Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie. Oru Mexican Aparatha movie Review & Everything You Should Know about OMA.

Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Story, Plot and Factors about the Movie OMA

While Tovino Thomas visited our office, he was so much excited and he has a clear vision on his upcoming movie Oru Mexican Aparatha. Tovino is playing a leading role in the Movie. Tovino is expecting the movie will become a Huge success in box office. Other than Tovino thoms, Neeraj Madhavan, Roopesh Peethamber and so many other well-known Malayalam actors also playing key roles in the movie Mexican Aparatha.

oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Review

The Movie Title “Oru Mexican Aparatha” means The Mexican Dareness that symbolizing the braveness of the Students Federation of India students of Kerala. The movie is based on the powerful student’s politics that seeded in 1980 at Maharajas College Cochin. SFI is a communist supporting students organization that have a huge support among the colleges in Kerala. Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie shows the rise of communist party’s student union in MG college where congress was on the power until 1980. Since kerala is ruling by the Communist Party, the Movie “Oru Mexican Aparatha” is very much welcomed by communist supporters in Kerala.

Oru Mexican Aparatha Trailor, Teaser and Promo Song.

Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie story is based on campus politics that is well rooted in Kerala. Politics, Love and college friendship was the theme of Oru Mexican Aparatha. Here is the trailor of Oru Mexican Aparatha. We included two or more Videos to get you more entertainment while reading our boring Aricle.

  1. Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Promo Video-YouTube

2. Oru Mexican Aparatha Teaser- YouTube

3.Oru Mexican Aparatha Latest Trailer – YouTube

Oru Mexican Aparatha Trailor Review.  

Oru Mexican Aparatha Trailor is only 1 minute and 57 seconds long, but it explains about the story very clearly at the same time it is increasing the enthusiasm in viewers. Trailer starts with Neeraj madhavans explanation to protest for freedom (freedom of students). It is a pride moment for Maharajas College students, since the college was the main location for the movie. Tovino seems very much changed. We have saw him with large beard in the movie guppy, but in Oru Mexican aparatha he has a clean shaven face to match with his young students character. While watching the Trailor of Oru Mexican Aparatha, Neeraj Madhavan look like a student’s party union leader, who always inspiring and motivating his followers. Instead of Using the student party Names SFI (Students Federation Of India) and KSU (Kerala Students Union) director used SFY and KSQ, It seems very similar while pronouncing. The trailor shows the struggles of the Hero and his friends to succeed in college politics. Movie is expecting a huge success in box office, we can say that by seeing this trailer.

Oru mexican aparatha Movie Review


Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Songs

The Movie has Five Songs, which is composed by Renjith Chittade and Manikandan Ayyappa. Two of the songs were released early and it became a hit as soon as it released. In the five songs of Oru Mexican Aparatha, four songs are composed by Manikandan Ayyappa and One Song is composed by Renjith Chittade. The one of the famous song from OMA is sung by the Kabali fame Arun Raja Kamaraj and it is composed by Manikandan Ayyappa. The other song “Emanmare Emanmare “was sung by Shebin Mathew.

Here are the List of Songs in Oru Mexican Aparatha

SL NO Song Name Singer Music Composer
1 Akasha Kuda Sulfiq Manikandan Ayyappa
2 Ivalaro Vijay Yesudas Manikandan Ayyappa
3 Emanmare Emanmare Shebin Mathew Renjith Chittade
4 Munneran Samayamayi Franco Manikandan Ayyappa
5 Kalippu Katta Kalippu Arun Raj Kamaraja Manikandan Ayyappa

Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Cast and Crew

  • Diection       :               Tom Immatty
  • Producers     :               Anoop Kannan & Linto Thomas
  • Screen Play  :               Jude Antony Joseph
  • Camera        :                Prakash Velayudhan
  • Editing         :                Shameer Muhammad
  • Music          :                 Manikandan Ayyappa
  • Lyrics          :                 Rafeeq Ahammed & Anil Panachooran
  • Distribution :                 Anoop Kannan Storys & Release

    Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Actors 

    • Tovino Thomas tovino thomas OMA
    • Neeraj Madhav Oru Mexican Aparatha cast and Crew
    • Anjali P Nair OMA actress- oru mexican aparatha actress
    • Gayathri Suresh gayathri suresh OMA
    • Roopesh Peethambaran roopesh-peethambaran-ORU MEXICAN APARATHA
    • Sunil Sukada oru mexican aparatha review


    Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Review


    mexican AparathaMovie Review will be Posted after the release of The movie, or after the Preview Show. Stay with us to Get more info about Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie.



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