Faststart 9 Deal Review

Faststart 9 Deal Review – Does This Program Help You In Online Marketing?

Welcome to Faststart 9 Deal review. Many of the researchers and online marketing experts are putting their continuous effort in doing online marketing in terms of training and courses. Among them all, the FastStart 9 Deal is different.

Faststart 9 Deal Review – Can This eBook Make Dollars Within A Short Period?


The FastStart 9 Deal is a unique online money-making training program that has all the easiest and simplest methods in it for online marketing. Without recruiting any affiliate, the user of this training program can make his/her online first dollars within 9 hours. Let me take you further with the Faststart 9 Deal review.

Faststart 9 Deal Review

Program Title Faststart 9 Deal
Language English
Creator Barry Rodgers
Category Make Money Online
Price $17
Official Website Click here

About Faststart 9 Deal eBook

FastStart 9 is simply a training program that describes all the methods of making online dollars within a short period. This training program contains all the information in the form of pdf downloads, videos, checklists. Approaching this valuable review, the user does not have to hire someone to do marketing of the product from door to door.

The name FastStart 9 refers to its 9 modules, and each module contains a pdf download that is the core training with a checklist on the final page.

Faststart 9 Deal has many happy customers, as starting online marketing is quite easy and cost-effective. Generally, for making an effective online marketing campaign, enthusiastic people have to spend a lot of money, and they will get the return after a long period, whereas setting up an online marketing campaign using this training will save your time and money.

About Faststart 9 Deal Creator 

Barry Rodgers is the creator of the faststart 9 deal. He designed this online money-making training program for the enthusiastic online markets. Barry Rodgers is also an established online marketer, who has developed many best-selling software and training products.

He owns the “Product of The Day” prize for several times by using his own methods from multiple online sales platforms.

The author designed this training program by overviewing the market strategy and user’s perspective for the development of each individual’s online marketing skills. Apart from faststart 9 reviews, the author also designed other major training programs such as 21 Day Online Startup, Complete PLR Mastery, and Easy Comparison Sites. Barry Rodgers also provides group coaching as well as individual coaching to the enthusiastic markets who want to have success in making money online.

Barry Rodgers

What Is Included Inside Faststart 9 Deal?

Well, faststart 9 deal comprises of pdf files, videos, and 9 separate modules that are basically focused on the two main tasks. Both tasks are essential for new marketers to start a campaign effectively. Among these two tasks, one is Creating pages and affiliate funnels, and the other is Setting up the core site for your online business. In this Faststart 9 Deal review, we will try to remove all your doubts regarding the program!

  • Creating pages and affiliate funnels

With this focus task, the user of this program will get to know how to develop WordPress-based funnel pages. The author also created three major free affiliate faststart 9 Funnels for user convenience.

Only the user needs to enter a few links and form code for their own affiliate business to make the website good to go. Users can also copy the author’s pre-made website and paste it on a blank WordPress installation. For accessing this, the user must not have to be a tech giant.

  • Setting up the core site for your online business

For establishing their own online money-making business, the user must have to set up the website first. For building up the online business more effective one, the user must have to use this focus task for resolving the issues related to the domain name and business email.

Pros And Cons Of Faststart 9 Deal Program


  • Faststart 9 is based on the new method and tactics.
  • The new marketer just needs to buy faststart 9 deal; there is nothing to download or the setup.
  • All the methods are too easy that can be easily followed by the newbies.
  • The user of this does not need to be a tech geek for having faststart 9 Tutorial.
  • Faststart 9 deal and Bonusescome up with 30 days refund policy.


  • The existing user of this program, not yet have encountered any negative impact as the faststart 9 deal honest program. But this review is highly recommended to the newbies.

Who Should Join For Faststart 9 Deal, And Why?

Basically, this is beneficial for beginners or new online marketers. However, this training program is also beneficial to affiliates, business owners, website owners, product creators, digital marketers, bloggers, CPA, and freelancers.

