer them. There are a lot of people around us who are not able to start a business according to their niche or run a business well.

I think this 100K Blueprint Masters Edition free webinar will be very useful for those people. The one who talks to you through this webinar, Dan Dasilva is a great person in this area where he has a lot of knowledge too. The people who have already attended the webinar have opinionated that the mentor is able to solve any of their business-related problems and can answer any of the questions related to dropshipping and eCommerce.   

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