Digital Weighing Machine Dealers In Calicut : Best Weighing Machines For Shop!

Weighing Scales In Calicut

You can easily find out a Electronic Weighing Machine dealer in Calicut. Since there are many weighing machine companies In Kozhikode. It is not easy to find out which is the best digital weighing machine dealer who provides competitive price and after sale services. In this website, you can easily find out the best Weighing Machine Dealers In Calicut and their contact number with approximate price range which Including our specialist Rating. Scroll down to see the list of electronic Weighing Machine companies in Calicut.

Weighing Machine Companies in Calicut: Know the Best Weighing Scale Dealers of Kozhikode.

1. Arya Scales Calicut

Adress: Ram Mohan Road Calicut

To Book Your Weighing Machine: 99462023336, 0495-2725014

Arya Scales Is a weighing machine dealer in Calicut who have solid reputation due to their appreciable customer support and after sale services. The company is More than 20 years old and they have Thousands of customers in Calicut itself. The company has its branches in Kasaragod, Kannur, and Malappuram. Call 9946202336 to get the best price from Arya Scales.Weighing Machine Companies In calicut

  • Guarantee Period:  1 Year

2. Diety Scales Dealer Calicut

Adress: Balussery Mukku, Vattoli Bazar, Kozhikode – 673612

Diety Scales is another Digital Weighing machine dealer In Calicut who have a solid number of customers in Malabar. If you are looking for a Digital weighing machine for Shop, you can consider Diety Scales Balussery to Buy Weighing machine in Calicut. The weighing machine company offers a best after sale support and cheap price for their customers.

Diety Weighing machine company in calicut

  • Guarantee Period: 1 Year
  • You can Book a Diety Weighing Machine By giving a Call to 9745770925 or 0496- 2642583

NB: The Image Shown above was Not A Model from Diety Scales. It’s Just an Image From GoogleArevy Scales

3. Arevy Scales Calicut

Arevy Scales Dealers located in Kakkodi, Calicut. They sell Table top weighing scales, Digital Platform Scale and Digital Gold weighing scale at a comparatively cheap price. If you are looking to Buy Cheap Weighing Machines In Calicut, Avery is the Best Option.

  • Call 9745770925 or 0495-2265359 To Book Your Weighing Scale Now
  • Warranty Period: 1 YearWeighing Scales In Calicut


4. Thrass India

Thrass India is a center of excellent business activity in marketing and service of world class weighing machines over the last 15 years. You can get a variety of options for your business needs. Thrass India has a huge reputation due to their competitive price and timely services. This is why Thrass India Became one of the leading Weighing Machine Dealer In Calicut.

Thrass India Calicut

Adress: Akkai Tower, Chalappuram Cross Road, Near Thali Temple, Chalappuram, Kozhikode

  • To Book Your Weighing Scale: Call 9745770925 Or 94471 77173

5. Bee N Bee Scales Calicut

Bee N Bee Scales is another example of best quality weighing machines. They are handling sales and service of the electronic weighing machine, Billing machine, note counting machines and various types of packing machines. If you are preferring to buy a cheap and best Digital weighing machine in Calicut, you can also choose Bee N Bee Digital Scales.

  • To Buy Bee N Bee Digital Weighing Scale: Call 9745770925

It’s always better buying a weighing machine from a deler near to your location. Never buy weighing Machine from Flipkart or Amazon.

March 8, 2017

Jallikattu Run 3D Game Review; Tamil tradition can be downloaded too.


One of my childhood dream is to participate in Jallikattu; a traditional bull chasing game conducted in Tamil Nadu villages. Anyhow I couldn’t fulfill that dream till today, but for my surprise I found a game called “Jallikattu Run 3D” in Google play store. I instantly downloaded the game and played it for some time during my lunch break in office.

JALLIKATTU RUN 3D GAMETecSmash always love to share new knowledge about anything came across to us. By that way, while searching about more details of the Jallikattu Run 3D game, we found that the guy who made this game also made some other game too. They are;


We played every game he has uploaded into Google play store. Games were interesting, but we will not blindly give a rating to any product that we were reviewing. Let’s go through the step by step quality check of Jallikattu Run 3D Game. Before that let’s see what the Game maker says about this game.