All the enthusiastic online money makers can get the faststart 9 Demo to get the idea of what exactly this program includes and how effective it works. This amazing product only contains honest reviews to give a hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Features And Benefits Of Faststart 9 Deal PDF

The faststart 9 deal has many advance features and benefits you can list out for this Faststart 9 Deal review.

  • Faststart 9 Walkthroughcontains all free tools that help the user in creating websites without any hassle.
  • The user of this can expand the business by using another website under the feature of affiliate funnels.
  • All the methods of making online money are described in such a manner that can be easily understood by the new marketer.
  • The use of “ninja trick” is helping the users to get more traffic to affiliate offers.
  • Faststart 9 deal & Bonusis highly recommended before starting a new campaign.
  • The user will find templates for high converting email copy & campaigns.
  • How to use other people’s lead magnets to build your list.
  • With this, the user will get to know how to treat new leads.
  • And the user will get leads within no time with the tricks of faststart 9 Preview.
  • The major benefit of this training is, it also suggests how to gain the trust of people after getting the list of leads.
  • This doesn’t require subscription fees; this is a completely one-time investment.
  • The author of this program also offers 30 days refund policy to its customers who remain unsatisfied with proper use.
  • The author gives assurance of making dollars within just less than 9 hours.
  • The tricks of using social proof to encourage more people and to grab the attention of leads to subscribe are mentioned inside the free tools.
  • If the pdf file of this program is not understood by the user, they can also approach to the free videos, a checklist for having a proper idea.

How Does Faststart 9 Deal Work?

Faststart 9 deal work on the principle of 9 training modules that describes all the valuable methods to grow the online marketing business. Each module has different concepts that are given below;

Module 1

This module describes how to get domain name & linking of nameserver into the domain name, hosting plans, and setting up the business emails.

Module 2

This module assists the user in the site set up and get it ready for jobs. You can use the videos to get help in the expansion of business with “plug-ins.” Apart from these, this module helps in learning how to install WordPress, how to install & activate the theme, and how to install & activate the plug-ins from the list.

Module 3

Here, the user will get the instruction to Get an account with either Getresponse or Aweber, and Take a quick tour of where to find everything using their documentation.

Module 4

This module comprises of learning of terms and conditions must be followed by research affiliate, and how to create a spreadsheet of all the details you may need.

Module 5

With this module, the user will get to know the use of tracking tools, the addition of special code to make the website look attractive, and the creation of a test campaign to know how your business is working.

Module 6

Learning of this module comprises of Creation of legal pages, squeeze pages, redirect thank you page, and monetized delivery page.

Module 7

Checking of affiliate’s tools is done with module 7. With the tips of this module, users can write an email campaign and can load the emails from autoresponder from Day 0.

Module 8

Here, you will drop the post and link them into social media like Facebook, tweeter, and others to gain more leads.

Module 9

This module has tricks to use “twin goals,” which will help in making dollars and setting up a strong base for your business.

Even if you are not a tech geek, you can make your website ready with these all amazing modules.

Faststart 9 Deal Price And Plans

When it comes to the pricing of faststart 9 deal, you will get this product at just $17. Within this amount, the user can get the program along with faststart 9 bonuses for free of cost. This package comes up with several faststart 9 OTOs.The plans and major faststart 9 Funnel are such as;

  • Three DFY Affiliate Funnels that available for $27 – $47.
  • Three DFY Email Sequences costs $27
  • Installation Service cost varies from $197-$297, which is performed by the professional team.
  • Lifetime Access to Everything Rebrandable will cost you $97.
  • The Rodgers Report Special Price refers to the subscription fees that vary from $7 per month to $77 per year.

Is Faststart 9 Deal Worth Your Money?

Yes, this product is completely money worth as it offering 30days money-back guarantee in case of experiencing disappointment. This method has been trial and tested by several customers, and nobody yet claimed to have suffered from faststart 9 deal & bonus. Well, this product works effectively to result within no time.

