About Us

Welcome to TecSmash.com. I am Sarath Kumar, a 24 year old blogger came into the blogosphere recently, with the help and support from One of my Friend Jijin Mohan, a Blogger and affiliate marketer for years.

We started Tecsmash in an intention to spread some knowledge about Virtual Reality Updates, VR Headset Reviews, VR Games, blogging, Tricks and tips, reviews of electronic products, Virtual reality, Technology news etc.

We love this litle place of us and we love to be a part of blogosphere. We are not a full time bloggers, but our dream is to become a full time bloggers by starting more and more usefull blogs.

We are happy to welcome you to our world. Have a look into our blog and give your suggestion if you have one. We will put it forward to improve our blog performance. Have a nice day

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