Information’s given in Play-store about Jallikattu 3D Game

Jallikattu is a traditional bull-chasing sport of Tamil Nadu which is organised during the harvest festival Pongal. The sport is more than two millennium old. A 2,500-year-old cave painting discovered near Madurai, shows a man trying to control a bull. There are references to Jallikattu in Sangam literature too. But the Jallikattu as we know it may have emerged only in recent times. We won the Jallikattu back by the our powerful youngsters “Thai Puratchi”

Avoid the obstacles and men’s from PETA (Imaginative group against Jallikattu) and grab your suportive yellow diamonds.

This game is dedicated to all Thamizhians, “Tamizhan yendru sollada thalai nimirnthu nillada”

The main motto of this game is to get our Jallikattu in the Cultrual game and sports list,

jallikattu run 3d game 2017

Jallikattu Run 3D Game 2017 Review

Do you know how we reviewing every games that we found in internet? Do you want to know the valuation criteria? Before putting a rating for each and every game we reviewed, we will cross check many factors of every game. We will check;

  • Graphics
  • Theme
  • Game Play
  • Game Controls
  • Game Music
  • Ads

Let’s check the graphics of Jallikattu Run 3D Game.

Jallikattu Run 3D game is a casual game that can be played in android version 2.3 and above.

It can also be played in windows and iOs. This game is developed and published by Manjo.

It has an above average graphics and mostly looks like subway surfing game. The bull look like a monster, so we are not getting a feel of jallikattu, but it feels good while playing for some time.

Other than the bull structure, everything looks fine. In fact, Graphics is one of the best parts in this game.

Jallikattu Run 3D Graphics Score: 3.5/05

Jallikattu Run 3D Game – Theme

There should be always a theme for every game. A story that leading somewhere. The traditional bull fighting is the theme for this game and the game developer has done a satisfactory job about it. The bull will be released and it will start to run to reach the finishing point. While running towards success, the bull has to face many obstacles. You will not get bored easily since there are interesting things will come on your way. Play it , you will love it.


Screenshot_20170226-000254The game have a good game play since your fingers never rest while gaming. Previously we reviewed a Jallikattu Run Game but it sucks in game play. The obstacles, enemies are making the game very interesting. In fact I have first played the game until my phone charge drained out.

Jallikattu Run Graphics Score: 3.8/05

Game Controls

You have two types of control options in Jallikattu Run 3D game. You can select either Gyro control or Swipe option. We have tested the game with each type of control options.jallikattu game 2017

  • Gyro Control

Not even a micro second lagging while using gyro controls. We have tested on Motorola Moto E, Moto M and Micromax A 120 devices. These devices are used to check the compatibility of the game with low configuration and high configuration devices. While using gyro Control, it is a bit easy to play with one hand.

  • Swipe-Control.

Swiping went smoothly in both Moto E and Moto M. but while using Micromax phone, it is getting a very light lagging. May be it is due to the low quality touchpad of the mobile.

Game Control Score: 4.5/05

Game Music

Since the game has some traditional values, game creator has used some music that is related to Tamil tradition. Music is inspiring the player to play more effectively and fast. But if there were some other music in each level, it might be more attractive

Game Music Score: 03/05


Every free game and Apps may contain advertisements. The same with Jallikattu Run 3d game too. Jallikattu Run 3D game contains many advertisements that is making a negative impact and killing the enjoyment of the game.

Ad Score: 02/05

Spam Check

Jallikattu Run 3D game was thoroughly checked for spams. And we couldn’t find any spam. You don’t have to give any personal information since there is no Login required. Game is also not tracking your location.


Jallikattu Run 3D game is a very good game for persons of any age. It has a good game play and effective controls. If you are a game lover and if you want to spend some time on a simple game, you can definitely go for Jallikattu Run 3D Game.

download jallikattu run


Hope you got enough information about Jallikattu Run 3D Game. Feel free to share your thoughts about the game in the below comment box.