Faststart 9 Deal Bonuses

In this Faststart 9 Deal review, we would like to tell you that the program has several bonuses.

  1. Quick Guide to WordPress SEO- Search engine optimization is an important factor which will promote the business.
  2. WP Easy Option Pro Plugin- Pro Plugin faststart 9 bonus is quite effective for business expansion by making a new website.
  3. WP video OPTIN- In this bonus, all the guides are available in the form of a video that you can use in online marketing.
  4. Graphics Blackbox- This bonus reduces the cost of hiring a photoshop expert for making the website.
  5. Ultimate Sales Page- This bonus carries all the detail information required for creating a sales page.
  6. Ultimate Minisite Templates- The templates of this bonus help to design the business website.
  7. Wp EZ Share It Plugin- With this bonus, the user of this program can enhance the flow of the traffic to the blog post.
  8. SEO Stone Plugin- Separates your webpage, blog, post and website from other websites
  9. Social Signals for SEO- With this bonus, the user can create the flow of traffic on particular product content.
  10. 12 premium SEO WordPress plugin- This bonus comprises 12 amazing SEO tricks.
  11. 50+ Niche Pack- All 50 packs are pre-researched and designed to gain fast profitability.
  12. 60 Second Backlinks Business in A Box- All the backlinks are powerful enough to target the traffic.
  13. Social Bookmarking Backlinks- This bonus describes how to manage social bookmarking.
  14. 101 WordPress Tips and Tricks- Contains 101 tips to boost the quality of the website.
  15. WordPress Mistakes- Get the instructions to reduce the mistakes of the website.
  16. WordPress Armor- It has all the tricks to protect your WordPress sites.
  17. The Traffic Generation Personality Type- Learn how to gain trustable traffic.
  18. Finally, Drive Huge Traffic from Facebook and Profit- By posting the blogs on your business product, you will get huge attention and profit.
  19. Instagram Traffic- With this bonus user will learn how to use Instagram to create a viral buzz
  20. Pinterest Perfection- This has the tricks to empower the website using images.
  21. YouTube Video Mastery- With this effective bonus, the user can easily monetize the business website and YouTube profile.
  22. Tube Ads Genie- Make the YouTube video effective for all the visitors and force them to watch the video.
  23. Video Marketing Hack- Get the hacks to do marketing of your video.
  24. Instant Traffic Mastery- This will give a one-stop solution to all your website problems related to affiliate links.
  25. Passive Email Riches- Learn how to achieve 50% open rates & 30% click rates from all your emails.
  26. 20 Background Images- To make the website look more effective, in this bonus, you will get the best images and more suggestions.
  27. 30 Stunning Graphical Images for Website- Improve the graphic design of your WordPress site with stunning images.


In this competitive market, online marketing is being more challenging as many new marketers are showing interest in this field. But, few of them are only getting success, and the rest remains disappointed. Therefore, to overcome this issue, Barry Rodgers prepared faststart 9 deal, which is proven to work effectively with full transparency services. The Faststart 9 Deal reviews have many happy customers who have already gained money with this assistance.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”From where will I be able to buy a faststart 9 deal?” answer-0=”To get the original online money-making training program, you can check the official website of this product. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is faststart 9 deal a scam?” answer-1=”No, faststart 9 deal is not at all a scam; it is designed for the newbies and is comprises of 9 effective modules that will help you in all possible manner.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”If I get unsatisfied with this program, will I get my money back?” answer-2=”Sure, if you remain unsatisfied with this program, you can avail 30 days money-back guarantee.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Do I need to pay any extra charges for faststart 9 Upsells?” answer-3=”No, you don’t need to pay any extra charges for upsells as it comes up with the  product.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Can I have a faststart 9 Demo, before purchasing the product?” answer-4=”well, you can read whole reviews from the official website, or you can watch the videos associated with faststart 9 deal to get the demo. ” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]