TecSmash 1st Anniversary Cashback Offer. Upto 10% Cashback

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This month we are celebrating the 1st Anniversary of our tech Blog, We are thankful to our readers and their tremendous support. As a part of our 1st Anniversary, Tecsmash decided to spread joy to our readers by some valuable offers. For the next 90 days, if you are purchasing from flipkart or Amazon, via our website, you will get flat 2% cash back on the 31st day of your Purchase.



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February 20, 2017

How to boost WordPress website speed in 2017? The Pro Guide

boost wordpress website speed

I love speed, whether it is on road or on internet, I can’t go slow. Now this article is only for the speed lovers those who want make their wordPress website run like a racing car. Here are some very easy to use Tips and tricks to boost WordPress website speed. Go through our complete guide and make your wordpress site more SEO friendly as well as user friendly.

how to boost wordpress website speed


  1. Why Speed matters?
  2. How to Check your Website Speed
  3. Know Your Slowing Factors
  4. Tips to Boost WordPress Website Speed
  5. Conclusion

 Why Speed Matters? WordPress is already fast isn’t it?

You may have read that wordpress websites are very fast but actually not. Every wordpress websites are not fast. There are more than 22% of total websites in the world is running on wordpress platform and many of the websites are facing the speed issue.

When a new visitor comes to your website, you have to impress him/her within few seconds after he/she landed on your website. If he is not impressed with your page loading time, he has many other websites to hang around. Once you lose a visitor by this way, he will never turn back to your website.

wordpress home page optimization

Website speed is important for user friendliness as well as SEO. Google will easily rank website pages having a very good loading speed. In 2017 Google is giving a huge importance to user metrics, So you have to solve the speed issue of WordPress website to stay top of Google.

How to Check Your Website Speed?

Are you a blogger? If yes, you may have noticed that your website load fast while other websites are taking a little more time to load on your computer. This doesn’t mean your website has a good speed. You may have visited your website many times from your computer and your browser may have saved your cache data to automatically pre-fetch your website page.

wordpres speed boost tricks

For checking your website loading speed, you can make use of “Pingdom”, a free online tool that allows you to check your website speed instantly.

What are the Slowing factors?

There are many factors that may be affecting your website speed and some of them are,

  • Worst Web Hosting
  • Bad WordPress Configuration
  • Big Page Size
  • External Scripts
  • Poorly coded PlugIn

Tips to Boost WordPress website speed

wordpress-speed up tips

Here are some basic tips to boost wordpress website speed. You can make use of it if you wish to. I didn’t include any coding techniques and these tips are very easy to make happen. Have a good read.

1. Select a Best Hosting

The biggest mistake every beginner doing is, selecting a very cheap hosting provider. Hosting is very important for your website and if you didn’t choose it right, you will definitely pay for it in future.


Before selecting a Hosting provider, you should have minimum expectations about your future visitors. If you are going to post any viral stuff on your website, there may be a huge traffic happen on your site and it may cause problems if choose a below average hosting plan. If you are a Information Blogger, you may have in between 1000 to 10000 visitors per day. You may have need a Medium range hosting plan, Bluehost Plus or Prime plan will be a best option if you need a medium requirements.

2. Select your Theme/Framework carefully

Always select a light weight Theme having less CSS. Default wordpress theme is an example of light weight themes. But most of us want to be unique and we can’t go by the default wp theme. Thesis theme framework is another low weight and easy to customize wordpress theme. It is a good framework and you won’t worry about the slow speed later. There are many other light-weight wordpress themes are available and they are;

  • Jevelin
  • H-Code
  • Brando
  • Soledad
  • Newsmag PRO
  • GoodLife
  • Onfleek
  • Brixton
  • Paperio
  • Schema
  • Genesis Framework
  • Divi 2.4
  • Stockholm

It is more important to update your wordpress theme when any update comes, to improve your wordpress site speed.

3. Select a Caching PlugIn

This is another part where we need to give more attention. After uploading some PlugIns, my wordpress site started to increse its loading speed and thats why i recomment this as a High priority option to boost wordpress website speed.

  • You can opt for a best caching PlugIn like W3 Total Cache. After installing it, you should activate the plugin.  Also you can install any Image Optimizing plugin like EWWW Image Optimizer.
  • Other than wordpress caching plugin and Browser caching you can opt for server caching. This will not be needed for small websites having minimum traffic, but if you want to maintain your website while having a huge number of visitors, you can go for server caching. Vanish Cache can be used as a best server caching option.
  • While using cahe PlugIns, you have to remove other unwanted plugins too. Some of my friends have a tendency to Install many free wordpress themes during the time of beginning and they will not delete it after selecting a required theme. Delete all unwanted saved themes, this will effect your website speed very much.

4. Optimize Your Home Page

This is one of the techniques I used to speed up my website. Here are some home page optimizing tricks for your wordpress website.

  • Don’t show complete post on Home Page, Instead of that you can choose “Excerpts”.

boost wordpress website speed

  • Always try to keep minimum number of posts on Home page. Maximum number of posts on home page should not be exceeding more than 7 for better performance.


  • Don’t put more widgets in your Homepage. You can use widgets on your Posts page or any other pages.


  • Remove everything that is un-necessary. Whether it is old outdated posts or Unwanted Plugins, remove it.


  • Just try to make a good impression in your visitors mind. Don’t put too much of advertisements on Home page.

5. Optimize your Database Tables

It is always better to keep some free space. Optimizing your database may seem confusing to you, but it is as simple as the other steps. You don’t need to do big tasks. You can optimize the database by installing any of WP –Optimize or WP DB Manager Plugin. It allows you to easily optimize and repair your database.

wordpress speed boost

It is also better to remove spam comments and unapproved comments to trash and this task can also be done by these Plugins.

6. Conclusion

You may have found many other tips in internet and it may be confusing because of the lengthy coding’s. These methods are very useful and tested on my website. I have increased loading speed of my website by these methods and I am sharing it for my blogger friends. If you have used any other simple tricks to boost wordpress website speed, you can make use of our comment box below to share your knowledge and thoughts with our readers.

February 16, 2017

Tovino’s Chengazhi Nambiar, the next 100 crore Malayalam Movie Secrets.

chengazhi nambiar movie

Chengazhi Nambiar First Look Poster Review

Tecsmash is always bringing new unknown facts and stories of Malayalam cinema industry in front of movie lovers of Kerala. After analyzing the upcoming projects and the scripts, we can now tell you that Tovino Thomas is the next man who is going to rule the Industry for next few years. He is very charismatic personality and producers are trusting on his capabilities. His Upcoming Malayalam movie, Chengazhi Nambiar is expecting to become the next 100 crore project in Malayalam film industry. The actor who is known for trying different looks sported a very new and different look in this upcoming movie as well. First look posters of Chengazhi nambiar were out previous year but the theme of the movie is yet to be revealed. The first look posters of the movie have stunned the audiences.

chengazhi nambiar review

What Making Producers Trust on High Budget Malayalam Movies?

Producers are now confidently taking high budget movies and they are making a good revenue from Malayalam film industry. After the huge success of Pulimurugan, they understood the opportunity and now film producers are confidently spending crores for making big budget Malayalam movies.

chengazhi nambiar movie

Know More about Chengazhi Nambiar Movie


  • Chengazhi Nambiar, the next big budget movie is expected to start the shooting in last quarter of 2017 or in 2018.
  • Sidhil Subrahmanyan is directing the movie Chengazhi Nambiar and while seeing the first look poster it reminds me the Hollywood movie “300 Spartans”.chengazhi nambiar review trailer
  • Tovino Thomas also has a look like the actors of 300 Spartans movie.
  • Tovino Thomas is expecting to be acting in Double role for the movie Chengazhi Nambiar.
  • Chenagzhi Nambiar Movie is expecting to have a 100 crore production cost.
  • Tovin Thomas will represent any of the character of “Puthumana Panicker” or “Manakkattu Badhran” a famous Valluvanadan Kalari fighter. Puthumana Panicker is also known as “Chondathil Mannadiar
  • The story of the Movie may be based on Valluvanadan History.
  • The Mamankam fight that happened in 1505 AD will be recreated for the Movie.
  • Tovino is practicing Kalaripayattu for the Movie.
  • The one who teaching Kalaripayattu to Tovino is the guy who teaches Jacky Chan for the movie “The Myth”, and His name is Gopakumar.
  • The story is about the 101 soldiers who fight against Samoothiri’s Thousands of soldiers. This is the reason we have specified the movie “300 Spartans”.
  • Chengazhi Nambiar is expecting to be a bilingual movie. It will be released in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and English.
  • Movie will be produced by CAT & MOUSE production house.
  • Pre-Production works are ongoing.

chengazhi nambiar tovino look

We will update the further details of Chengazhi Nambiar Movie soon, stay enjoyed with us. You can also read our Movie reviews, expectations and calculations about upcoming Malayalam movies.

February 15, 2017

Who is the Real man behind the character Aby in Malayalam movie Aby?

real aby saji thomas

Vineeth Srinivasan’s Aby movie becomes a talk of Mollywood because of its different story line and the movie is expecting to be the next crowd pulling Malayalam movie of 2017. We will come up with the Aby Malayalam movie review soon after the release of the movie, but here are some interesting resemblances that we found by analyzing the Trailer of Aby Movie.

aby malayalam movie review

Is Aby Movie is based on a Real story?

That is a question that has to be answered only after the release of the movie. The story theme seems to be very familiar with us and that is because we all know about Wright Brothers who build the first working flight.

aby malayalam movie

Few days back, while going through old news reports, I found something similar to the story of Aby movie. A Malayalee, named Saji Thomas, who worked hard to fulfill his dream of building a flight and flying on it. Before getting into the story of Saji Thomas, we have to tell you that, everything written in this article is purely a guessing and not intended to make any negative impact on the movie. The Movie story may be different and we could not tell anything clearly on Aby movie story right now.

Interesting Facts About Saji Thomas, the one who build his own flighsaji thomas the real aby in aby movie


    • Saji Thomas was born and bought up in Thodupuzha, Kerala.
    • He is a hearing impaired and droped out from class 7.
    • Saji Thomas, started to make small models of cars and aero planes at the age of 5
    • He started dreaming of making his own aircraft during the age 14.
    • His weird ambition caused many problems within the family and relatives.
    • Though Saji could not pursue education after seventh grade, he started to read books and studied his own.
    • He spend a lot of time for repairing televisions, rubber tapping etc
    • His ability to repair television turns into a way of income.
    • Once he saw two helicopters flying above the rubber plantation to spray pesticide and he made a friendship with the pilots. Seeing his curiosity, pilots offered saji a ride on the helicopter.
    • It was a life changing moment for Saji Thomas and he note down their company address and after few weeks, saji left home without informing anyone to find the pilots. He was just 15 years then.
    • He found the pilots and, he stayed with them for two weeks. The pilots gave him some books and some list of peoples and their address that can help to make saji’s dream happen.
    • After long struggles, Saji Thomas made his first aircraft flight successful in April 2014.
    • His dream comes true in Manimuthur, a remote area in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.
    • He took flight Trainig to fly his own flight
    • You Can click here to  know more about Saji Thomas from his own blog.
  • He Still working on his next project, that is a twin engine aircraft.

By Reddit newspaper report, Santhosh Aechikkanam previously expressed his interest to shoot a film based on the life story of Saji Thomas. The movie is hoping to become a best inspirational movie in the Malayalam film history.

Discovery Channel made a complete episode on Saji Thomas in its HRX heros show. You can watch it Here



Read Our Review, Expectation and lot more interesting facts about upcoming malayalam moviews.

Jallikattu Run Android Game is Trending Now in Tamil Nadu, Download it now

run android game

Jallikattu ban become a serious issue in previous month in Tamil nadu and the ban on Jallikattu is removed by Supreme Court recently. After few days of Jallikattu issue, a gaming company named as Aavega Interactive introduced a new casual game in play store, the game called “Jallikattu Run” is specially made for respecting the Tamil Nadu peoples and their culture. We ( downloaded and tested the game for various testing factors and we are reviewed the Jallikattu Run Android Game. Here is the complete guide on Jallikattu Run game, read Jallikattu Run game review before installing it to your device.

run android game

Jallikattu Run Android Game Details (As in Play Store)

  • Name                   :               Jallikattu Run
  • Developers          :               Aavega Interactive
  • File Size              :               68MB
  • Version                :               8
  • Cost                     :               Free
  • Requirement        :               Android version 4.0.3 and above
  • Downloads          :               10000+ (till 13-FEB-2016)
  • Rating                  :               9 (In Google Play Store)

What they are saying about the Jallikattu Run Game?

Jallikattu is a traditional sport conducted during Maattu pongal in which a Bull is released into the crowd of players. Players will attempt to grab the large hump of the bull with both arms and hang on to it while the bull attempting to escape. Player who holds the hump to a certain level is considered as a winner of Jallikattu Game. In this game, you are the owner of the bull and you have to lead your bull to victory by avoiding obstacles on his way to win. Enjoy the Jallikattu Run Android Game.

jallikattu android game download

Jallikattu Run Android Game Complete Review

Jallikattu Run, is this name familiar for you? You may have played temple run and Subway surf game. Both Temple run and subway surf games are running game and while running, we can earn points by collecting coins on the way. We have downloaded the game and tested it, Here is what we identified about Jallikattu Run Android Game.

jallikattu run android game

We have checked these points to review Jallikattu Run Game.

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Controls
  • Story
  • Music
  • Advertisements

We can see one by one

  1. Graphics Of Jallikattu Run Android Game

Since it is a small game and the file size is only 17 MB, we cannot expect a huge graphics. Graphics is ok but it is below average. In most of the place it reminds me a Zombie game which I have played during my college days.

Graphics Score                  :               2.0/05

  1. Game Play Evaluation of Jallikattu Run Game.

If you are on a long travel, that too alone, you may felt boring and you have to do something to kill time, then Jallikattu Run game is a good option, but if you are a serious mobile gamer, you have to stay away from Jallikattu Run game. The game sucks in game play since we don’t have to do much. Only thing we have to do is, swipe left and right of your mobile screen to help the bull to escape from obstacles. Game is suitable for children’s under 10.

GamePlay Score               :               1.9/05

  1. Controls

The controls are good, no lag. There is no complicated controls and only simple left and right movements.

Controls Score                   :               3.5/05

  1. Story of Jallikattu Run game

It is not a movie based game hence no story.

Story Score                         :               0.5/05

  1. Game Music

The game music will be very much liked by Tamil peoples. It was a Tamil songs karaoke but feels good with the Game.

Game Music                       :               03/05

  1. Advertisements

Jallikattu Run is a free Android Game and it included many Ads. Most of the ads are related to other games in Play Store and some ads are 20 to 30 seconds long. There are no options for skipping the ads and it is little irritating and killing the enjoyment.

Ad Score              :               01/05

Our Verdict about Jallikattu Run Android Game

Jallikattu Run Android Game is good for time killing and it can be a good option for childrens. The included a lot of Ads but other than that, game is spam free and it is not capturing your personal information’s like location, contact details etc. Our total Game Score of Jallikattu Run Android game is 02.50

jallikattu android game rating

February 13, 2017

Njandukalude Nattil Oru Idavela, Nivin pauly’s next film is climbing expectation hill.


Njandukalude Nattil Oru Idavela, Nivin pauly’s next film.

Njandukalude nattil oru idavela is a new upcoming Malayalam movie directing by Althaf Salim. By reports, Nivin Pauly and Ahana Krishnakumar are playing the leading roles in the movie. Njandukalude nattil oru idavela movie started filming on September 25 2016. The movie is based on comedy-Drama script that is co-written by Althaf Salim. More information’s about the Movie is not available Now.

njandukalude nattil oru idavela review


  • Nivin Pauly
  • Ahana Krishnakumar
  • Aishwarya Lekshmi
  • Evan Joseph
  • Santhi Krishna
  • Srindha Arhan
  • Sharafudheen
  • Krishna Sankar

njandukalude lokath oru idavela movie review

Direction              :               Althaf Salim

Production          :               Pauly Jr Pictures

Scipt Writing       :               Althaf Salim & George Kora

Camera                 :               Mukesh Muralidharan

Music                    :               Justin Varghese

Njandukalude Nattil Oru idavela is expecting to be a comedy film. The pooja ceremony of the Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela took place on September 25, actor Kunchacko Boban, director Anil Radhakrishnan, other cast and crew of the film were all present during the ceremony. Althaf and George Kora have jointly scripted Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela, Mukesh Muralidharan has handled the cinematography of the movie and debutant Justin Varghese has composed the music in the film. The team is yet to announce the rest of the star cast and technical crew of the project officially. Nivin Pauly will join the sets of Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela after completing his upcoming Tamil project. The actor next movie will be the untitled project, which is directed by Sidharth Siva.

Songs are expected to be released soon since Nivin paulys film songs are usually released early before the movie release and it is expecting a list of good songs including some funny songs from the movie Njandukalude lokath oru Idavela.

Njandukalude Nattil oru Idavela Movie Plot and Story

The details about the movie is still not released and media persons are eagerly waiting for it to be released. The only detail available for now about the story of Njandukalude lokath oru idavela is expecting to be a comedy film. We will update Njandukalude lokath Oru idavela movie review once the movie released. Stay with us, stay connected to entertainment news and updates. Also Read Oru Mexican Aparatha movie Review



February 13, 2017

Oru Mexican Aparatha Review,Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie (OMA) expectation

oru mexican aparatha review

Why everyone is waiting for Oru Mexican aparatha review? It is the trailer that made a huge expectation on the movie. OMA in short of Oru Mexican Aparatha, is directed by Tom Emmatty has high energetic song that made a wave after a long time in kerala. The promo song is already won hearts of youth and old generation peoples. The promo song is widely welcomed by the people who have a love towards communist party in kerala. The song “Sakhakkale Nam Munnot” is similar to the old song “Chora Veena Mannil” from the movie Arabikadha.

Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Expectation

oru mexican aparatha review

Tovino Thomas is making his role memorable in every movies he is acting. The recent movie, Ezra is remarkable for his extreme talent in acting. He acted as a police officer in the movie “Ezra” and Tovino is getting positive response from all over kerala.

Neeraj Madhavan who did a leading role in OMA-Oru Mexican aparatha is hoping for a complete turning point of his cinema career. Neeraj mostly acted in comedy movies and friendship related movies. This is the first time he is acting in a such a serious role after his entry to film field.

OMA review

Gaythri Suresh, who is expecting as a main heroin in the film Oru Mexican Aparatha. She is well known for her Thrissur language style and recently acted with Kunchako boban as well.  Gayathri suresh is very active personality and she often used social media to express her talents through dub smash videos. Gayathri is acting as a college student and from trailer itself; we can say that she is the main heroine.

gayathri suresh OMA


OMA actress- oru mexican aparatha actress

The most awaiting character in the movie Oru Mexican aparatha is none other than the villain character. Villain or opposite party leaders role is handled carefuly by Roopesh peethambaran, who is a script writer by profession but a born actor. Roopesh became famous after he acted in famous Malayalam movie “Sphadikam” . He performed Mohanlals childhood in the movie and his performance was denoted well that time.

roopesh-peethambaran-ORU MEXICAN APARATHA

There is a huge expectation about the movie OMA and for getting a detailed review of Oru Mexican Aparatha movie, we have to wait till March -3. Stay connected with us to know latest news about Oru Mexican Aparatha Review.


February 9, 2017

Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie. Oru Mexican Aparatha movie Review & Everything You Should Know about OMA.

Oru mexican aparatha Movie Review

Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Story, Plot and Factors about the Movie OMA

While Tovino Thomas visited our office, he was so much excited and he has a clear vision on his upcoming movie Oru Mexican Aparatha. Tovino is playing a leading role in the Movie. Tovino is expecting the movie will become a Huge success in box office. Other than Tovino thoms, Neeraj Madhavan, Roopesh Peethamber and so many other well-known Malayalam actors also playing key roles in the movie Mexican Aparatha.

oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Review

The Movie Title “Oru Mexican Aparatha” means The Mexican Dareness that symbolizing the braveness of the Students Federation of India students of Kerala. The movie is based on the powerful student’s politics that seeded in 1980 at Maharajas College Cochin. SFI is a communist supporting students organization that have a huge support among the colleges in Kerala. Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie shows the rise of communist party’s student union in MG college where congress was on the power until 1980. Since kerala is ruling by the Communist Party, the Movie “Oru Mexican Aparatha” is very much welcomed by communist supporters in Kerala.

Oru Mexican Aparatha Trailor, Teaser and Promo Song.

Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie story is based on campus politics that is well rooted in Kerala. Politics, Love and college friendship was the theme of Oru Mexican Aparatha. Here is the trailor of Oru Mexican Aparatha. We included two or more Videos to get you more entertainment while reading our boring Aricle.

  1. Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Promo Video-YouTube

2. Oru Mexican Aparatha Teaser- YouTube

3.Oru Mexican Aparatha Latest Trailer – YouTube

Oru Mexican Aparatha Trailor Review.  

Oru Mexican Aparatha Trailor is only 1 minute and 57 seconds long, but it explains about the story very clearly at the same time it is increasing the enthusiasm in viewers. Trailer starts with Neeraj madhavans explanation to protest for freedom (freedom of students). It is a pride moment for Maharajas College students, since the college was the main location for the movie. Tovino seems very much changed. We have saw him with large beard in the movie guppy, but in Oru Mexican aparatha he has a clean shaven face to match with his young students character. While watching the Trailor of Oru Mexican Aparatha, Neeraj Madhavan look like a student’s party union leader, who always inspiring and motivating his followers. Instead of Using the student party Names SFI (Students Federation Of India) and KSU (Kerala Students Union) director used SFY and KSQ, It seems very similar while pronouncing. The trailor shows the struggles of the Hero and his friends to succeed in college politics. Movie is expecting a huge success in box office, we can say that by seeing this trailer.

Oru mexican aparatha Movie Review


Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Songs

The Movie has Five Songs, which is composed by Renjith Chittade and Manikandan Ayyappa. Two of the songs were released early and it became a hit as soon as it released. In the five songs of Oru Mexican Aparatha, four songs are composed by Manikandan Ayyappa and One Song is composed by Renjith Chittade. The one of the famous song from OMA is sung by the Kabali fame Arun Raja Kamaraj and it is composed by Manikandan Ayyappa. The other song “Emanmare Emanmare “was sung by Shebin Mathew.

Here are the List of Songs in Oru Mexican Aparatha

SL NO Song Name Singer Music Composer
1 Akasha Kuda Sulfiq Manikandan Ayyappa
2 Ivalaro Vijay Yesudas Manikandan Ayyappa
3 Emanmare Emanmare Shebin Mathew Renjith Chittade
4 Munneran Samayamayi Franco Manikandan Ayyappa
5 Kalippu Katta Kalippu Arun Raj Kamaraja Manikandan Ayyappa

Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Cast and Crew

  • Diection       :               Tom Immatty
  • Producers     :               Anoop Kannan & Linto Thomas
  • Screen Play  :               Jude Antony Joseph
  • Camera        :                Prakash Velayudhan
  • Editing         :                Shameer Muhammad
  • Music          :                 Manikandan Ayyappa
  • Lyrics          :                 Rafeeq Ahammed & Anil Panachooran
  • Distribution :                 Anoop Kannan Storys & Release

    Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Actors 

    • Tovino Thomas tovino thomas OMA
    • Neeraj Madhav Oru Mexican Aparatha cast and Crew
    • Anjali P Nair OMA actress- oru mexican aparatha actress
    • Gayathri Suresh gayathri suresh OMA
    • Roopesh Peethambaran roopesh-peethambaran-ORU MEXICAN APARATHA
    • Sunil Sukada oru mexican aparatha review


    Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Review


    mexican AparathaMovie Review will be Posted after the release of The movie, or after the Preview Show. Stay with us to Get more info about Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie.



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